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Happy is my hands
    that roams around your skin
adoring each portion
   as if God made a temple
for me to worship.

Happy is my mind
   that loves the thought of you
in every dream that you're around
makes me feel
you're just a heartbeat away from me

Happy is my heart
    that shares the same beat as yours
and it pumps faster
  everytime I heard your name

Happy is a man like me
   who tackles destiny
like a football player
    just to make this love
remain happy
She saw love behind the metaphors,
  my intentions was leaking
through the sentences that I wrote
as she travelled through my poems
she found pieces of herself
in every writing.

If I would make a love poem for you
then I have to spend
twenty four hours a day,
seven days a week
twelve months a year
cause true love is endless
the ink may run dry
or the paper may run out of stock
but here in my heart
and in my mind
I can create hundreds of poems
that tell
how I love you
I love you my adi
I'd appear on your house
  drenched in what the weather pours
  knocking on a door that I'm not sure that I'll feel the embrace of welcome
alas, for my presence is far greater
     than the weather man's forecast.

Then they'll see me
    holding my heart on my hands
hoping it'll spare me from their wrath
as I present on what's left of me
  and ask for the hand
of the other half of me.
I'll try I'll try I'll try
If love was an eight hour shift
  I'd work overtime
just to see you
If falling in love with you means selling my soul
I'd pack my bags with snacks,
take a cab,
give a big tip and a high five,
walk gracefully
as I knock on your door
and bringing everything that I have
to offer it all for you
May the Gods forgive me for my obsession
I'll tear my own ****  book
    if the next chapters of my life
don't have your name on it.
"Love" is the right word
for a man who tries to break all odds
in order to preserve the woman
  that made his reality
to a fantasy
he longed to grasp
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