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Raul M Murray Apr 2021
Government regulators attempted to **** me
God's angels are the people that saved me
They created the problem buy giving the Dr the key
Escapades that spiralled like a birch tree
To suppress confessions and evidence
People were given unwanted medicine
Some ran but caught by the magnet resonance
Others 6 feet under, blessed by a church eminence
God help! Sadists and cannibals eat patients
Colluding in auditory nerves in acoustic vibrations
They are the nations NHS saviours
When people suffer they have secret celebrations
Looking for the innocent soul
Destroying with false reports and a troll
Exploiting every loophole
Services and public on a sly payroll
Pseudo science disease is a abomination
That of mental illness to the nation
That has brain washed the population
Truth will singe psychiatry to decimation
Andrew Rueter Jun 2020
The pathetic get pedantic
with thoughts mostly planted
the world they misunderstand it
yet there’s still discourse demanded
so they take terminology and brand it
as whatever they need to stand fit
and begin digging us into the **** ditch
of their messy rhetorical **** sandwich.

They use the term doublethink
as a subtle wink
to how they’re dumb and stink
on a drug that sinks.

They use echo chamber
to dismiss with anger
the opinions of strangers
for perceived danger.

Anything they don’t like is virtue signaling
it’s my Aunt Gertrude’s symphony
to construe simply
the spider’s spindling.

They call others thought police
while they have a lot to preach
because they want a monopoly
over what the public got to see.

They use the term hivemind
to deny why
the other side cries
saying they want a prize
for parroting the right thing
they avoid the scorpion’s sting
by diminishing and destructing
the other’s mind as nothing.

All of these terms have their place
yet we use them to race
to arguments lacking grace
putting palm to face
to bomb the brakes
of the train that takes
us to a lane of fake
******* banter waste.
fraudelle Aug 2019
Once you appreciated a Rose
You should undertsand what is Sore
'Coz not every heart ores
Are extracted by eros
First try of doing this...  I love this technique but...  It's very hardddd to do.. Tryin hard xD
Light House Jan 2019
It's fun to pretend.  It can make you feel safe.
Imagination... can be quite the friend.
Just be mindful of the problems,
which may arise alongside of it.
I am very sorry I have been inactive here.
I am finding my way.  I feel like I am walking up,
through an avalanche, but nonetheless I am walking.
& I am no longer carrying weighty guilt.  That is what is most important to me right now ----that I keep moving forward, that I try.  Even if my attempts are weak, I have to try, I have to make them.  Let go of fear, embrace the idea of failing & realize it is not the end of the world, but movement, forward, instead.
dianne galande Jun 2018
the twins sign, yes
what do you know about it?
take a wild guess
does your adjective fit?

a lot of words to describe
but which one is exact?
they say we're two-faced
we're actually not

what we have
two personalities in one
yes, our nature is dual
could you keep up with that?

it's what makes us special
we could be optional
shy or wild
oh, such excitement we have!
My zodiac sign is Gemini. I personally think it's one of the coolest zodiac sign. Not because I am one, but because of the dual personality that it has which is unique. Yeah, I know it's just pseudoscience, but I just find it interesting. #SelfComposition
tc Aug 2017
pulchritudinous rolls off my tongue and on to the pebbles beneath her feet; i bend down to pick it back up, to pass it to her, to be like "here, hey, i got this for you, this is what you are to me" and she smiles.
it's a smile that never falters, it's an introverted "my mind is an alice in wonderland casket" smile. it is a pseudo smile and her persona speaks in the same tone.
i don't understand her language which is why i keep throwing words at her feet - i swear i'm trying not to but she has these eyes and i swear i've died and relived my entire life in parallel universes within them.
i tell her "here, hey, i don't know much, but i know that pulchritudinous was probably invented when someone saw you up close for the first time and didn't know how to speak and hey i know this pseudo smile hides so much but please note: i would let pulchritudinous roll off my tongue and pick it back up a million times over just to see it again and again,"
she smiles.

she smiles.
i was given the words in the title and asked to free flow. here's what i came up with.
Rick Warr Jul 2017
forget perfect
my friends
as we manifest
our aspirations
it's about the journey
not the score card

i don't understand
slavish worship
of big data
like it was
a big mama
of truth? streuth!
more data won't
help discernment

this is not science
and way less than perfect
yet slavishly we
attend our screens
providing metadata more
hash tag what for?
a questioning of the pseudo science of big data
Crimsyy Nov 2016
I measured my tolerance
and it was gone,
the same way the leaves
that fall off of Autumn trees
never grow back.

I tried feeling a shrivel of love for you
or even sympathy, but nothing came...
Nothing came even when
I'd seen the pros and cons,
nothing came when I slept on it,
nothing came when I ate through it,
nothing but my soul uttering "no more",
and I knew I had to listen.

I was the toy you held
when you wanted to
feel something beautiful,
I was your wind up toy,
now you've had your fun,
playing time's over,
because you're just a pseudo boy,
and I'm not so desperate
to take love artificial.
Milica Markovic Jul 2016
just walking around
running for money
running for fame
running  for respect
blind for music
deaf for love
buying happiness at shopping malls
instead of hearts, they're growing holes
eating healthy
staying fit
telling ****
faking love
faking life
lost in time
lost in space
that's the final outcome
of stupid human race.
zody rose wang Jan 2016
stagnant, i look to the nightlife for temporary comfort,
gazing into the pseudo love,
into the vacant souls.
empty, i search for a piece of myself in passersby,
learning from their motions,
i steal fragments of truth.
lustful, i plead for the chance to unveil myself,
to present my skin, to be adored aggressively.
but i am floating,
my veins grey,
my eyes opaque,
my blood frozen.
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