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Oct 2022 · 351
She Comes Home Late/Regret
Gabriel Oct 2022
She comes home late,
the fragrance on her clothes seems different,
like a warm heat that had been rubbed
to a surface I dared not to believe
  and when she kissed me on the cheek
I prayed her lips was wet for
drinking the beverage I had offered her.

Regret has swallowed me whole,
   begged the mirror to break the silence,
what more do I lack?
Was the promise for eternity not enough
  or I wasn't as great as the lover I used to be in the past?

Each doubt made me weak, knowing on another's arms she was given plenty
and everytime she comes home late
  I hope she'll see
through my eyes a man
broken over a truth
I neglected to see
Oct 2022 · 219
A Bojack Extra Episode
Gabriel Oct 2022
The view to being sober,
   blurred in a way I can't find the start,
I called you to lead the way
she was sick of it all
and decided to hang up

With the constant loop I tried to end
it directed me to a greater cycle
that I couldn't climb my way out of,
   I begged for help
but all I see is people moving on to a life where I'm only fit for the past
and change is impossible to swallow
  when regret starts to claw it's way out
for you to feel the pain of the things you choose to exist.
Oct 2022 · 1.7k
Fingers Touched, Never Held
Gabriel Oct 2022
As we finally concluded what our end is,

you grabbed me by the hand once more,

reminiscing the days where this used to be
a piece of me that symbolizes home

   and it begged for you to not let go of it.

Lips that will never taste each other's love,

eyes locked but this gaze will now be last,

words full of emotions but will never say

the three words that molded us to speak of our forgotten tomorrows

Fingers touch but never held on

to a promise of forever and always

and paths will never cross again
as we both said "good bye"
One carried love and will pass it on to whoever is capable of embracing the pain she felt that day

while the other carried regret and will forever find the answer to the questions he will carry onto his shoulders
On why his greatest love, wasn't the
Oct 2022 · 527
The Feeling Of Eternity
Gabriel Oct 2022
Imagine not having you by my side
50 summers
200 coffee dates
500 movie marathons
1000 sleepless nights
and 2000000 I love you's

All of this can be rounded up
but it'll never sum up
the misery I have to endure
that constantly aches every moment
as the clocks ticks further
to my last minute,
getting to spend an eternity without you
and will forever be dreaming of a lifetime
that it didn't end.
Sep 2022 · 1.9k
To Have and To Hold
Gabriel Sep 2022
The bright ray of the sun
enters through our window
landed directly at your face
unveiling a beauty that captured my eyes
as you slowly wake up from your slumber
I get to catch a glimpse
of what I'll wake up to for the next days of my life
and what my arms will embrace
when darkness falls upon us.

You, my love
a chunk of the endless afterlives I'll take
where my soul wanders the plain
and search even for a hint
of your existence.
My body, like a built in memory foam
that remembers every corners
you placed your flesh onto
and hoping for you to arrive
ready for a home that only craves for you.

Grant me a wish,
Oh God divine and true
for the lover I swear to love,
To have and to hold,
I wish for a road
that in every after life we'll face,
no matter how long it'll take,
how rough it'll be,
she'll find me on that road
for me to hold her once more
Sep 2022 · 265
A Shard Of Memory
Gabriel Sep 2022
Isn't love a time traveling feeling?
How her scent remains on my clothes
as my heart catches that memory
from a fragrance
that takes me back to a moment I felt home
a past, where not only my nose
gets to enjoy the feeling of you
but every piece of flesh
that longed for an embrace
of your existence.

And as reality snaps me back
tears dropped as I looked around,
a room full of the shadows
that haunt me with our unfinished love
and on my hand
is a piece of clothing
that I can grasp a memory of you
while the present still aches with regret
to live a future constantly holding on
   for you to comeback
The story of An Almost Love #1
Sep 2022 · 1.2k
The Void Of A Broken Man
Gabriel Sep 2022
"Your misery reeks trauma"
Worries the woman whom I loved dear,
I have heard countless swears,
shamelessly endured the beating of a woman,
bargained with my own emotions,
only to let this void in me rest
and set free the being that hungers purity.

The man inside the void is a boy,
a reckless one that loved too much
his kindness leave heart prints on whoever it attracts
and when that time comes
that his heart was next in line to be molded once again through pain,

there goes back the void of a broken man,
who's only desire is to be loved
and to be taken away
from the disaster he fights
every heartache at a time.
Jul 2022 · 237
Hello My Poem
Gabriel Jul 2022
My beloved piece
what emotion had me thinking of constructing you?
was it the the butterflies in my stomach
that eagerly wants to mention love
or the blue bird in my heart pleading for help to get out?

