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Demi Feb 2021
Lust is the pink pillow on my bed.
Plump, filled with unwashed thoughts.
At least they’re encased in dusky pink;
pleasant to the eye especially in the
golden minutes absorbed by sheer glass.

I want your head pressing
into the pillow, hard. Then your sleepy
breath will baptise the cotton after
sinful acts. I’ll preserve the dent you make
with the lovely weight of your skull.

I’ll surround the chasm with carnations.
Eventually, they’ll be a line outside my room.
Jealous tourists wanting to take pictures.
I sent you a bouquet of words,
But you wanted flowers.

I promise they will outgrow any bud,
Into the tallest of towers.
Kriti Gupta Nov 2020
I whisper in the wind
Searching for the sun to win
I’m a pretty sunflower
Won’t you pick me for your whims
Jas Oct 2020
I'm finding it hard to digest these seeds planted in me
It's just not the right climate
For these sprouts to form rigid
Skins, and protrude through the dirt
This *** is barren and desolate.

Once in the spring I felt a bud bloom from these
Sweet caresses, oh I leaned in to soak up the medicine
From this foreign sun -
Light I'd been swimming in.

It grew and grew
Rose and slouched when it needed to
When these kind words faltered with truth
And this wind was too strong to master
Flower, subdued
For the night;

If I knew of the petals that would grow, this sweet flower
Sticking to you - inclined towards you
Would wither and grow grey,
Jasmine loses its color when the season doesn't stay, we grew fond of you.

The new, the pollination, my roots
This milk ran clear - oh, it grew and it grew
Wild flower in me is hard to digest because it's meant for two.
What can I be and what can I do?

Jasmine will always be fragrant and rich
Roots entangled, petals upturned
Growing in bunches, leaves left to spare
No room is wasted
But overcrowded, but
No one is in need of perfume.

Time is dwindling, nature is blue and patient
Bees are forgiving and gentle in hue
But no sharp words
No love so cold helps these seeds grow
My garden is land that cannot produce, or
Waken these seeds that are buried, and scared to brave the temperature

Flowers stay hidden, too.
Roro Aug 2020
Fragile leaves blossomed and spread
Revealing the sweets that lie in my bed
Kriti Gupta Aug 2020
A tisket, a tasket
A petal and a basket
A pretty little who couldn’t hold her past in

A tisket, a tasket
A petal and a basket
A million little worries starting to sow a garden
inspired by flowers
spring's color palette
paints a resplendent canvas
of floral glories
Jennifer Jun 2020
keep the petals, even if they
fall from the stem;
never take them for granted.
be grateful for them.
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