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Apr 17 · 74
Almost There
As we kissed in a bar,
your lips tried to send a sign
I asked you if you're alright
You said "almost there"

It's a cold evening
   And I told you that I'm in love,
I asked if you felt the same way
And you said "almost there"

      Few weeks have passed
as I hold your hand,
  your heart now shares the same beat as mine
    I asked for the last time
" When's the moment till I can call you my wife"

"My love, we are almost there"
Feb 27 · 48
. . .
When my time  comes
I'll greet death like an old friend
a kiss on the cheek like a lover
And in its arms
I shall be embraced
Like a son
Who went home
Feb 3 · 253
For in each shot I take, the liver begs the heart to stop
and the heart pleads the intoxicated brain as well.
The heart beats for a name that shattered it,
the eyes had seen what the mind couldn't bear
and my liver will consistently be fuller
than each bottle I have drank.
Jan 23 · 161
To My Next Lover
I hope you'll find the goodness of man in me
My bones have been broken
    for fighting over a love
that wasn't meant to risk

My hands have turned into tools
that fixed everything I touch
   while forgetting I was being used
       In the process

To the next lover
   We are lonely people
trying to figure out
     how to be less lonely
Let's start this by saying
Dec 2020 · 121
I ran away with you
For you have promised an eternity of smiles
When we were halfway through
I have now seen my very own demise
The garden of roses that I dreamt on lying with you
was a burial with two coffins
for me and for my heart that bleeds for you
Aug 2020 · 186
Rainy Morning
Waking up beautiful
in a cozy bed
of comfort promises
you were finally covered
with blankets as thick as the love
he gave you
warmth and felt like arms
that tuck you to sleep
on a rainy day
and as you close your eyes
the last thing you'll ever hear
is a whisper that reaches
through the deepest
of your trauma
only to find out
you are loved.
Aug 2020 · 107
Don't be the flame
that lights the cigarette of promise
as fate slowly sips our love
down to the last tobacco
taps the ashes of our memories
onto my hands
as if it's an ashtray
for the past
I know your hands are full,
   all of the empty promises
with mouthful of lies
and broken ribs
  that been beaten by men
because you taught your heart
       to make it beat their name.
There's a free room
and it's there
between your fingers
that only need
a strong soul
and a grip that can endure
the remaining years
Jul 2020 · 405
The Knuckles And The Heart
A swift hit onto a plain wall
is far better
than an aching heart
that felt what the eyes have seen

My hands have a purpose
but it's far more fragile
than the love it holds

I'll break both
for I have grown numb,
Yet my eyes are waterfalls
that I need to put a dam
for you to not see the tears
Jul 2020 · 281
I Need To Write
A man bestowed to carry a weight
  far more heavier
than his liver can carry
I need to write...

To my lover
who's eyes look like
the promised land
I quenched my thirst
through your lips
and as I held your hand
I held the garden of eden once more..
Jul 2020 · 84
Got to teach myself
that too much sweetness
can make a relationship sour
Jun 2020 · 317
2:22 AM
I offer compliments
to your flaws
  so you won't repaint
what God made you unique
and hoping
I'll find the right words
   to make this last
so I can stay with you
  for one more lifetime
Jun 2020 · 125
Symptoms Of A Broken Heart
Your hands cramp
from holding too much promises,
for holding on to a love
that stays like an ice sculpture
and the heart will shatter
as you witness a love
that you once held
turns to something
your eyes make
whenever you cry
May 2020 · 164
You can't taste your tears
   when she wipes it away
before it reaches your lips

I guess luck
comes in different shapes
and mine took form of a woman.
A humble personality
that  matches the angels
It's as if God let down
one of His children
made me hold her hand
and gave me a heaven
that I can reach
May 2020 · 291
The Ink To My Pen
My pen will never go empty
that means the moment I entered your life,
    I can fill the pages on the chapters I entered in your story
and let no ink be wasted
even when I'm left handed.

I'll carefully use metaphors
and give it to you like flowers,
to offer you humanity
instead of things
that can only last a day,
  just to let you know
your love is my ink
  and my pen
can never go empty
May 2020 · 484
Lying in my room
   wondering what's missing,

   those brown eyes that matches the color of my coffee,
  my soft blanket that felt like your embrace
  or the alarm clock where I'm pretty sure it was your voice that
         woke me up 30 minutes ago

Sometimes "I miss you"
     every item in my room
remembers a piece of you
   waiting for you
to come back
May 2020 · 92
Story Of Us
It takes 1 kiss
   for the two of us
to say those three words
    that holds us for a lifetime.
At 5 Am we watched the sunrise
    I told you six of my fears
you said I was your 7th
   so you couldn't stand an 8th
you told me I was a benign one
and that I drop you off at 10
   cause 11pm doesn't exist on your father's clock
May 2020 · 112
When you found love
   her kisses can cause alzheimers
and I got my first kiss
all over again
She can turn pain into a man
  that I've never met
and I can easily beat him up
     knowing all you need
to do is to fight

She can turn my traumas
    into monsters
She is the lamp and the teddy bear
  the protector and the way
             whenever I feel
my life is going dark

A woman who loves you
   can shapeshift into anything
you want
   All she asks for you
is just
be the man
that you promised her
to be
May 2020 · 204
They said monsters are under your bed
      with big claws
            and sharp teeth
some called it the boogeyman

mine offered me a seat
       at our dining table
with firm hands
       and a perfect smile
I called him dad
May 2020 · 135
They said
    I make the most stupid choices
from choosing alcohol over books
    and cigarettes over gum.

