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4d · 14
Try to hunt me.
Did you really thought
I'd be the deer for you to hunt?
I'm the roaring lion
that'll rip your beating heart out.
I've seen your eyes
and I've heard your voice...
They don't say the same.
Aug 26 · 146
El cuento.
Carolina Aug 26
Si algún día me escapo
espero perderme en el viento.
Y con el pasar de años macabros
convertirme en un cuento;
secreto para los infantes,
de terror para adultos.
De esos que todos saben, de murmullo en murmullo.
Y si algún día aparezco
en la puerta de tu casa,
espero te quedes blanco
inmovilizado de miedo.
Porque traigo conmigo la ira,
a través de ojos ya muertos,
emanando un poder desconocido
que te quita el aliento,
porque vas a ser consciente
de que el cuento era cierto.
Jul 27 · 77
Angry eyes.
Carolina Jul 27
I know you hurt,
I know you try.
We get so tired
we want to die.
My angry eyes,
your tender voice,
always asking why,
but I don't rejoice.
Carolina Jul 2
Drained from love,
drained from desire.
My heart has lost its fire.
I came in one piece
and left as a ghost.
I'm always the one
who loves the most.
May 1 · 226
That sound.
Carolina May 1
I will lay myself down
and cry to the inner sound
of my heart breaking.
May 1 · 198
Carolina May 1
Whistling a song we wrote together
while the wind plays with my hair.
Dancing in the backyard, movements of a feather,
buzzing bees and colorful spring weather.
Apr 30 · 79
La dicha.
Carolina Apr 30
Una inmensidad vasta de amor
en la que te encuentras,
rodeado de vida, de ilusión.

Una persona que no escucha el clamor,
en un mundo diminuto,
robando la pasión.

¿En cuál encontrarás la dicha?
Carolina Apr 15
Breathe in, hold, breathe out.
To take care of a garden.
To take care of one's soul.
Sit in the grass, sit facing a wall.
Silence reveals it all.
Quieten the mind,
quiet the body,
emotions will get slow.
Then you understand them,
then they let you know.
You can integrate them,
and see how it flows.
Apr 15 · 82
Headed to nowhere.
Carolina Apr 15
The sanity slipped right through my eyes.
My heart was torn apart
and life ended by that time.

Now I'm a living dead.
Walking with a blank stare,
headed to nowhere.
Apr 13 · 101
To find a place.
Carolina Apr 13
No need to eat.
No need to sleep.
My body's kicking me out of it.
Can my soul find a place?
Will it wander lost for ever?
Apr 13 · 1.6k
Carolina Apr 13
Her desire was love
but she found a land of ice.
In her duty to melt it
she ended up frozen alive.
Apr 8 · 127
Sleeping on the floor.
Carolina Apr 8
Not a kiss nor a caress,
not even when you see that I'm a mess.
Crying in the bed,
sleeping on the floor,
begging "I don't want this anymore"
Giving all I have,
giving all I can.
You turned on your back,
you don't even care.
Apr 6 · 128
This morning.
Carolina Apr 6
Dark coffee, late morning.
Hot cup, cold heart.
Slowly sinking into the ocean.
Slowly losing the mind.
A fixed gaze on the wall,
fingers getting burned,
lifelessly inhaling,
feelings begin to rot.
Apr 4 · 273
Carolina Apr 4
Corazón frío,
corazón de hielo.
Saberlo todo,
no trae consuelo.

La ignorancia es una dicha.
Afirmo la frase.
¿Qué más da si no lo encuentro?
No hay planes en los que no fracase.

Corazón frío,
corazón de hielo.
Buscaba el cielo
y me estrellé contra en suelo.
Mar 27 · 183
Carolina Mar 27
Lay me down,
leave me until I rot.
Go check the stained bed
and remove the corpse.

In a hole of fire throw it in,
let flames purify what once was me.
Mar 26 · 72
Coffin bed.
Carolina Mar 26
You said you'd go back,
so in bed still I stood.
My back hurts
and my breath has stopped.
How many years have passed?
Mar 25 · 171
Carolina Mar 25
I explode, I leave my reason aside.
I cannot do anything about the chemical mess in my mind.
And I think for minutes,
or maybe for hours,
feeling the pain
as it devours.
Mar 25 · 222
Carolina Mar 25
I write, deep ache inside.
I cry, not knowing why.
I sleep, one more pill.
I drink, just want a thrill.
I read, not to feel alone.
I eat, not to reach my bones.
I dream, fed up of my life.
I quit, one more time.
I smoke, feet leave the ground.
I fly, elevated mind resounds.
I apologize, failed again.
I fall, wish to be dead.
Mar 25 · 85
Looking for.
Carolina Mar 25
I've been looking for a man
         to caress my soul
         but my new true desire
         is one that calls me his own.