Let my hands be the fate to that
but while we patiently wait for it
to craft the masterpiece you are
My beloved poem
I'll take care of you
and I'll let the world know
how precious you are to me
and in each word is carved
to let my emotions live
and the world to admire you
knowing that you are loved
May 2022 · 219
To A Stranger
Gabriel May 2022
For I have finally risen from the void
that was created on my bed
your features only be recognized
from the corners of my eyes
as I stare at you
to me you are now unrecognized.

From a broken mirror I may remember
but to a clear one I'll hesitate
to know someone like you
someone I seem to hate

It was you all along
A memory I begged to forget
a piece of something spiteful enough
to not even give a gaze

For countless of painful measures
I have stood tall
to forget who you are
to consider as a stranger
Despite the moments I have recalled
May 2022 · 310
Gabriel May 2022
Who are you?

Not an ally to the covenant
neither a foe that I shall draw arms with

Your looks, pale
your intentions undefined

not a lover for me to die for
neither a deceased relative to let me cry

Alas twas a man in the mirror
Twas a man who I thought
I wouldn't never be
Apr 2022 · 539
The Greatest Enemy
Gabriel Apr 2022
The foe that strikes the hardest
is the one
that lives underneath your skin
and there
you are vulnerable
and there you will feel
the paranoia
of facing the hidden enemy
A paranoid Schizophrenic walks into a bar
Apr 2022 · 419
For I Have Nothing
Gabriel Apr 2022
I may not give a bouquet of roses,
a house that's big and sturdy,
a vehicle that eases the transportation,
and a diamond ring to prove richness.

I ask of you
is to stay
despite the roses will wither with time,
a simple house yet my arms is your home,
walking till our footsteps match
and a ring that may not be the prettiest
but it holds and represents the love
I have for you

For I have nothing
and you
are everything.

and I am contented
Mar 2022 · 1.5k
God's Challenge
Gabriel Mar 2022
She was so beautiful that even God
created a broken road
  to test if I prove worthy
He summoned women to lure me
  to think that I'll grab a taste
yet it only made my love for her grow
since He only summoned women
that they'll only get a glance
    but never my heart

He made me roam the wildest forest
  in it were the signs of your wild flaws
I have been bruised by the thorns of your traumas
broke my bones
from the falling of branches
that fell cause of the wildlife
who dared to mess with your growth
and I have tumbled upon the roots
of your deepest fears
   only to to feel the pain
that I can mend

Yet after all the struggles
after all the pain that I endured
   I have reached the end
an end where I saw
the beauty that's worth
every inch of misery
   To forever hold you
Mar 2022 · 938
Beautiful Escape
Gabriel Mar 2022
Only you'll find the beauty of the end
when the process of going up
weighed you down
cutting ties with backstabbers
to remove the drama that goes along with it
you'll be known as an outcast
an exile to a life
that's not meant for your precious heart
and as you slowly loosen the grip
of the hands that betrayed you
you'll make room
for the peace that awaits at the end
and only that can make you realize
the true meaning of
A Beautiful Escape
Mar 2022 · 466
Gabriel Mar 2022
How can I outrun it?
If it gets faster with every encounter
as it catches up it'll slow your pace
you'll see the world slower
and leeches on to your stamina that keeps you going further.
Slowly reaching your shoulder
trying to get a grasp of what carries the weight of your burden
tipping away it's balance
it hopes that you'll tumble
It's whispers will make you tremble
and once it outruns you
weakening both mind and muscle
everytime it moves forward
the deeper you'll sank
at the rubble
Mar 2022 · 455
The Story of A Fallen Man
Gabriel Mar 2022
how do I leave a memory behind?
How can I be remembered by future generations to come?
This life, like an action series,
without bullets and a good plot,
A protagonist of a selfless drama
consisting of bad luck as an excuse
And love as a silver lining of hope
for a life that's worth not being remembered.