Dropping grades
while raising my voice
 towards my mom for nagging 24/7
     You question yourself
to the point
your friend's room
     has been more of a home
than the hands of who raised you

But the world ain't fair
         when you were made
from your father's fake promises
   that made your mother's heart
colder than the beer she held.

I was called by many names
  from being the most stupid
to being the most hated
              But God I loved it
        when you called me yours
The right woman will always be there for you
May 2020 · 115
Even a five star food on the table
  can turn inedible
       cause of one star parenting
no matter what plate
a parent can cook    
    if he fills the child with misery
all things turn sour
May 2020 · 809
You know
      you love her
when her calls
    feels like the sunrise
entering through your windows
       and her voice
is the alarm clock to your soul
      whenever you sleep
with an aching heart
    from missing her
Darling behind the pretty face
  what more can you offer
when you're already
one of the best things
    in life
has to give
May 2020 · 147
You taught me
   that love is pure
when the present
    Doesn't hate you from your past
         instead waters you
to grow better in the future.

    To my beloved wife,
the strings of our fate
   have become one
We will journey this life together
       facing other demons
while taming ours.
         I'll love you better
for you molded me to be the best
             and for that...
     I offer you my remaining days
May 2020 · 382
If you give too much,
     love can hurt you.
The emptiness
   that drowns you
whenever she doesn't care
  everytime you knock on her door
without her knowing
   you'd go an extra mile for her....

But love will always be random
  Maybe in places you never know
  She might be next door....
just waiting
  for you to come over
Apr 2020 · 360
The longer I wait for this to end
    the more I realize
         your presence means nothing
without you feeling the same way
    that I do
Love will always be sweeter
     when you know
your heart rests on the right person
    and the right person
will love you
    no matter how long it takes
to see you
To my beloved wife
While the whole world takes you away from me
  Take my hand
     and let my lips be the inhaler
to your lungs
     whenever you feel tired of running away from them

For we are like Romeo and Juliet
   without the blade and the potion
we die everytime our hands let go
   and our hearts distant from each other
I love you so dear
Apr 2020 · 163
My dearest wife,
    no matter
how cruel the world is,
we don't break over weak words
    and lose our sanity
over uneducated fools

For my vow is strong
     and my words are true
the sky may fall
   but atleast I have you.

For I love you,
in every parts you adore and hate.
I have found myself a woman so priceless
that in every richness
the world has,
no dime can outshine you

  and no other woman
can have my heart
    Because it will always be you
Apr 2020 · 196
Hello Poetry!
If my poems can make you mine
     I already had you at the first piece
  When my metaphors can let you dream the way I wrote it
You'll be every beautiful thing
   God created.
My love,
   You can wrap my poems
anywhere you want
      just to let you know
you are a walking masterpiece
       that even in my dreams
   you'll always be there for me
to have a reason
       to write.
Mahal ikaw at ikaw pa din ang dahilan sa bawat tula na sinusulat ko
Apr 2020 · 159
Honest Poem #1
Sometimes I envy your ex
     he got the best out of you
turned it to something
          they could just use for a habit
while you treated them
         as your everyday necessity

Let me cover your scars
     make them as part of the art
paint them with our memories
         and turn them
into something beautiful
I know your fear  
that this might be another goodbye
   my actions tell more than my poems
     just press rewind
and treat me as your first
       while I love you
like I'm the last
Tell her you love her
Apr 2020 · 323
Difference between
your lover that does not pretend
   the actor who kisses you on cam
is that
     I won't leave you after the scene
and I wont stop
when they tell me to "cut"
Apr 2020 · 587
You're like the sunrise
     the one that shines my yesterday's mistakes
         for me to see a new solution

You're like the sunset
      As the sun rests itself on the sea
in your arms I found my peace
   and the hands that will hold
my future

You're like the moon
      In waves of spectacular moments of being in love
        I was pulled by your gravity
and drowned by your healing waters

No matter what the skies offer me
     I thank God more
      for having the brightest woman
to light up my life
Oh my love
  you're a masterpiece
Apr 2020 · 76
Your name is the title
     like the new chapter to my life
you got me at the first glance
    How your walk is like tornadoes
pulling me to the center
        and you got me on cloud nine.

