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fraudelle Aug 16
I don't  want to be used
I want to be loved
I don't want to be your moon
When the Sun is not around!
fraudelle Aug 1
    C D E F G A B
         C D E F G A B
              C D E F G A B
                  C D E F G A B
                     C D E F G A B
                         C D E F G A B
Do re mi fa so la ti
Do nt
Re peat
Mi stakes
Fa ke
So rry
Ti lts
I wrote this poem 2 yrs ago... Lol
fraudelle Jul 19
They flicker...
They shine
They glimmer...
They dancing with rhyme.
Some of them falls
Some of them false
And all of them will die

Just like your promises...
#last #stars #dusts
fraudelle Jul 6
Depression is like water
It dissolves everything
And it dis solve everything
Suicide is not a solution
fraudelle Jul 5
Don't drop your sea salt in ocean
Trust me you'll never gonna find it again...
fraudelle May 29
You are my sea siren
I am your crew captain
I can't resist your charm
Even it can cause harm
Love can ****
fraudelle May 28
She made me heartless
As she broke her promises
Love? Kindness?
They demolished my castle...
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