but alas it hit me
A way to mark your life story
a fallen man to be remembered
So, how?
"Be kind to those who deserve ,
be wise to apply a lesson and
provide wisdom for those who listen
and guard your trust not theirs."
A crowd can only notice a glance of your presence
but a small circle appreciates every bit of action
that will forever be put to heart every intentions
and that
can let them remember
not only your name
but a story of how you've risen
to become a good man
Feb 2022 · 119
Gabriel Feb 2022
How long has it been since I first held your hand,
Your love,
like fine wine that gets better as the years go by
and your lips
that tastes like the next 80 years of my life with you.
with each step we take on this journey of love and life
I'll forever cherish your care and offer you every bit of my strength that this life has to provide.
As we reached 8 years together,
I'll always find ways to prove
that this love
is the love that I only need
in this lifetime that we share
together forever
This poem is dedicated to my best friend and his wife
Happy 8 years Zhan
Jan 2022 · 332
Gabriel Jan 2022
Maybe the lie detector's broken
as you said "yes"
to a question that indicates
you leaving
my heart felt the pain
despite your hand
was on the machine
maybe it's broken...
Jan 2022 · 378
Looking Down
Gabriel Jan 2022
I hope these tears will fall on my phone
  and accidentally call your number
since my hands cramp
over holding on to love

The ears just don't seem to listen to what the brain has in mind

since the heart will always conquer even the smartest intellect
and I have been stupidly in love with you

My tears however wanted to know
the reason behind
why it landed on my cheek
that you used to kissed
before you said
good bye
Don't give up
Dec 2021 · 500
A Drop of Eden
Gabriel Dec 2021
The rain, flows where my tears wanted to land,
in the ground where I once held you,
it drops on my body where you once kissed,
the only difference
is your marks won't be erased
with just a drop of weather
that reminds me of you
Dec 2021 · 938
Takes Two To Tango
Gabriel Dec 2021
Sway me as the drink numbs my knees
the way you hold, the demons that she tamed
in perfect motion,
in every rhythm she carries me
a dance worth recording.

Finally, my woman
my every piece of new beginnings.
Nov 2021 · 1.8k
Gabriel Nov 2021
I'll love you til my heartbeat slows down
and imitates a soft whisper that mentions your name

As the moonlight looks at you from
the highest of clouds
  the waves splash to the rocks
making a sound that resembles
how my heart will break
if you leave
Nov 2021 · 164
One Bottle
Gabriel Nov 2021
I only take is a one bottle of whiskey,
one enough that cripples the sound
of the doubts that's playing your mind
every **** day,
that one bottle pierce the edges
  where you thought that bullet
is impenetrable
to your hard skin for love
only to discover metaphors that hide around blank shots
that keep you from your sanity
Nov 2021 · 1.3k
Suit and Tie
Gabriel Nov 2021
It's miserable to see

that a man can dress clean and proper
  only to hide the storm
that fills his heart
while the tie is the only thing
he can fix

and the white sleeves cover the scars
that hides thousands of battles
so he can wear the suit and tie
once more
Nov 2021 · 153
Ah Life
Gabriel Nov 2021
A bright day
won't cover up the ****** days
you'll only inhale a good wind
  and later on
walk the path you mistook
to bringing you peace.

Oh sheer luck and will has run out dry
the odds of your hands makes you
want to fold
but life isn't that easy
that you only need to say is "I quit"
it takes time
  and the hands of my clock
have been like a broken back
and in every move
the pain
Nov 2021 · 116
Who are you
Gabriel Nov 2021
Who are you?
The one that pretends to cope
  letting oceans of liquor drown you
from your purpose,
is it me? No
You're just a being I created
to withstand the pain
that I can never tolerate,
a being of which to take the blame.

Who are you?
A disgrace to the world,
  A world that is full of ******
and you adding to the population
won't even have the slightest chance
to overcome this cruel life
Is it me?? Never
You are just a person I made
to carry all of my burden,
     to endure the void that ***** out
every goodness I have to give.

Who are you?
Man in the mirror
  eyes that look like it haven't seen
love for too long,
What more can you give?
How many more mask
do you need to make,
before you realize
  it was you all along

it was you all along
Nov 2021 · 591
Her pt.1
Gabriel Nov 2021
When I hold her
is like being embraced by a thousand pillows,
    the shade of my room is enough
for me to see
the woman that made me
  write a living poem.
With each touch is gentle,
   with every kiss, divine
her dress smells like home,
   her love takes you back in time
to the moment you felt safe
    to the ******* moment
you felt
Nov 2021 · 661
Drunk Man's Tale
Gabriel Nov 2021
Is this it?
   The fate that has been sealed for me?
Beer bottles, empty packs
and a twisted mind
only to write poetry
for the ones
   who share the same demons
that fills their cup.

