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Jun 2021 · 88
Death from below
fraudelle Jun 2021
I am drowning
I skip breathing
Should i go up
Or keep diving

I am drowning
My head saying
Go up go up
Life is waiting

I am drowning
New life's waving
If i go up
They'll keep slaving

I am drowning
Freedom's escaping
Should keep chasing?
Or keep fighting?
May 2020 · 215
Portrait artist
fraudelle May 2020
A thousand copy of your smiles
Yet the real one was not for mine
drawing  fake drawn smiles
fraudelle Apr 2020
So you love music right?

But ...

it's theory is tough as diamond
Reading consumes lot of time and gold
But feeling it will take only a second

So How it works?
Humans are blind
So they'll judge you
In every symphonies that you write...

They'll say "I understand
How does it feel"
Yet they can't read
The notes that you feed
So how would you know
In every half step I take
I also take whole step back?

Mar 2020 · 158
Needle and threads
fraudelle Mar 2020
Our Thread is too short
So pick a needle
That can make blanket
When your summer is cold

Our thread is too short
So pick a needle
That lead our way to Lord,
When we are sightless

Our thread is too short
So Pick a needle
That can pierce every cloth
And hindrances that coming forth

Our thread is too short
don't pick me
If you're just
Going to make a
ball of thread for your dog
Feb 2020 · 218
fraudelle Feb 2020
If I'll be a black smith
I'll make a helmet made up of cheese

So that they'll never see me sad again
Say cheeeesseeeee
Feb 2020 · 200
fraudelle Feb 2020
Last year
I created a sea
By my tears

Turn my sea
Not into dessert
But Into salt

That is why
I am so  attractive

fraudelle Nov 2019
I only have words
For your broken fragments
Yet he have golds
To make your requirements

Yes,  melted gold
Can make you fully restored
Yet, you think my word
Will make you "fooly restored"

I know you'll  choose his way
Well I have nothing to say
You are altered
Yet aesthetically

Kintsugi is a form of art in japan... In which broken ceramic pots are fixed using glue
Oct 2019 · 285
fraudelle Oct 2019
So here I go
At the hill of Camlann
My Death will arrive soon
I can't talk nor walk.
Due to severe wounds I've got
So i asked Bedevier
To bring this sword
Back to the real owner
To take my immortality
And tell Merlin to bring me
To the garden Avalon.
Oct 2019 · 360
Night bringer
fraudelle Oct 2019
The sun is drowning
The moon is MOURNING
The next day without YOU
Lemme cry for a day
Oct 2019 · 126
Shut the F up
fraudelle Oct 2019
Tell me all your Beliefs
And I'll never make a shift
Disregard f...
Sep 2019 · 707
Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde
fraudelle Sep 2019
She changed my clothes
She changed my pose
She changed my hair
She changed my prayer
She changed me
Like iron to rust

But like other girls
She did the same

In this story
You are the medicine
Who Created mr.  Hyde

Sorry? To late
Jekyll taking his grave
I'm already dead
Sep 2019 · 452
Nero Claudius
fraudelle Sep 2019
I have thousand copies of your smile
I draw them as portrait
I composed them as song
I wrote them as poem

I realized..
I can't draw your actual smile
I can't make your perfect rhymes
I never made your bliss
Even once,
All I do is just a drawing
A letter, words, notes,

So... I built this empire of ashes
By Playing my flute
While watching my masterpiece,

... Im back
Sep 2019 · 617
fraudelle Sep 2019
If you don't want me to be with
You can still walk beside me...
I can sing you a song
That will end with nothing...

I just want to say

I won't stop on reaching you
Even sands won't allow me...

I can wait during fall... Spring even winter.

All I want is to be remembered...

In this coming summer.
Aug 2019 · 429
Let's play, eros!
fraudelle Aug 2019
Once you appreciated a Rose
You should undertsand what is Sore
'Coz not every heart ores
Are extracted by eros
First try of doing this...  I love this technique but...  It's very hardddd to do.. Tryin hard xD
Aug 2019 · 385
fraudelle Aug 2019
I don't  want to be used
I want to be loved
I don't want to be your moon
When the Sun is not around!
Aug 2019 · 539
Cmajor scale...
fraudelle Aug 2019
    C D E F G A B
         C D E F G A B
              C D E F G A B
                  C D E F G A B
                     C D E F G A B
                         C D E F G A B
Do re mi fa so la ti
Do nt
Re peat
Mi stakes
Fa ke
So rry
Ti lts
I wrote this poem 2 yrs ago... Lol
Jul 2019 · 315
fault in your stars
fraudelle Jul 2019
They flicker...
They shine
They glimmer...
They dancing with rhyme.
Some of them falls
Some of them false
And all of them will die

Just like your promises...
#last #stars #dusts
Jul 2019 · 172
hanging garden of hades
fraudelle Jul 2019
Depression is like water
It dissolves everything
And it dis solve everything
Suicide is not a solution
Jul 2019 · 480
fraudelle Jul 2019
Don't drop your sea salt in ocean
Trust me you'll never gonna find it again...
May 2019 · 238
fraudelle May 2019
You are my sea siren
I am your crew captain
I can't resist your charm
Even it can cause harm
Love can ****
May 2019 · 157
ruin king
fraudelle May 2019
She made me heartless
As she broke her promises
Love? Kindness?
They demolished my castle...
fraudelle May 2019
Now I'm alone,
The game is over,
My time will come,
By lifting this lever.

People execrated me,
They are enraged.
They wanna see me
Headless in this stage,

I saw her in the crowd,
The girl that I have cured,
In depression she cried loud,
I loved her to Heal her wounds,

I show her a smile,
She turn back and leave,
She was with other guy,
My smile gone dry like fallen leaves.

Inquisitor says it's time,
To finish my dreadful dreams.
Yes I'm might be a demon,
But I'm also victim of fraudulent schemes.

that is why I am fraud...
Tragiiiiiiiccc is magiiiiccc
May 2019 · 115
fraudelle May 2019
Look at the horizon
It divide the sky and sea

Try to fly...
There are no horizons

It's just you and me
Fear (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
May 2019 · 153
piano keys
fraudelle May 2019
I have those 87 kisses
But he got the 88th kiss.
Keys to kiss
May 2019 · 90
Let her Go and wait
fraudelle May 2019
Let the time to teach
Let the space to break
Let the sun to sleep
Let the moon to take
Let the dim devour
Let your heart to ache
Let her choose her way
Let her go and wait
May 2019 · 115
chandler mayhem
fraudelle May 2019
Some people are like a candle fire
After burning your candle wick
And desolate your melted wax
They'll vanish... like silhouette in dark

Some people are like candles stick
They keep holding fire even it cause harm
Uses their own wax to make tears
Resulting death to abide in peace
Depression  s*cks
May 2019 · 315
fraudelle May 2019
There are reasons
Why i dive too deep

The first reason is
It makes me deaf

It make invisible tears

It makes me drown...
My first try xD

— The End —