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 Sep 2015
they record the untold stories
about those moments about us
how they were shaped the way you like
the first time we met that lovely night
then they got awfully long
as long as our endless fighting song
until I cut them off again
so they stop tickling your nose
when you cuddle me like chain
but my favorite memory they record
is the fact that you're there
watching them grow overtime
brushing them off of my face
kissing them softly before I sleep
filling their space only with your trace
 Sep 2015
Bassam A
Something between us came and gone...
Thought it was love or lust or desire
But if love comes to our hearts with worry!
It does not leave or knows to end the furry!!
Tis only a cloud with a drift passing by ...
In a dry desert with a hot sun in the sky ..
My sweat of love evaporated off my skin ..,
My blood dried out and my heart stopped beating ...
I am not like yesterday.. My love is cured ..
One side pulling on the rope.. won't tighten the love even if the rope is tight ...
I dont deny that my love became heavy on the one I desire ..
There lyes my heart dead engulfed in flame and fire ...
She came and weeped at my heart crying really hard ..,

She said forgive me Bassam .. "I am too cold"
Her tears started dribbling down a little stream to my heart nub ...
And suddenly she heard my heart say "lub ... dub"
And some how my heart recouped from death absorbing its sorrow ...
It's started to beat with hopes of love and desires of tomorrow...
It rose in hopes of love of golden yarrow
She was happy to see me and wiped her tears ...
She said .., "Let's start a new beginning free of dismay and jeers" ...
"And endless love without delay"
"Away from false hopes and blame"

"Something with lust and without shame!"

I said "I am here ... my love is tamed!

"Take me on with lust ordained"

"I admit to you that my love has changed"
She said "Forever now ... you are locked within" ...
 Sep 2015
Bassam A

Destiny starts with a step


Rain starts with a drop


Love starts the feeling sad


You started my love non-stop

 Aug 2015
Bassam A
The Ocean will swallow all of us

Yet will not rise one inch!!

But my love to you .. is more than

all the oceans in the world combined

Yet will not decrease it a pinch!!
Its Been A Great Year
so many friends i have
some have come and gone
some have stayed so long
have had so much fun
cried a few tears
loved a many
my heart has rejoiced
and been broken
but have learned to move on
What a great year
I kissed my sweetest honey
I wonder what I have done
to deserve such riches and gold
we embraced the warmest fires
and walked the boldest desires
until life took you and foretold ...


Life has been so great
love was always so blessed
what a great year
now a new one is starting
alone i must be
to walk the tallest mountain
to swim the deepest shores
because of the way you loved
only me...**



 Dec 2014
Bassam A
By noon... the sun was shining hot
putting out an additional flare

I started to take off my shirt
and sat on a wooden chair

You can feel the sun spike the earth
I was also running out of air

Being tired and quite exhausted
Like chasing after a hare

I stood and picked myself up
almost needed hospital care

Standing away waiting for her
for something to start the flare

I needed some kind of love message
or arms that do care

It takes sugar to be sweet
One look at her hair

I needed my sweet love now
or else I'm quite in despair

Each one has a favorite thing or two
a sweet thing about their pair

For me I like my love to be
where if I need her she is there!!

Otherwise what will happen to me
If I won't get my juice and pear

My heart will be in alert mode
till it runs on just thin air!
 Dec 2014
Musfiq us shaleheen
In touch of you,
one day, thousands of dreams grew on me
after that you left me in halfway
then little by little I have almost forgotten my dreams
forgotten that dreamy highway where there we walked together

Today I'm walking alone,
so alone,
towards an unknown way,
where there I hear my wounded dreams
and my love calling me,
calling me as if they are in a trap
As if they are in a cage
where there I see a narrow way,
I never go through such a way,
very congested,
little bit hazy,
too shadow,
and a few footsteps that I have seen
where there my dreams calling,
my lost love calling,
calling too loudly

Again I feel my heart has overflowed
floating over my lost dreams,
flooding over my lost love

I'm walking through that narrow way
little by little that sound has seemed strong,
little by little I have heard her voice to grow long
may be I am so close to my love,
so close to my dreams
my right hand moving,
moving through the dark
I try to break the shadow,
try to catch my dreams
I have become tired,
Try to take a little breath
and finally,
I break the shadow,
shatter the dark
and finding her within the dark
seeking my dreams within the shadow
but I can't see anything,

Yet the clock moving on--
still I'm uttering her name
and dreaming within my thousands of daydreams
where I had left one long spring--
@Musfiq us shaleheen

