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The more I feel
The more you see
Difference has been set
but love comes to you and me
The less we talk
The more we hate
shared memories begin to fade
The less I talk
The more I think
love was never ours
efforts go down in the sink.
begone thot
As time ticks to my last
I regretted everything

The audacity to feel safe
while casualty inflicts harm on yourself and others as well

3am thoughts about how beautiful life is
turn to 3am liquor pounding ,cigarette chasing smoke that blinds my eyes over things that are worth it

7 days God created everything
but it takes a second to pull a trigger
Music drowns the room as our bodies
     sway like the tide.
The audacity to stay in someone's life
   just to become a fantasy,
    Hoping prayers can be granted just by  a press of a button

         As the rain tasted like yesterday's memories.
I've been dying for reality the whole time when the moment you left
I loved a thousand times
failed far more
here I am

open arms
with heart stitches
and broken lungs that force too much
on people who give too little

love my scars
as I will love yours
no matter how deep or how wide
Our time is to move forward
not staying only to heal

As my hand holds yours
painkillers are a remnants of the past
and never will be used in the future
love me for who I am
There's nothing more beautiful
than a woman showing love to everyone
          But I curse thy self for believing
       I was special

As a man like me hated the world while my fist are the keys to my door and everything that is locked

I loved you
    Darling I loveD you ...
3 am thoughts
Don't compare me to the streets in your way...  
       I don't let others walk on a path
    that's only for one ..

    I'm not like you  |  I am not a deadman's house
              Where people only come to your door just to be entertained.
                         .I'm better.
               Better than you,but still
        you bring out what's best

in me...
Work my way out of this situation
They told me there's a light brighter
than the stars

I didn't know it was you and your good heart
Oh starlig nights
they keep me looking at your gorgeous eyes
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