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Feb 11 · 86
Cuestion de fe.
Carolina Feb 11
Predicando tu palabra
testaruda y audaz
prometes un cielo
en el que no hay paz.
Jan 25 · 37
Despúes del dolor.
Carolina Jan 25
¿Cuántos amores vas a desperdiciar?
¿Y cuántos corazones irás que destrozar?
¿Cuántas lágrimas tenes que provocar y
a dulces personas causar malestar?
¿Cuánto daño se requiere para entender
que lo bueno no pasa dos veces?
Lo que estuvo una vez, después del dolor, no va a volver.
Jan 17 · 64
Neighborhood baby.
Carolina Jan 17
Neighborhood baby
selling her lie
of being bold and happy
most of the time.
Fed up of daydreaming
about a better life.
Pleasing everyone else
is the sickness of pride.
***** princess, lazy lover
who's deepest side
is a madness of beauty
that'll get you flying up high.
But careful who you're talking to
when she's mad, heart dried,
cause she's soft as a petal
and sharp, thorn alike.
Jan 9 · 183
Another wasted love.
Carolina Jan 9
And one day
someone came
knocking at your door
with flowers and a bottle of wine.
You looked through the window
and waved hi.
But it wasn't a hello,
it was a goodbye.
Jan 1 · 74
Uncertain way.
Carolina Jan 1
What a combination,
summer and wine.
You chase that purple dream.
Won't you hold me tight?
Keeping it cold,
meet me after midnight.
You showed and told me so,
how to stay more distant.
All the attention
is in rock and roll,
interrupting the kiss
just to sing along.
Oh, rosy quartz
clean this uncertain way.
Oh, moon and sun
bond us right away.
Dec 2018 · 188
A story.
Carolina Dec 2018
The rose garden has wilted,
the petals are fully dried.
The morning emptiness
making a hole inside.
A knot in the pit of the stomach
tied way too tight,
and the mind lost
somewhere far behind.
Dec 2018 · 182
Stay away.
Carolina Dec 2018
And I'm sorry if I keep on spinning.
I'm sorry I made you believe
that I was someone appealing,
that you could trust in me.

I'm not playing the victim,
I'm just trying to explain
that I'm always quitting,
that your efforts are in vain.
Dec 2018 · 257
Carolina Dec 2018
You wait for me
sitting on the couch
with a beer and a green.
I sit there by your side
in a beautiful night
silent and still.
Dec 2018 · 537
Old scars.
Carolina Dec 2018
Staying up late till the morning,
another day that wasn't saved.
Hanging from an old scar,
wishing you'd gotten out unscathed.
Nov 2018 · 131
Carolina Nov 2018
Con la sangre en la copa
y el rojo en la boca
realiza un ritual
de origen medieval.
Tal vez se ha vuelto loca.
Nov 2018 · 46
To let go.
Carolina Nov 2018
I saw you yesterday
after months that feel like years.
I saw you and I felt upcoming tears.
It was the first time
you subtly nod your head hi
instead of looking to the other side,
thing you always did since your silent goodbye.
And even though I almost break again,
I realized one day it'll completely end.
Because I shivered while reliving,
I hated it but I'm forgiving.
I envied that you're freewheeling.
I understand it now, I'm not unfeeling.
I'm growing, I'm healing.
Oct 2018 · 723
Carolina Oct 2018
I like to write
things that no one reads.
I like to drink
until I can no longer think.
I like to sing
songs that no one knows.
I like to fantasize
that one day I'll feel whole.

I'm used to give some anything
with no hesitation.
I'm used to make others beg
for a little of my attention.
I talk about
everything that's in my mind.
I stay silent
for long periods of time.

I'm the best you can have.
I'm the worst you could meet.
I'll show you my angel
or I'll show you the beast.

I try to reinforce
my ideologies.
I try not to lose
my identity.
I try to live
enjoying every breath,
I try to speed up
my own death.

I'm a contradiction
of pushing and pulling.
I'm rising,
I'm falling.

