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Waking up beautiful
in a cozy bed
of comfort promises
you were finally covered
with blankets as thick as the love
he gave you
warmth and felt like arms
that tuck you to sleep
on a rainy day
and as you close your eyes
the last thing you'll ever hear
is a whisper that reaches
through the deepest
of your trauma
only to find out
you are loved.
Don't be the flame
that lights the cigarette of promise
as fate slowly sips our love
down to the last tobacco
taps the ashes of our memories
onto my hands
as if it's an ashtray
for the past
I know your hands are full,
   all of the empty promises
with mouthful of lies
and broken ribs
  that been beaten by men
because you taught your heart
       to make it beat their name.
There's a free room
and it's there
between your fingers
that only need
a strong soul
and a grip that can endure
the remaining years
A swift hit onto a plain wall
is far better
than an aching heart
that felt what the eyes have seen

My hands have a purpose
but it's far more fragile
than the love it holds

I'll break both
for I have grown numb,
Yet my eyes are waterfalls
that I need to put a dam
for you to not see the tears
A man bestowed to carry a weight
  far more heavier
than his liver can carry
I need to write...

To my lover
who's eyes look like
the promised land
I quenched my thirst
through your lips
and as I held your hand
I held the garden of eden once more..
Got to teach myself
that too much sweetness
can make a relationship sour
I offer compliments
to your flaws
  so you won't repaint
what God made you unique
and hoping
I'll find the right words
   to make this last
so I can stay with you
  for one more lifetime
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