হাজারো স্বপ্ন ও একটি ভালবাসা
তোমার স্পর্শে
একদিন যখন হাজারো স্বপ্ন
বুদবুদ করতো--  
তারপর মাঝ রাস্তায় রেখে
চলে গেলে তুমি--
আস্তে আস্তে
ভুলে যেতে থাকলাম সপ্ন গুলোকে,
ভুলে যেতে থাকলাম সেই স্বপ্নের রাজপথ
যে পথে হাটতাম আমরা -

আজ আমি একা
বড় একা-
এক অচেনা রাস্তায় হাটি,
যেখানে শুনতে পাই,
আমার আহত সপ্নেরা,
আমার হারানো ভালবাসা,
আমায় ডাকে-
শুনে যেন মনে হয়
তারা বড় অসহায়,  
মনে হই তারা বন্দী,
সেখানে একটা সরু রাস্তা দেখতে পাই
এমন রাস্তায় আগে কখনো যাই নাই
খুবিই দমবন্ধ করা-
খুবিই দুর্ভেদ্য-
ঘন ছায়া,
ঔইখানে কিছু পদচিন্হ দেখি
সেখানে স্বপ্নরা ডাকে,
হারানো ভালবাসা ডাকে,
উচু স্বরে ডাকে-

আবার হৃদয় প্লাবিত হয়
যা ভাসছে হারানো সপ্নের উপর
প্লাবিত হচ্চে হারানো ভালোবাসের উপর

আমি সেই সংকীর্ণ রাস্তা দিয়া হাটি
আস্তে আস্তে শব্দগুলো স্পষ্ট হয়
আস্তে আস্তে  তার সুর সুনতে পাই
হইত আমি ভালবাসার খুবই কাছে
হইত সপ্নের খুবই কাছে
ডান হাত সরছে
চলছে আধারের মধ্যে দিয়ে
চেষ্টা করি ওই ছায়াকে দূর করতে
চেষ্টা করি স্বপ্নকে ধরতে
দারুন ক্লান্ত,
চেষ্টা করি একটু শ্বাস নিতে
এবং শেষে,
মুছে ফেলি ওই ছায়া
বন্ধ করি ওই আধার
খুজি ওই আধারে ভালোবাসা
খুজি সপ্নকে  ওই ছায়াতে
কিন্তু পাইনা খুঁজে কিছুই-

এখনো ঘড়ির কাটা ঘুরে
প্রতিনিয়ত তার নাম উচার্রণ করি  
সপ্নদেখি শত সহস্র দিবাস্বপ্নের মাঝে  
যেখানে আমি ফেলে এসেছি দীর্ঘ এক বসন্ত--
@মুসফিক উস সালেহীন
"thousands of dreams and a lost love"/ হাজারো স্বপ্ন ও একটি ভালবাসা

I think everybody will enjoy this poem
and I tribute this poem to the greatest poet " **Langston Hughes**"
 Dec 2014
Bassam A
Look for
to know the riddle .. Below is the answer:

The riddle explanation is:

*The candle is a sacrifice
The torch light is a chance

The first is
You want me just as much as I want you but your mind didn't hear your heart and it left angrily with no return because it sacrificed itself to me just like mine sacrificed itself to you

The second is
You are used to your life without me but your life now is not complete without the torch
 Dec 2014
Bassam A
I still love you
My love to you has not decreased one drop

Do not be afraid ..
My love is a Sea of drops
However, you're puzzled about two things

The first riddle:
You have given a candle to time
The second riddle:
You have taken a torch light from mine
The love riddle answers will be revealed later

 Dec 2014
Bassam A
I wonder when we claim, write and dream what love is...

We don't know that love is just a fate...

Love is something you feel not see ...

It is hard to describe the sweetness of honey to some one who cannot taste ...

The falcon can never describe  how it flies ...

But if we observe the falcon carefully we may learn how ...

We think ... but we can not see how the brain thinks ...

Simply no one remembers their first cry when they came out of their mother's womb

Love is the first heart beat that sent your life its first heat ...
 Nov 2014
Bassam A
If you sync your time with mine
I would find you as a star in my galaxy

If you become a flower that I smell
I would keep you in my favorite book that I read ..

If you become my lips when I speak
I would keep calling your name

If you become my hand on my pillow
I would find you sleeping in it
like a butterfly

I am not good at saying hello

I am good at finding love

and I adore you
 Nov 2014
Bassam A
Your sound
wakes up my heart
asure me that
w'll never part

You are on top of my chart
When it comes to my
favorite human
on this planet

The chart says
your name is still
the first one to write!
 Nov 2014
Bassam A
I love you so much
I want to kiss you
'n caress you
I want to hug you
'cause I miss you

It's there
when I stare

I want to hear you
I love to hear from you

I love your talk keep talking
I love your chat keep chatting

I love your poems
I love your lips
I love your kiss
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