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Dinodust Jul 13
My head spins
Thoughts of you
The sun
And the alcohol
My heart aches
Please come back
I miss you
Dinodust Jul 9
I gave up the feeling of home so you can stay happy
For I could never give you what you wanted
I couldn’t be what you needed
I couldn’t let you slip back
Not because of me
I just wish


I can’t wish

But I know you deserve better

So go find better
I’m sorry it’s my fault
Dinodust Jul 8
Empty floor
Empty walls
Empty closet


I feel the stickiness again

Oh god..

You did this
Did you know that?
Of course you don’t..
You don’t care..
You never cared..
Not about me anyways..

But now you care

About your reputation
You only care about yourself
But you can’t do anything now

How does it feel to be trapped??

It doesn’t feel nice, huh?
Now you know how I felt in those years
Dinodust Jul 6
‪Not valid‬
‪Not worthy‬
‪Not loved‬
‪Just disposable ‬
‪Unwanted ‬
‪Usable ‬
‪But only for his needs‬

‪Drip drip ‬

‪My blood is spilt‬

‪You can’t wash off your mistakes now‬
‪What ever will you do?‬
Dinodust Jun 30
Oh no

I don’t think I’m clean

Will you ever love me?

Oh no

I was too ***** from the start

How will you think of this?

Oh no

Oh no
Dinodust May 24
Off me

I don’t want to be in your psychological hell anymore

I can’t get out

I’m stuck

I feel worthless

I’m a horrible human being

There, I said it, are you happy?

Are you glad that you’ve put me below your level?

You’ve won

You’ve torn me to shreds

My blood was split

For what?

Your pleasure?

That’s all I ever was

A toy

A disposable

A throw away

You were right

No one will love me

It’s because I push people away

Because of you

No trust

No love


My heart is gone

Ripped from its arteries

And I have no idea where you stashed it

I’m trapped

In this hell

And here

I will die
I’m tired of your sick games. Please just think about me for once.
Dinodust May 21
How many choruses of corpses have you collected?

At least you’re good at something I suppose

I guess I was never enough for you

Or was I since you never let me go?
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