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Archer Apr 9
Saudade without you
Whats left now?
The flowers that bloomed
Now left to shrivel
The bricks in our home
Now left to crumble
The hero and heroine
Now left to go their separate ways
The wrapping of the gift
Left torn on the floor
The love that remains
After you have gone
What am I to do
With all of this
Its an empty city
Even the lights come on at night
Where have you gone?
The places in my head
Once occupied by you
Are now left barren and void
I try to make sense of it all
This could be the last time
Never to love someone again
All the future stories
Been told
All that's left
Is a love lost
Unguided and astray
Saudade is used to explain the feeling of missing something or someone. It is used to tell about something that you used to have (and liked) but don't have anymore. But literally, it goes deeper. ... In a whole bunch of clumsy English words, Saudade means “the love that remains” after someone is gone.
Arold Apr 4
Ele é confusão
Inesperado como a chuva no Verão
Turbulento e confuso

Ouve-me de noite
Adormece de dia
Discorda dos meus princípios
É terramoto na minha personalidade

Ele é diferente
Por ser igual a tudo aquilo que procuro
Agita-me até água transbordar
Toca-me violentamente
E ainda me sinto virgem

Diálogos viram ausência
Abraços viram respirações suspensas
Memórias viram mensagens espaçadas

Ele é banho de água fria
Café queimado
Areia branca que queima
É desnecessário
Mas inevitável
Come sit here with me my friend.
Come and rest your weary feet
A comfy seat and window pane
As we watch the passing trains
And people on the street.

Come sit here with me my friend
Come and share with me your day
This sunny view and empty chair
Are not the same
Without you sitting there.
We've started eating lunch most days. I miss her when she's not there.
Christmas is here.
Your absence is my present.
How lucky I am
To have the gift
Of missing someone like you.
She doesn't even celebrate Christmas
Vaniexe Kafka Sep 2018
The sun has finally set but the moon is nowhere to be seen. The smell of the sea reaches his nostrils as he walks by the bay feeling the soft caress of the wind while relishing his dreams---so lucid--- he thought it was real.

The soft waves of the sea touches his feet and as he looked down, he remembered how he was also looking down at his feet in his dreams before he saw the lady that haunted his night.

Then again, 'It's only a dream', he thought.

But, as he moves his glance up, a lady of ethereal beauty occupied his gaze, taking his breath away, making his heart skip a beat.

Her eyes, he thought, are the mixture of the ocean and lightning as they blend their colors.

Her soft eyes with a touch of danger was the very hue that haunted his every thought.

None of his paintings of her caught the life in her eyes.

And as he walk towards her, still captivated by her eyes, he finally came to realize why he always felt a pull and a need to go to the sea; to this sea.

The missing piece in his life has finally been found, knowing that the sole purpose of his life continues, more than anything,
"It's because of you."
He uttered as he sensed elation spreading,
feeling like he has finally come home.
Entry # 1 To the Book I Will Never Write
Phiness Guzman Sep 2019
I could only think of
your sweet voice,
because i have no
any other choice.

i can only imagine
your eyes and your smiles,
that i wont be seeing,
again in a while.

I could only hold
my thoughts of you,
cause it’s impossible
to hold you.

because even if i wanted to
it’s not that easy.
because right now,
you’re a lifetime away from me.
28 August 2019 // 10:39 P.M.
julianna Aug 2019
I don’t know what love is but I’ve tasted it before. I’ve danced this dance with you a thousand times. The dreaming took place, no matter the hour as I imagined your head next to mine. I’ve tried to forget you and your boundless warmth and I’ve tried to resist the desire to reach. But I’m afraid that you’ve slipped from me, my life, and my grip, leaving only saudade behind. You won’t remember me in her arms. “Do you miss me?” I think in the dark. “Do you think of me, even at all?” —
Doubts, endless scenarios played in my head. I wonder, I wish, I remain hopeful... and prepare to never see him again.
fray narte Jul 2019
nothing i do will you bring back;

not the shoebox of purple hyacinths
watered by the i love you's
i still wanted to say.

not the prose poetries i wrote you
whilst caught in a mania
in the restrooms of dying gas stations.

not the caving in of the see-through walls
mixed with static humming of the payphone calls.

not the pillow telegrams that smell like
bourbon and my mother's cigarettes;
darling, my bed has become a post office
of the letters i never had the chance to write
and of the things i never
had the chance to say.

and nothing i say will bring you back —
not even this poem, and i know that now;
i just don't know
how to live with that.

still, nothing will ever bring you back
and darling, watching you fall out of love
feels like the only thing i can do right now.
liv faye clarke Feb 2019
your skin clinging to your bones and your veins protruding but
i still think you are beautiful
you were longing to die and i was longing for life
just one more month
but you couldnt do it
uninterrupted saudade
trying to come to terms with the idea that you dont exist anymore and trying to accept feeling like i dont either
but its what you needed
so frail and gentle as always
too tired to live
but this grief hurts more than i expected
i always thought i would be okay
i just feel continuously lost without you
oh how your presence feels vital
for you are home now
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