I'm living.
Oct 2018 · 167
Un poco más.
Carolina Oct 2018
La necesidad de un cambio,
casi desgarrador,
que promete una revolución
a nivel interior.
La palabrería
ha nublado toda la razón,
sin lógica alguna
ahora seguís al corazón.
Te lleva a situaciones
donde te disparan a quemarropa.
Ya deberías haber aprendido
a cerrar un poco la boca.
Aunque hay luz
por encontrar
todavía no sabes bien
dónde buscar.
Pero estás creciendo,
ya casi lo logras.
Cuando encuentres a tu gente
no te paran más.
Oct 2018 · 169
Sporadic guy.
Carolina Oct 2018
The new car is a facade,
you can see it in his smirk;
there's a black tar soul
under its white bodywork.
He sells his demons
under a snowy form,
he finds his peace
on a green heavy storm.
No one has ever
know him very well
but they know
he's related to a cartel.
He has lots of fun,
too may things he enjoys,
not realizing
he's the devil's toy.
But I think he's the evil,
as cruel as can be.
He preaches his word
of magnetic philosophy.
You're cough just for fun.
Glowing sparks in aquamarine.
Comfy sea-scent room,
you wish to stay in.
You get a sugar rush
every time you see him.
Waiting for his company,
not the best way of being free.
You sit there beside him,
pretend to rely.
He offers you something,
you don't have to pay.
Tho his soft touch
turns your skin into concrete
you find yourself at his door
dying to repeat.
Oct 2018 · 1.2k
Carolina Oct 2018
We pressed our lips together
and that made my knees go weak.
You ran your hands through my back
and that made me feel the heat.
But I know it's fresh and new now
and after some time, bored, you'll go away.
Guys have cruelly taught me
that nothing gold can stay.
Sep 2018 · 152
Pasa el día. Pasa la vida.
Carolina Sep 2018
Niega toda razón lógica,
absorto en un va y ven
de pensamientos incesantes.
Inmensurables fantasias
desgarrando la realidad.
Mientras el domingo
le da la bienvenida a la noche,
todos están moviéndose.
Paso los días abrazada
a la vieja soledad,
le digo que su visita ya es abrumadora,
pero aún así la invito a una taza de té.
Y pasa el día,
llevándose mis ganas,
llevándose un poco más de vida.
Sep 2018 · 129
Reality's decay.
Carolina Sep 2018
Will it become a part of me?
Can it renew my energy?
I'm afraid love's not here.
That fragile state is where we live.

Crossroads that lead to the same place
and it's somewhere far from grace.
But he finds peace in that purple haze
that takes his head up there in space.

I daydream about a joyful ride,
among friends, music and wine,
not worrying about the passing time,
sitting with my back against the pine.

But I open my eyes and it's all gone,
there's not a place to call home.
The aching inside burns up a hole,
filling it up has kind of become my role.

So, I disconnect to pass the days
but I still have those phantom pains.
Staying inside dreaming away
the blurry reality that's in decay.
Sep 2018 · 129
Whispers from the moon.
Carolina Sep 2018
Illuminated by the moon.
Her whispers come to me.
I show her that I listen,
I'll prove her that I see.
In a white summer dress,
barefoot by the creek,
with my loose long hair
and my soft pink cheeks.
Almost midnight time,
stones, herbs and tree barks,
kneeling on the grass,
going over ancient marks.
My silver hoops sparkle
and I begin to recite
a beesech to a force
unnoticeable to the sight.
Developed energies.
Astral effect;
my state of mind goes higher
so my wish I can project.
I feel its presence;
It thickens the air.
The wind blows stronger.
I can feel its piercing stare.
I command you my will
and I order you to bow
as I start to float inside the circle
baring my tar black soul.
The moon is still there,
up there in the dark sky.
It giggles and whispers:
*You belong to the night.
Aug 2018 · 756
Days go by.
Carolina Aug 2018
A face no one remembers
touched by the winter breeze,
dejected, walking with no rush
through streets that scream
You don't belong in here!
Looking for a hole in the ground
to lie down and sleep,
even when it's too cold
to decompose and disappear.
Red nose, watery eyes,
quietly humming a song
that no one seems to hear.
Stepping up the pace,
wishing to be headed somewhere else
than the pale yellow cracked paint house.
Cars passing by,
not a single friendly face
behind the steering wheel.
The cold pierces to the bone,
keep on walking, almost "home",
ease the coldness with a hot coffee.
And you travel through that state of mind,
never cured, never improved,
but you hope for it to change over a night of sleep.
Jul 2018 · 118
Love and heroin.
Carolina Jul 2018
You may be what I need,
what will wake me from sleep.
An holographic dream,
a mix of love and ******.
Carolina Jul 2018
La de amores intermitentes y fugaces.
A quien le dan un intento pero no dos chances.