I've been looking for a man
         with no love soft nor sweet
         going over and over in my mind
         those guys from the streets.

I've been looking for a man
         with a heart black as tar
         no innocent angel,
         the one who'd crash the car.

I've been looking for a man
        who would break the walls.
        I find myself inclined
        to those who have the stones.
I've been looking for a man
       who've been burried in sand,
       who'd fight for any reason,
       who's got blood on his hands.

I've been looking for a man
       to ride or die with,
       to help me get going,
       to fill me with ease.
Mar 6 · 362
Dead end.
Carolina Mar 6
Suddenly, the night was too dark,
the mind too twisted,
the city too dangerous,
the heart too damaged,
the sight too blurry
and life devastating.
Feb 29 · 82
Carolina Feb 29
Another one
who grovels to them
when all you should do
is bid them farewell.
Feb 27 · 326
Only in my head.
Carolina Feb 27
All the poetry inside of me
burns down to nothing,
just like the love I felt,
just like the dreamed I dreamed.

Once again I have failed,
I have reached a dead end,
love is only in my head.
Feb 27 · 83
Carolina Feb 27
Every kiss you give is a stab I take.
Getting closer to beheading.
Careless and cold your touch, your hug.
I'm so tired of the begging.
Feb 27 · 161
Going to sleep.
Carolina Feb 27
Going to bed with a kiss to give.
But instead of a warm embrace that puts me to sleep
all I get is a weep that weighs on my lids.
Carolina Feb 25
Cuántas noches habré llorado
sintiendo un profundo desamor.
Tantas veces me he intoxicado
con un cigarrillo sanador.
Esperé un abrazo que nunca llegó,
di más de lo que tenía pero nadie lo vió.
Consciente de mí angustia, incapaz de lidiar con ella.
A veces, simplemente, la vida me atropella.
Y pertenezco a un oscuro y extraño lugar
del cual espero algún día poder escapar.
Si un día te vas, de antemano lo habré adivinado
aunque no admita jamás cuánto te he amado.
Una ruta solitaria por la que nadie maneja,
largo camino arruinado y no puedes presentar quejas.
Y se hace de noche pero no brillan estrellas.
Camino sola y se borran mis huellas.

Roads, footsprints and stars.
How many nights I have cried
feeling a deep heartbreak.
So many times I've intoxicated myself
with a healing cigarette.
I waited for a hug that I never got,
I gave more than I had but nobody saw it.
Aware of my sorrow, unable to deal with it.
Sometimes, simply, life runs over me.
And I belong to a dark and strange place
from which I hope one day I can escape.
If one day you leave, in advance I will have already guessed it
even if I never admit how much I have loved you.
A lonely route that nobody drives,
long ruined road and you can't file a complaint.
And it gets dark but the stars don't shine.
I walk alone and my footprints are erased.
Lost its rhyme once I wrote this in english but idc
Feb 25 · 798
Someone to stay.
Carolina Feb 25
"People come and go" they say
but I just want someone to stay.
Feb 8 · 147
Carolina Feb 8
Literary dream
where my skin turns violet
and my lips go green,
where my eyes are holes
and I lose my teeth,
my hair's dry and won't ever grow,
my once strong flesh is now gone.
Jan 15 · 99
Carolina Jan 15
I touched the wood of the door,
slipped my fingertips through it.
It opened without being knocked,
I doubted, I looked, I'm in.
Jan 10 · 142
Carolina Jan 10
Wasted time,
wasted youth.
Was this the path I had to go through?
Dec 2019 · 195
About lovers.
Carolina Dec 2019
Baby blue, stay between the lines.
Honey dew, smoke it up at night.
Cheering them up, the arrogant boy.
Jazz's getting lost in that hazy joy.
You give them what they want
and they give you what you need.
It's not about the cash,
but about notoriety.
Still thinking of you,
from time to time;
your violent sight,
your Dadá wine.
Dec 2019 · 193
Carolina Dec 2019
I saw the plane,
I stared at the white mark,
it cut through the sky
dividing the world.
Which side am I on?
Thoughts life decisions doubt
Nov 2019 · 205
Is this life?
Carolina Nov 2019
The absence of will
What it takes to feel the thrill?
Bury yourself in bed
Waiting for life to reach its end
Don't cry
Nov 2019 · 137
Sobre palabras y rimas.
Carolina Nov 2019
Palabras sin sentido,
ven la luz del día,
aunque no tienen motivo,
nacen dormidas.
Rimas que consuelan
mi falta de control,
llenan el espacio
carente de rol.
Nov 2019 · 99
Neon light.
Carolina Nov 2019
I waited all night for a shooting star
to wish upon,
to feel its light.
But the night went by,
too numb to cry.
The stars looked petrified
from all their lies.
The meteors shined
for a way short time,
blinding my sight
with green and white.
At last the only hint of light
that would meet my eye
was the neon light
from a club nearby.
Nov 2019 · 84
Carolina Nov 2019
Trying to prevent you from living,
those who send you there to be eaten alive.
Thinking of being forgiving
even when they
Nov 2019 · 285
Carolina Nov 2019
A witch told me the prophecy
but I never thought I'd see
all my dreams defeated
all the fear breaking me
Nov 2019 · 292
Carolina Nov 2019
A girl singing in a club,
nothing stood out but the dark.
She sang a line that made me smother,
she summed up all of my days throughout
sometimes wish I'd stayed insde my mother,
never to come out

