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you should see the way the

sunflowers swivel to stare at you;

your shadow outshines the sun.

you walk through beehives and

emerge dripping in honey.

haven't you noticed the

sparrow on your windowsill; she

sings her sweet song

solely for your sake,

and the wildflowers that

blossom in your footprints

and the wavelets that ripple

from your words —

don't you hear your name beneath the

rustling of the leaves and the

crackling of the fire and the

whistling of the wind?

if nature marvels at the

magnificent masterpiece you are, then

so should you
m h John Mar 19
I can see the
Joyous reflection
Of your smile
In my tangerine dreams,
Your eyes are the sunset,
Tangled in webs of green.
The floral haze
That dances on the clouds
Come from your
Pink flower cheeks.
I never want you to leave,
I’m happy
In a way i’ve never been,
For you, I do anything:
Tangerine dreams
Sam Mar 9
I bought a brand new notebook.
With floral print and purple lines,
For the brand new school year,
To show them how I shine

But now it’s half way through the school year,
And my notebook has lost its glow,
It’s like as if my floral notebook,
Somehow really knows,

My mood and all my feelings,
And as I begin to age,
Like my floral notebook,
I seem tattered at every page.

When I reach the end of my notebook,
I fear what the story will hold,
Stripped of the words on the pages,
My heart soon growing cold.

I remember all the lessons,
And hope one day I understand,
That the stories in this notebook,
Are worth all the ink marks on my hand.
Meghan Young Jan 12
We use to be wound tight like two vines wrapped around another. We laugh, we cried, we were messes at time. Then the one day you got yourself a precious new flower. You guys began to bud together. Eventually that wilted and we grew back together. Months later you got a new budding partner and you began to grow with him. Yet, you seem to forget all your partners. You forgot who helped you grow into this beautiful flower. I gave you so much sunlight in order to see you blossom into your true self. You forgot and left me to wilt away with winter. I helped you grow through everything. I told you patience and time will allow a partner. Yet. In the end i didnt mattee to you. My vine is shriveling and my petals hit the ground. I wasnt dying because of you. I was dying because i realized you never wanted to see me grow, the way i wanted to see your grow.

Now im starting to bud and grow alone without you. Im wrapping around and becoming a flower without you. I deserve sunlight now. I deserve a friend who actually cares. I deserve someone to save me from myself. You have fun blossoming with your new partner. I'm happy your growing and one day maybe when im truly gone forever, you'll realize how much i was there, or maybe not.
Thank you for the growing lessons. Its time for me to blossom.
This is still a rough draft till i have someone look it over and i find different words and such! Its about a friendship i was in and how I tried my everything to help them but they didnt care to see it. Or care about me back.
Rosely Medina Dec 2018
Oh dearest of friend,
After many disconsolate moons
It seems I’ve begun to wither
Rosely Medina Dec 2018
Perhaps someday you’ll come to realize that a dandelion holds just the same amount of beauty as a rose
Sara Kellie Jul 2018
What did you expect me to say?
Surely you noticed,
I've got a cat anyway.
Love the lush velvet collar
around its throat
but why on earth
have you coloured it's coat?

Yes, I know I love lilac.
Lilac poppies are best.
Oh ****!
I think you need a
hearing test!

Poetry by Kaydee.
Get your ears tested.
Emi Jay Sep 2018
like a flower in a high place,
i cannot help but gaze upon
the beauty prospering adverse
to callous wind and granite stone;

one day i will watch you fall grace-
fully, petals aflutter, and mourn
the absence your passing creates:
a world less beautiful and rare.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
In floral dresses, nimbly tread upon
Artemis's grotto with glee
Part 3 of 3
A very short story! But hope you like it! ^-^
Lyn ***
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