La de encuentros efímeros a escondidas.
Escapes irreales, soñadas huidas.

Su tímida personalidad versátil
en ocasiones se torna agobiantemente volátil.

Tiene esa extraña energía que la hace genuina,
de cada rosa muerta conserva una letal espina.

La que camina a través de la multitud
con la cabeza en alto y una desafiante actitud,

con su corto vestido ajustado
y labios de rojo tirando a morado.

Muchos la devoran con una mirada ardiente.
Secretamente eso es lo que espera impaciente.

Guiña un ojo e irrumpe sin previo aviso.
Te invita al lado equivocado del paraíso.

Especialmente a vos, nudillos de luchador.
Vos, que llevas ese mote de ganador.

Sus coloridos caprichos a los demás alteran,
pero ella actúa como si no lo supiera.

Y en sus solitarias caminatas a veces hace una parada
en aquel café donde la triste rutina se ve pausada.

Pide un jugo de naranja y se sienta en una mesa de afuera,
el vestido se le sube demasiado pero sabe lo que genera.

Piernas cruzadas provocativamente,
su lengua juega con el sorbete de forma inocente.

Su piel de seda emana cierta energía
que te golpea con imágenes de todo lo que le harías.

La de pícaras sonrisas, labios sabor miel,
sabe que de sólo pensarlo te quema la piel.
Jul 2018 · 292
Empty shell.
Carolina Jul 2018
The rain has stopped
but the sun is out sight.
The sky is cloudy grey
and I've grown numb.
I think I miss the pouring
hitting on my skin,
at least I had something
to make me feel.
Jun 2018 · 582
Time will say.
Carolina Jun 2018
Maybe after some months
– or years –
I'll meet your eyes again
and maybe then,
you'll be able to love me.
Or maybe,
just maybe,
I'll have already forgotten you.
Jun 2018 · 531
You can. You will.
Carolina Jun 2018
Now I realize
I'm the one I've been waiting for.
And I know I'm more
than what meets the eye.
Now I declare false
half of the things that I swore.
I will furnish you
with all the thoughts I go by.
Now I understand
my mind's state of war
and I sincerely admit
the feelings
I used to deny.
Now I'm standing,
feet bleeding, peaceful postwar.
Sometimes the aching
seems to magnify.
This awareness grows
inside me like a tumor
but I won't turn around
nor say goodbye.
Even if my soul
is deep sore,
even if my eyes
I cannot dry,
even if I'm kneeling
on the floor
my survival strength
you will identify.
And I will be
my own God to adore;
I'll pray to myself
not to the sky.
There's a fire
originating deep down my core.
Through this rising flames
I'll be purified.
And you'll wonder
how I stand strong
when I used to be
the weakest inside.
I'll tell you this,
and no more,
it's possible
once you control your mind.
Jun 2018 · 451
Where dreams die.
Carolina Jun 2018
I find you in the darkest place
of my mind.
The one I wander at 3 am
sleepless at night.
Where my dreams
slowly die.
You ended up there,
no need to ask why.
Jun 2018 · 215
Carolina Jun 2018
Let the ephemeral moments of sunlight
kiss your skin.
Let the rays rest on your body.
Feel the warmth
in these grey days of constant drizzle.
Recognize and embrace the calm, health and happiness among all the sadness and sorrow. Allow yourself to enjoy the moments you feel good ♡
Jun 2018 · 172
Carolina Jun 2018
I try to find something but nothing's there.
I try to talk but my mouth's stitched.
I try to walk but I have no feet.
I try to crawl but I have no energy.
I try to move but I'm boneless meat.
I try to feel but I am machine.