What's good for the mind
is clearly bad for the soul
you empty your pockets
    so the whiskey fills the void
while waking up only to find pennies
  to take a cab
that leads you to a place
where only your hang over self
can find rest

and that is
Anybody can be your home
you just need to find the right keys
to open it
Nov 2021 · 173
Gabriel Nov 2021
How is good is it
if the mind is your enemy
and the whispers started to fade,
  you'll hear a voice
      that echoes through your mind
reaches the fondest of memories
  only to be reminded that you
Nov 2021 · 308
Gabriel Nov 2021
Mother always told me
"Run like a horse as you head over to your goals"

but the horse inside me resembles that of Bojack the Horseman
and running away has been a forte

Constantly struggling
thinking what will life be
if only I chose the right decisions

that make my world
a little more worth staying
Gabriel Nov 2021
For am I a piece of pencil
destined to be attached to an eraser
as I scribble promises
through the thin paper heart of yours.

Constant erasure leads to tearing
now I know how painful it is
to be a canvas to every sin
a shed of paper from a notebook
  since the promises I made came back
and the eraser has willingly given up

I write our stories like it's the last
carry every metaphor to permanent
for you stay in this ******* moment
Sep 2021 · 564
Gabriel Sep 2021
Like the water from the clouds
I've been watching over you
from above,
   I got attached to your smile
as you look up from the sky
   and now the wait is over,
I prayed
that if I fall
     I'd drop directly
to the palm of your hands
as you check for rain
Aug 2021 · 205
Gabriel Aug 2021
Happy is my hands
    that roams around your skin
adoring each portion
   as if God made a temple
for me to worship.

Happy is my mind
   that loves the thought of you
in every dream that you're around
makes me feel
you're just a heartbeat away from me

Happy is my heart
    that shares the same beat as yours
and it pumps faster
  everytime I heard your name

Happy is a man like me
   who tackles destiny
like a football player
    just to make this love
remain happy
Aug 2021 · 250
Chapter 4: End
Gabriel Aug 2021
She saw love behind the metaphors,
  my intentions was leaking
through the sentences that I wrote
as she travelled through my poems
she found pieces of herself
in every writing.

If I would make a love poem for you
then I have to spend
twenty four hours a day,
seven days a week
twelve months a year
cause true love is endless
the ink may run dry
or the paper may run out of stock
but here in my heart
and in my mind
I can create hundreds of poems
that tell
how I love you
I love you my adi
Aug 2021 · 787
If I See Your Parents Again
Gabriel Aug 2021
I'd appear on your house
  drenched in what the weather pours
  knocking on a door that I'm not sure that I'll feel the embrace of welcome
alas, for my presence is far greater
     than the weather man's forecast.

Then they'll see me
    holding my heart on my hands
hoping it'll spare me from their wrath
as I present on what's left of me
  and ask for the hand
of the other half of me.
I'll try I'll try I'll try
Gabriel Aug 2021
If love was an eight hour shift
  I'd work overtime
just to see you
Aug 2021 · 320
Gabriel Aug 2021
If falling in love with you means selling my soul
I'd pack my bags with snacks,
take a cab,
give a big tip and a high five,
walk gracefully
as I knock on your door
and bringing everything that I have
to offer it all for you
May the Gods forgive me for my obsession
Aug 2021 · 194
Hot Headed
Gabriel Aug 2021
I'll tear my own ****  book
    if the next chapters of my life
don't have your name on it.
Aug 2021 · 530
For The Woman He Loves
Gabriel Aug 2021
"Love" is the right word
for a man who tries to break all odds
in order to preserve the woman
  that made his reality
to a fantasy
he longed to grasp
Aug 2021 · 314
The Other Side of The Bed
Gabriel Aug 2021
I pray
  for that day
where my pillow
is no longer a substitute
for the other side of my bed
and only to wake up
with a dead arm
for holding you tightly.
I pray a little prayer
that Love will win in this life
and not on the next
Aug 2021 · 276
Let Me Have This Moment
Gabriel Aug 2021
To look you in the eyes
  and let it tell what my lips can't say
since it can't construct words when
it's busy kissing you

To hold you tight
     as I sway you under the city lights,
footsteps of people will be our beat
        and the moon
will be the audience.

Sit down
    have a drink or two
tell me that you love me
       as the flowers bloom
Gabriel Aug 2021
Just a little more
       we'll set sail to places we should've wandered
walk under the city lights til the sun decided to shine upon us.

Just a little more
        and we can build a home out of love's trust,
our hope for love will be it's strong foundation
                 and faith shall be it's roof over world's harshest weathers.

