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fraudelle Jun 2021
I am drowning
I skip breathing
Should i go up
Or keep diving

I am drowning
My head saying
Go up go up
Life is waiting

I am drowning
New life's waving
If i go up
They'll keep slaving

I am drowning
Freedom's escaping
Should keep chasing?
Or keep fighting?
fraudelle May 2020
A thousand copy of your smiles
Yet the real one was not for mine
drawing  fake drawn smiles
fraudelle Apr 2020
So you love music right?

But ...

it's theory is tough as diamond
Reading consumes lot of time and gold
But feeling it will take only a second

So How it works?
Humans are blind
So they'll judge you
In every symphonies that you write...

They'll say "I understand
How does it feel"
Yet they can't read
The notes that you feed
So how would you know
In every half step I take
I also take whole step back?

fraudelle Mar 2020
Our Thread is too short
So pick a needle
That can make blanket
When your summer is cold

Our thread is too short
So pick a needle
That lead our way to Lord,
When we are sightless

Our thread is too short
So Pick a needle
That can pierce every cloth
And hindrances that coming forth

Our thread is too short
don't pick me
If you're just
Going to make a
ball of thread for your dog
fraudelle Feb 2020
If I'll be a black smith
I'll make a helmet made up of cheese

So that they'll never see me sad again
Say cheeeesseeeee
fraudelle Feb 2020
Last year
I created a sea
By my tears

Turn my sea
Not into dessert
But Into salt

That is why
I am so  attractive

fraudelle Nov 2019
I only have words
For your broken fragments
Yet he have golds
To make your requirements

Yes,  melted gold
Can make you fully restored
Yet, you think my word
Will make you "fooly restored"

I know you'll  choose his way
Well I have nothing to say
You are altered
Yet aesthetically

Kintsugi is a form of art in japan... In which broken ceramic pots are fixed using glue
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