And no one notices.
Or worse... No one cares.
Jun 2018 · 496
Carolina Jun 2018
I loved you.
with your distance,
your lack of affection,
the fugacity of your loving,
the minimum attention.
with the meaningless kisses,
the passionless love making,
the forced caresses,
always causing me deep aching.
I loved you like that,
just the way you are.
Bittersweet and all,
I wanted you.
But not anymore.
May 2018 · 153
Carolina May 2018
You cannot blame the wind
for the mess it has done.
It was you who left the window open.
May 2018 · 161
Intermitencia pasada.
Carolina May 2018
Mujercita soñadora
de labios color cereza.
Músico de bares
de labios sabor cerveza.

Él la consumió
como a los 20 cigarrillos
que fuma por día.
Jamás aclaró
que a largo plazo
no la quería.

Y cuando se fue,
lo hizo sin decir adiós.
Músico de cuarta,
el enredo lo causaste vos.
May 2018 · 115
Someday, somehow.
Carolina May 2018
I promised myself
I wouldn't write about you.
Not a sinlge line.
But you know,
I still keep that picture
in the second drawer
of my night table.
I stil try to find
what is not there.
I still hold my pillow at night
pretending it's you.
I allow myself to sin
(way too much)
but maybe in that way
it will all get out my mind
May 2018 · 149
Carolina May 2018
Y es que nadie sabe
cuánto añoro
esos gentiles labios
que acababan
con mi triste soledad.
Y es que ya no encuentro
una muestra de cariño
que de un solo golpe
se lleve la tempestad.
¿Volverás algún día?
Vaya uno a saber.
Sólo sigo pensando
en todo lo que pudimos ser.
Carolina May 2018
Joven taciturna de labios abandonados,
quien, ya sin esperanza, busca amor en cualquier lado.

El estado recurrente de aislamiento marca su existencia
y empeora su obsesiva limerencia.

Si dejara de decir ojalá y comenzara a actuar
quizás su vida empezaría de una vez a cambiar.

Pero es pasiva, soñadora que no se guía por la realidad.
Su carácter y comportamiento siempre la llevan a la soledad.

Los ademanes tan dulces y su enorme compasión
generan el mismo sentimiento agradable que da el petricor.

Gran hallazgo para quien logre conocerla,
pues ella no se abre a nadie. Escondida perla.

Llegar a su centro puede ser complicado e incluso un hastío,
pero es encantadora aunque su cabeza sea un lío.