Just a little more
             and I get to kiss you in crowded places,
their gaze will not put out this burning love,
                  their whispers won't mean anything for us
and God's judgment shall be the only thing we'll obey.

Just a little more time
      just a little more........
and we can be family again my love
Jence, I love you
Aug 2021 · 209
Oh My Eve
Gabriel Aug 2021
How long has it been
      my other half?
Time molded you more
     than God,
turning into something
        far beyond my reach.
As I walked through
The plains of Eden,
   in a search to find you,
only to discover a pen and paper
         for me to write about you.
My love
Aug 2021 · 599
Blood On His Kisses
Gabriel Aug 2021
Lucky is the man
  who has a woman
that kisses him
     in times his lips
           drenched in blood
for fighting over his fear
as she felt the bruises on her tongue
          her soul knew
he was worth
     every lifetime.
Gabriel Aug 2021
I love the rain,
   when it blows a chilly air
   that makes you hold me even tighter,
as you fall asleep
from the coldness
that goes with the rain,
I get the chance to look at you,
beautiful and imperfectly perfect
just the way God intended
for a man like me.
For the weather was on my side,
it poured even heavier
and as you wake up from the sound
I prayed for you to stay even longer.

I hate the rain
when I'm all alone,
the empty side of the bed
gets cold faster,
I tried to embrace the softest pillows
or even cover myself
with the warmest of blankets
but not of them
can make me feel the comfort
that you provided
whenever you're around  
I guess love has it's way of telling you
that you've found home
between her arms.
Aug 2021 · 846
Gabriel Aug 2021
How love can make you creative,
    it can make you write poems
           that focuses on her existence,
      where her lips tastes like fine wine
  or her eyes can see the richness
           inside your poetic soul
                 that latches on metaphors
          and claiming that you use it
                as a tool for keeping her sane.

Love can make you creative,
          as your words dance,
    she dances as well
to the beat of your heart,
         as you finish the final piece,
she'll calmly rest on your shoulder,
       her hair like the strings of a violin
and as you strum it gently
           it'll turn to a lullaby
      that at last you can lay down
knowing your soul
         is finally home.
Aug 2021 · 1.3k
Deeply in Love
Gabriel Aug 2021
Toss a coin in an old well
  for a wish to have a maiden so fair,
into the abyss I succumb and dwell
  to take back my love, my lost pair.

How long I have searched for you,
  in cities of different lights,
only to find out that if love is true
   it will come to you in sparkly eyes.

She's an alarm clock to my sleepy soul,
   the lullaby to my wakeful heart,
a lover who stands her ground to
  watch you grow,
and a woman that loves all your pieces of art.

One more chance
Please come back
Jul 2021 · 1.2k
Gabriel Jul 2021
When you drown in
an endless ocean of whisky,
you'll miss the taste of life's waters
  as your mind floats above the
ravaging tide of addiction
  and you constantly begging
for the flow to calm

You'll realize that the slowest of recovery
   is better than the fastest one who can chug

Someone out there is either dying for alcohol
or dying from an alcohol addiction,

I won't judge you
on what your heart is looking for
but the drink that's been on your hand
for too long
ain't Jesus in a bottle

It will pass.
Jul 2021 · 994
Gabriel Jul 2021
How desperate we are
to maintain our habits,
   we often trade parts of ourselves
just to feel that rush
whenever we sober up
and latch on to that feeling
up to the very end.

The other lung
for a pack of cigarettes,
that spare kidney
for case of beer
and the worst one
trading a trusted friend
for a gram,
Alas at the end of the day
no matter how much earthly treasure you possess in this world of trades,
  you can never bargain the time
that is lost
and another chance for everything
  to change
Happy 1 month sober to me
Jul 2021 · 757
Through The Gates of Hell
Gabriel Jul 2021
Oh how people judge me so fast
when they knew
that I went to hell and back.
    Scent of burning rubber,
a shirt that's full of ash                       and the flames that light up my cigarette
   spoke the tales of me
going to hell and came back.

People fear what they can not fathom
and belittled a journey that I used to seek,
since they only lived a life
of *** and ***
a life so empty,
a life that's only to satisfy their lust and greed.

As I almost taste the hope that I've been craving,
I smiled with broken teeth and
a broken spine from carrying
all of  the burden on my bag.
" God, bless my new beginnings,
I thank you for guiding me through the gates of hell
never wanting me
to go back."
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