  Although I write poetry
my hands will never be enough
my words will never be enough
     but my language of love
is being constant
over things I promise
        so when I decided
for the title to be your name
   that means my next life's chapter
will be our future
The pieces will form itself
creating something
harder enough
to hold an arguement.
Once it's whole
my heart
will always
find a way
to beat
Apr 2020 · 107
For I shed a tear
   everytime you're near
           I get goosebumps
        and butterflies in my stomach
whenever your feet chose my
        arms as the destination
I shed a tear
        in times we argue
             through dire situations
my tears will tell
          how I fear losing you
I shed a tear
           for thanking God
having to spend my life
       with you
              in times like this
where you can't tell who's fake
         My tears will always tell
          How I love you dear
Apr 2020 · 250
My Woman
She has imperfections
     her scars are too deep
for any man can dive.
    As you walk down the aisle,
your feet takes you closer to me
         your eyes signal the words
                     "I do"
        before you can even speak
and yours lips
    holding the most beautiful vows
That's the time I knew
             This is for a lifetime
Apr 2020 · 239
Good Morning Love
You're beautiful inside out
Your voice is the only alarm clock
         my body wants to wake up
and your smile is the sun
      that lights my room.
Distance may hinder me
                 from holding you tight
but I'll tell you I love you
           in many ways  
   like my bed seems like the ocean and your touch is the only thing
     that's keeping my head
in the surface
Apr 2020 · 319
Til death Do Us Part
I am aware my love
that in today's situation
we must distance ourselves
away from the world
But never from ours

You may not be the first one I see
every morning
but I always remember
Your fingers through my coffee mug handle
and your lips
Hi boo
Apr 2020 · 193
She is a blessing
that only comes once
And a curse
If you lose her
By doing the same mistake
Apr 2020 · 163
Hold me in your arms
     Til my broken pieces
             Merge into something
Worth your love
Since God made us in His image
   you were made in divine soil
While I was formed in clay
           And you can mold me
To the best man
                 You wanted me to be
Apr 2020 · 138
I Love You
Can write a thousand words
but you
Made me choose
the right metaphors
to tell you
Apr 2020 · 361
Fury Of God
For God was so furious
          from my sins
He sent an angel
           To knock some sense into me
And that angel
            Has my last name
     and her wrath
                Matches the almighty
Apr 2020 · 1.4k
What If
What if we met early
Two souls
Destined to be in a train station
At 9 am
knowing how I fell for your eyes
Fell once more
In a less heart broken time

What if we met
In a bar alley
when your interests
matches mine
we danced the night away
not as lovers
but strangers
that are  four swipes
late from tinder
To be something more
Than just a one night stand

What if this time
is the right time
How our scars
turn to lines
That form each others names
The words "I do"
begin to spill in our mouths
just waiting
for the right time
To my fiancee
I love you
Apr 2020 · 511
In an another multiverse
      The other me might be better
Skinny and with goals in his mind
       and a beautiful heart

But he may have the riches
         and the expensive watches...

I have you in this universe
        My road may be broken  
             from the decisions I made
yet you held my hand
       And that's makes my universe
      better than the others
Apr 2020 · 342
May love bring me to you
   Like a warm fire
         that hugs you in a rainy night
   a burning bush you came to me
        That's when I knew
       God makes miracle happen
A little delay wont hurt the process
    but it takes time
to embrace the pain
     And more time to love you more
I love you
Apr 2020 · 176
Pour Thy Love
I'll  pour my love in your cup
and let it spill
knowing you'll do the same

For how useless it is to offer a glass that they can never fill

When the one who loves you
will never be afraid to go empty
Love with no limits
Apr 2020 · 154
If You Can Read This
Handle me with care
A man may be strong enough
to lift heavy weights
       but sometimes
         it cannot hold the weight
              Of his emotions
Men can cry
Otherwise who can teach boys
To be men?
Please read
Apr 2020 · 164
Just A Feeling
I'd rather hide the words
And have it your way

Than arguing with you
While drowning myself
With hate

I wont let asteroids of troubles
Come down
In our world
"Just a feeling"
If you read this
I dont want to lose you
Mar 2020 · 1.0k
Please Be Sweet
I never asked you to be sweeter
Than your donuts
Or be like sugar
that takes away the bitter taste of coffee

I just want to feel loved by you..

but for now,
I'll sugarcoat my feelings
by saying
"There's nothing wrong sweetie"
If you read this please
Do it
Mar 2020 · 154
Destiny took it's time on us
But I never called it a delay.
When I told you I love you,
I spent my whole life
Trying to get the right action
for this moment
that you
are that missing rib
That I dont need to know
whether if its really
The perfect fit
Mar 2020 · 142
Saying those three words
While doing more is to prove
Iloveyou's are nothing
When you never gave her
Was out for a couple of months but I'm back
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