Si te esfuerzas por entrar en la casa del caracol
te sorprenderá ver que es tan bella como el arrebol.
May 2018 · 403
Choose to create art.
Carolina May 2018
When your heart aches
and your soul cries.
When you feel lonely
and you struggle to get through the night.
When your chest hurts
and you're sad to the core.
When you give your best
but they ask for more.
When you feel empty,
you're full of void.
When life means nothing
but the devil's joy.
When your hands shake
while you're playing your part.
When you feel so afraid
you may never be loved back.
When you see nothing
but your future grave
and those judging eyes
turn the other way.
When everything you do is never enough
and the little good things
not a second last.
When all of that happens choose to create art.
May 2018 · 218
Carolina May 2018
El corazón ya muerto,
los ojos hinchados.
La continúa espera
que no lleva a ninguna parte.
Veo la luna brillar
pero el sol nunca sale.
Y en una noche eterna
te sueño entre mis piernas.
Y siento ese olor dulzón
de las amarillentas páginas
de un libro viejo
que leíste mil veces
y, aún así,
esperas un final distinto.
Las polillas empiezan
a comer las páginas
y con ellas se llevan,
de a trocitos,
tu recuerdo.
May 2018 · 280
Sleepless nights.
Carolina May 2018
I still crave you;
your touch, your kiss
(both the gentle as the desperate ones)
running through my skin.
Heavy breath, wet with spit.
Sweet or loveless,
just please go deep.
Love me like you can,
hurt me like you know.
Warm skin or sharp knife,
make my tears fall.
I want you to leave
bite marks on me
from those crooked teeth,
make me feel I've been set on fire.
Tell me I'm yours,
own me from inside;
my one true desire.
May 2018 · 344
Carolina May 2018
Start again,
a brand new plan.
You're young and free,
allow yourself to be.
Leave your doubt aside
and bury what already died.
The lights await,
there's nothing to debate.
Let your sense be the guide,
you'll fly in the blink of an eye.
Just risk it now,
it's now or never.
Please, quick, hurry.
You won't have forever.
May 2018 · 156
Carolina May 2018
And I guess
the only special
thing you had
was the way
I had
of seeing you.
May 2018 · 578
Self fulfilling prophecy.
Carolina May 2018
I know exactly what will happen,
I just play disguising it in pink.
Oh, self fulfilling prophecy...
I guess you are what you think.
May 2018 · 229
Unbreakable bruised heart.
Carolina May 2018
She mumbles in her sleep,
worthless thing she couldn't keep.
The magnetism turned into cruelty
and the guitar plays a disastrous melody.
Absentminded lover who was never there,
now he's not here and she is aware;
People like him cannot make it last.
He likes taking roses from behind the glass.
He lets people in but "Do not touch anything!"
Peeking through the window is the same **** thing.
She now understands and tries to accept.
You know, she's just me, who would have guessed?
I know you didn't mean all the nice things you said,
to you I was just a new marionette.
I just wanted your love and protection
but you gave me a kick in the face with no hesitation.
You took it all and broke me apart,
but let me tell you the very best part;
I thank you for the depression thrill
but I never needed you and I never will.
She's me and I am her, we keep each other safe.
We are one, an union you can never take.
Bruised heart? Yes. But guess what, snake.
This one you can never break.
May 2018 · 314
Carolina May 2018
Incandescent heart
that roams in empty rooms.
Tormented state of mind
that corrupts the soul.
The moon has gone black,
the stars show no reflection.
The sun is not in the sky,
clouds are the only vision.
An angelic voice
has been silent for too long.
The sleeves are empty
but the mind overflows.
Unrecognized by them,
a blank space
where the face should be.
But yet the mirror screams
and those shady dreams appear.
The candle is now consumed
but there's still remaining wax.
Untold promises,
unconcealed lies.
The dying child within
takes the last breaths,
the ones that promise death
and the revival
as a warrior.
Apr 2018 · 210
Tozudez mortal.
Carolina Apr 2018
El corazón hemorrágico
siempre tiene una excusa
para el exceso.
Y cuando parece estar
al borde de secarse,
de alguna forma,
sangra un poco
Estar en el círculo, conocerlo muy bien, y aún así, no (querer) encontrar la salida.
Apr 2018 · 179
Gasoline dreams.
Carolina Apr 2018
You haunt me
in my sleep
while I dream of
You come back
once again
acting like
you're a friend.
I wanted to
burn it all down
but you took the gasoline
and poured it all
on me.
I didn't say a word,
I just let you do
as I begin to burn.
You stared for a second
and then walked away.
I guess I dug
my own grave.
I should not cry,
I should not complain
for I knew since the begging
this would be all in vain.
Now I'm awake
and I see reality,
it wasn't you and I,
it was only me.
Apr 2018 · 253
Nerves of steel.
Carolina Apr 2018
I'll go bottled blonde,
I'll be, again, fragile and skinny.
In plastic surgeries
I want to waste every penny.
I wear makeup
until my skin's all messed up.
I took thousands of pills
until my stomach said stop.
I work out until fatigue,
I write down every meal.
When you say I look better
it gives me self esteem.
But fear strikes evey time
that I get closer to the scale.
It scares me that instead of a number
it'll show the word whale.
I desire to be
the prettiest in the land.
I long to have
the perfect golden tan.
Delicate flower
for everyone to stare.
The magnetic one
that has nothing to repair.
I want to look radiant,
I want to look like a star.
My idea of the perfect weight
will make me take it too far.
But I don't really mind
about my health nor my spirit,
as long as I'm adored,
as long as I have a merit.
They only see you if you're pretty,
they ignore all the wrong;
You may be unstable
but you're worthy of a song.
And I'm not even concerned,
not like someone will notice.
No one did the last time
but anyway I'll tell you this:
I don't care if you find out
all the things that I conceal.
You can talk all you want,
I have nerves of steel.
Apr 2018 · 161
The bad side.
Carolina Apr 2018
The innocent girl
is searching for a man
in all the wrong places.

