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mary liles May 12
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see if u can ***** the code
everything cracking
tears and bloods cover
what remains.
left in the hands of His
He begins to rearrange
a mosaic of beauty
from the once shatter girl
leaving cracks for His love
to shine through
maria el rey Mar 4
anxiety held in
the stomach
the hips
my jaw

it hurts but
it moves like t.v. static
crackling like wood in fire
crawling like larvae

breathe in and out
making the mind clear and empty
but the cracking of my jaw
echoes in the quiet room
is your classroom ever just super quiet? but you have tmj tension (extreme version), so...
Shadow Dragon Oct 2018
Diamond shaped hearts
cracking into two
forming elegant earings
for you to wear
once the reaper comes
and invites you down.
Just like beauty hurts,
so does love.
Sky Yang Sep 2018
i swallow hard and the act breaks me in two, a deafening ***** and the crease on my neck gives way like grandma's Russian doll i thought would never open again
Nameless Feb 2017
With every step I take
I hear the ***** of my bones;
They're fragile now.
How many times has it been?
Picking up the pieces of myself,
each jagged  bone more complicated than the last.
I wonder how long this charade can go on
When will i finally turn to ash?
Courtney Jan 2016
ice cubes ***** once you pour a liquid over the top of them
you will
you can
you should
hear them ***** if you are not too distracted by the sound of yourself cracking instead
maybe when you are pouring your favorite soda over ice straight out of the freezer you will hear it *****
but maybe when you are pouring your favorite alcohol or just any alcohol, probably not even the good stuff, because you finished that off last night and you haven't been going to work
you haven't been leaving your bed
you don't even remember what it feels like to leave your bed
so maybe you stopped hearing the cracking in the ice when you're pouring the only alcoholic, soul numbing, beverage you have left into a ***** glass because the dishes have been piling up for weeks and the only thing that even crosses your mind when you walk into the kitchen is who will clean the dishes once you're gone
but you've been gone and nobody even checks to see if the dishes should be done or if you might need more ice.
effie ebbtide Jan 2016
We gathered round the baker's corpse
when he fell off of his flat.
Waterworks came shortly after.
Blood was pouring from his broken body,
nauseating the entire crowd.
We heard a ***** coming from the asphalt prior,
which we thought to be him breaking all at once.
Some say that someone pushed him,
some say it was his job.
I wish I could believe
I'm falling for the man from Pakistan.
The only one I'm falling for is you.

I wish that it was true
I love the girl that likes the things I write.
The only one I write about is you.

And all my words are falling out
My fingertips,
My cracking lips
Daniel Mashburn Aug 2015
It's the things I neglect when I'm trying to stay calm:
Picking up phone calls

Nervously eyeing the clock again. I'm running on low it seems.

The sound of your voice, crackling softly over telephone wire, is cracking from the miles between us.

I don't blame you for not picking up.

I don't blame you for not calling back.

I don't blame you for any of it.

It's easy to forget:
Five years seemed to move so quickly.
And those scars, have they faded yet?
Do you know how I hate I remember it?

I'm haunted and losing it.
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