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Carmen Jane Aug 2019
The white feathers were soft on your skin
And the bright light was more than promising
To walk through them, felt like a dream
But you felt their rough ends, your eyes scratching

To get away, you had to reach for the rim
That was miles away,not knowing where
And once you found it, you vaulted on a whim
And sank yourself in a dark goo - somewhere…

Yet you swam and you kept swimming,
You felt it in the deepest point of your heart,
You shed layers of skin, screaming,
You never gave up, you somehow knew this part..

And then...clarity...the bluest mass of water
You drank it, unsatiated, breathed it like air,
That's when you saw yourself as an author,
A poet of words, of colors that care…

You saw the top of the rainbow,
Where it begins and ends
You felt your heart grow,
With love that transcends.

— The End —