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“choose your hugs wisely...(the hug has to spark joy.)”

the pandemical advice columns arrive
mostly repetitive, causing/repairing minor league
but stumbled on the advice above, dumbstruck,
and yes, by god, even that poet’s favorite,

thinking wow, great advice,

for the entirety of our remaining days!

Eniola May 26
A new dawn is upon us all,
as we look up as the sky breaks softly.
This new dawn always comes to us,
either at the end of a storm.
This new dawn is the remedy that we all need.
For if we look forward to a new dawn,
we will always have hope for the betterment of all.
For new dawn is upon us all use it wisely and bountifully
and hope it last long before the storm approaches us once more.
The new dawn is always the new beginning, that we all want or need.
fraudelle Mar 16
Our Thread is too short
So pick a needle
That can make blanket
When your summer is cold

Our thread is too short
So pick a needle
That lead our way to Lord,
When we are sightless

Our thread is too short
So Pick a needle
That can pierce every cloth
And hindrances that coming forth

Our thread is too short
don't pick me
If you're just
Going to make a
ball of thread for your dog
My insides are humming,

reaching to me slyly.

It’s your time hold it wisely.
Poetic T Mar 2019
We are but chess peices,
      And the next move is
Never predetermined...

For we are a fluctuation of
      Random interactions.

Fate can't cage us,
for we are  always
                     two steps
That are never the same.

         Your move make it wisely.
Ma Cherie Feb 2017
We all need food,
to feed our souls-
choose wisely.

Ma Cherie  2017
Eh what do I know LOL ; )
Antonio Romano Nov 2015
We live in a ****** up world that we created
People blame society, but those are the same people who made it
Those who blame society are the same people who are scared to face it
Those who are different are the people who try to erase it
We live in a world where drug abuse and ****** is a frequent thing
In this world its hard to find a ******* decent being
You surround yourself with people who bring you down
They get you in some **** and now you look like a clown
You look to them for help but they are no where to be found
Now you're in court about to be jail bound
All because they asked you to hold their drugs so they didn't get searched
You got caught and now you're the one whose hurt
You did 8 years for possession of drugs that weren't even yours
Your spent every day on all fours doing chores for people that would have no problem slamming your head in the door
Now you're out and you have nobody to turn to
Your friends and family were so ashamed the had no choice but to desert you
You lost all hope because you have no one left
So you over dose in hopes that you'd die while you slept... ****
There are too many stories of this in the world today and I'm happy I'm not one of those stories
Our days are limited
Our lives can't be edited
Live it wisely
Live precisely
Never amount to much
Never become a nasty bunch
Remember these tips
And spread them using those lips
Teach them with your voice
Always with poise

Sure do wish you wont remorse
Cause life has such a puzzling course
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