Wants to grow up fast
and prove a point,
and find where grace is.

Wants to form a gang,
wants to run the world,
wants to become a woman.

Laying in bed,
picturing herself
being the cruel one.

Surrounded by guns and bad men.
The baddest *****,
the one not to trust.

You want to know
what she's made of,
careful not to mess up.

Because she's dysfunctional
and dangerous.
She's willing to do all the don'ts.

She will keep on dreaming
and searching everywhere
until she gets what she wants.
Apr 2018 · 109
Do not sneak a peak.
Carolina Apr 2018
You try to see
what's inside of me.
What do you seek?
Nothing is as cute as you think.
So do not sneak a peak.
Apr 2018 · 149
Maladaptive Daydreaming.
Carolina Apr 2018
My mind's full of thoughts
I don't want.
Sequences, images of things
I can never have.
It's not about fantasizing about a better life
before you get to sleep.
It's about dissociating from reality
and excessively gritting your teeth.
You want and try to stop
but in a few seconds
you find yourself lost.
I can't remember when did it all begin,
probably way back before I was even a teen.
I want to cut my skin open and get out of my body, leave behind this broken mind.
It smothers me, it takes me to the edge,
it's eating me alive.
I'm losing it. Oh, I'm losing myself.
I don't want a way out, I want to be dead.
As I write this I'm imagining things.
Stop! Someone, rescue me!
I'm losing it.
Can I go crazy? I think I will.
I'll **** myself before it ends me.
I'm losing it.
Apr 2018 · 207
Carolina Apr 2018
It's not just about the butterflies in your stomach.
It's also about the peace in your heart,
the calm in your mind.
If you miss one then it's not right.
Apr 2018 · 167
Silly town girl.
Carolina Apr 2018
The road is too lonely
for this silly town girl.
The road is too dangerous
for this hidden fine pearl.
She has boiling blood
and some vivid dreams
but she has no one,
from most eyes she's unseen.
For the past few years
she wakes up to survive
all by her own
surrounded by lies.
But she breathes and takes courage
to embrace each new day
and in a trance she keeps walking
to the rhythm of lay lady lay.
Nomadic crature,
no home, no men.
Wanderer enchanter,
for how long this life will she stand?
Deep down her core
she wishes to have
a stable surrounding
that more than a heartbeat could last.
So tonight as she risks her light
walking through the road
she repeats to the stars her desire,
not to be forever so alone.
Apr 2018 · 131
I fell for a loser.
Carolina Apr 2018
I idealized you
and the possibility of us.
I clung to the idea
that you were the love of my life.
I gave you my heart,
my mind
and my body.
I saw colors in the blackest sky,
and every time you rejected me
I never asked why.
It seemed you didn't care whether you kissed me or not.
I had so little from you but even that got me caught.
The insecurities exploted inside,
so many fears burnt my mind.
Please love me,
please need me.
Don't go,
stay with me.
I gave you all my fire
and yet you were freezing cold.
Not feeling your presence hurts,
but being with you hurts me more.
I thought I could be happy with you,
I thought you were sincere
but after all this time
the aching is still here.
Not resentment, not blaming fate.
I was blind, it's me who I hate.
There was so many red flags,
I was so ****** to ignore.
And I'm so sorry
for wanting something more.
Your actions didn't show you could change;
for the rest of your life you'll be a cruiser.
Oh, poor little fool that I am;
how could I fell for such a loser.
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