and then the piano notes floted in the air
falling softly like dust
melting everything it touched with no care,
my life was on the edge to combust.
Nov 2019 · 75
Carolina Nov 2019
No hunger, no stains,
just numbness and decay.
A phantom, an old pain,
still consumig from the veins.
Getting through each day
with empty masquerades.
The staring role has lost its part
and now just wanders round the park,
sitting on benches under the dark,
pretending to be one of those who leave a mark.
Aug 2019 · 365
The plane.
Carolina Aug 2019
The soul wants to get out of the body,
it pushes hard through the eyes.
I sight a plane far up high in the night sky
and I realize I am obssesed with freedom, a new sunrise.
The plane disappears behind a tall building
taking away the oportunity of being free in this city of the unkind.

Where is the kid I used to be? Where did she go?
Where is the love I used to breathe?
And I think, I wonder
why was it that we wanted to grow up?
Aug 2019 · 177
Your arms
Carolina Aug 2019
more than ever
I long to be in your arms
to make it all feel better
to fade away these scars
Jun 2019 · 218
De fondo.
Carolina Jun 2019
Si usted no me recuerda
está bien,
me perdí en algún lugar
y tal vez ya no voy a volver.
Si usted no me recuerda
está bien,
mi esencia es de fantasma
y no me puede ver.
Jun 2019 · 128
Carolina Jun 2019
How is it that time
pushes me back and forth
How it is that life
makes me want to grow
The spirit grows old
My mind lost control
Survivals of war
The world won't reach its dawn
Jun 2019 · 245
Carolina Jun 2019
Love hurts
whether it's good or bad
Love hurts
and the one bruised is the heart
May 2019 · 227
Carolina May 2019
Lead me to the dark blue ocean.

Push me down, help me sink.

It can’t get any darker.

I am ready, drowning is my will.
I wrote this a year ago when I was headed to the bottom again. I'm glad I don't identify myself in those lines anymore, at least most of the time.
May 2019 · 138
Tonto amor.
Carolina May 2019
No sé si soy tonta
o me hago,
tal vez es esto de estar enamorados,
pero tengo un poema de amor guardado
por cada día que paso con vos.
May 2019 · 158
Carolina May 2019
Los pensamientos recurrentes,
la desazón insistente,
la llovizna eterna,
la oscuridad interna,
el sol eclipsado,
el desierto inundado,
el triste olvido,
el mortal hastío,
el café frío,
los bolsillos vacíos,
la mirada perdida,
el paso de la vida.
May 2019 · 268
Old wish.
Carolina May 2019
I was fantasizing
about death and life
when I came across a wish
I had left behind.
Written digitally
so the tears won't blur the ink,
I felt my mouth dry
while I chewed gum of mint.
Feb 2019 · 202
Cuestion de fe.
Carolina Feb 2019
Predicando tu palabra
testaruda y audaz
prometes un cielo
en el que no hay paz.
Jan 2019 · 154
Neighborhood baby.
Carolina Jan 2019
Neighborhood baby
selling her lie
of being bold and happy
most of the time.
Fed up of daydreaming
about a better life.
Pleasing everyone else
is the sickness of pride.
***** princess, lazy lover
who's deepest side
is a madness of beauty
that'll get you flying up high.
But careful who you're talking to
when she's mad, heart dried,
cause she's soft as a petal
and sharp, thorn alike.
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