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Gabriel Oct 2022
She comes home late,
the fragrance on her clothes seems different,
like a warm heat that had been rubbed
to a surface I dared not to believe
  and when she kissed me on the cheek
I prayed her lips was wet for
drinking the beverage I had offered her.

Regret has swallowed me whole,
   begged the mirror to break the silence,
what more do I lack?
Was the promise for eternity not enough
  or I wasn't as great as the lover I used to be in the past?

Each doubt made me weak, knowing on another's arms she was given plenty
and everytime she comes home late
  I hope she'll see
through my eyes a man
broken over a truth
I neglected to see
Gabriel Oct 2022
The view to being sober,
   blurred in a way I can't find the start,
I called you to lead the way
she was sick of it all
and decided to hang up

With the constant loop I tried to end
it directed me to a greater cycle
that I couldn't climb my way out of,
   I begged for help
but all I see is people moving on to a life where I'm only fit for the past
and change is impossible to swallow
  when regret starts to claw it's way out
for you to feel the pain of the things you choose to exist.
Gabriel Oct 2022
As we finally concluded what our end is,

you grabbed me by the hand once more,

reminiscing the days where this used to be
a piece of me that symbolizes home

   and it begged for you to not let go of it.

Lips that will never taste each other's love,

eyes locked but this gaze will now be last,

words full of emotions but will never say

the three words that molded us to speak of our forgotten tomorrows

Fingers touch but never held on

to a promise of forever and always

and paths will never cross again
as we both said "good bye"
One carried love and will pass it on to whoever is capable of embracing the pain she felt that day

while the other carried regret and will forever find the answer to the questions he will carry onto his shoulders
On why his greatest love, wasn't the
Gabriel Oct 2022
Imagine not having you by my side
50 summers
200 coffee dates
500 movie marathons
1000 sleepless nights
and 2000000 I love you's

All of this can be rounded up
but it'll never sum up
the misery I have to endure
that constantly aches every moment
as the clocks ticks further
to my last minute,
getting to spend an eternity without you
and will forever be dreaming of a lifetime
that it didn't end.
Gabriel Sep 2022
The bright ray of the sun
enters through our window
landed directly at your face
unveiling a beauty that captured my eyes
as you slowly wake up from your slumber
I get to catch a glimpse
of what I'll wake up to for the next days of my life
and what my arms will embrace
when darkness falls upon us.

You, my love
a chunk of the endless afterlives I'll take
where my soul wanders the plain
and search even for a hint
of your existence.
My body, like a built in memory foam
that remembers every corners
you placed your flesh onto
and hoping for you to arrive
ready for a home that only craves for you.

Grant me a wish,
Oh God divine and true
for the lover I swear to love,
To have and to hold,
I wish for a road
that in every after life we'll face,
no matter how long it'll take,
how rough it'll be,
she'll find me on that road
for me to hold her once more
Gabriel Sep 2022
Isn't love a time traveling feeling?
How her scent remains on my clothes
as my heart catches that memory
from a fragrance
that takes me back to a moment I felt home
a past, where not only my nose
gets to enjoy the feeling of you
but every piece of flesh
that longed for an embrace
of your existence.

And as reality snaps me back
tears dropped as I looked around,
a room full of the shadows
that haunt me with our unfinished love
and on my hand
is a piece of clothing
that I can grasp a memory of you
while the present still aches with regret
to live a future constantly holding on
   for you to comeback
The story of An Almost Love #1
Gabriel Sep 2022
"Your misery reeks trauma"
Worries the woman whom I loved dear,
I have heard countless swears,
shamelessly endured the beating of a woman,
bargained with my own emotions,
only to let this void in me rest
and set free the being that hungers purity.

The man inside the void is a boy,
a reckless one that loved too much
his kindness leave heart prints on whoever it attracts
and when that time comes
that his heart was next in line to be molded once again through pain,

there goes back the void of a broken man,
who's only desire is to be loved
and to be taken away
from the disaster he fights
every heartache at a time.
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