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Alan JustATG Apr 2018
The journey wasn't what I expected. I was lonely and had no idea where I was going.
After a while I began to hear footsteps behind me.
The further I walked, the closer they got.
Eventually I spun around sharply, and there she was, the most beautiful creature I'd ever set eyes on.
We just stared at each other, for the longest time. "Are you following me?" I asked.
She smiled and nodded.
I rolled my eyes, turned, and walked some more.
Inside I was glad of the company.
The journey was better for it.
But it wasn't long before I began to feel guilty. I couldn't let her follow me. I had no idea where I was, or where I was going.
So, reluctantly, I stopped, and turned to look at her.
Those eyes and that smile, beaming back at me. They lit me up. "Listen," I said "There's no point following me, I'm lost too you know".
"Oh, I'm not lost," she said with a very matter of fact tone, "I'm following You."
"But I'm lost!" I reiterated. "Then follow me," She continued "we can be lost together.
We walked the rest of our days together. Just talking, living, and loving.
Eventually we were tired and our journey was nearing its end. We sat together, then we lay together, staring up at the bluest of skies.
I took this moment to ask her,
"Why did you follow me that day? There were thousands of others. You could have followed any of them."
"Oh no," she said shaking her head, "I'd had a "Them"before ,  I always found them lacking.
But I'd never had a "you" before.
And Oh WOW! You were such a You!
I love Yous!
Not all of them.
Just you.
I love you.
With every breath we got closer, until I was breathing out as she was breathing in.
I closed my eyes.
This is how we lived and died.
Alan JustATG Apr 2018
I found her sitting in the crest of the moon with a ****** rifle, shooting stars, laughing as they fell one by one.
I asked her why she was laughing, and she told me she was making wishes.
I said “falling starts don’t make wishes.”
She stopped her chuckling and looked very seriously at me. “It’s not falling stars, it’s shooting stars!” She said with a “matter of fact” tone.
I shook my head and told her she was ****** up. “Don’t tell me I’m ****** up,” she said,
“I don’t have a specific direction.”
I fell back to earth with a bang.
Alan JustATG Apr 2018
This place is my grief’s solace
Darkness folds herself around me and I am finally alone
I can hear my heart beating so very slowly vibrating every bone
It’s a warm and comforting sound that I know so well
My eyes spill over as I wander through my personal hell
But why do tears only stay warm until they are halfway down your face
And why can I only cry in this dark and secret place
This is my grief’s solace
Alan JustATG Apr 2018
She wore her love like an old scarf.
The ends were damp from all the tears, and it  was tattered and torn from being pulled this way and that.
She tried so hard to find a comfortable way to share it,
But it always ended with her wrapping it around herself to keep out those cold hearts.
Alan JustATG Apr 2018
Skipping hearts and flowers
Loving looks and wasted days of messed up bed sheets and plastic handcuffs
Then wunderluv snuck in while we slept and blew a gaping black hole between us

Our love hit the inside of life’s bucket like an aborted foetus
And I watched it slowly slipping down then drown in a puddle of stinging salty white tears

Thanks for the option Ray, but I’ll take the ten pound hammer any day of the week
Nothing causes more destruction to a man, than a woman with nothing to lose except the man she’s trying to destroy
Give my regards to Wundeluv
Alan JustATG Nov 2017
I never claimed to be bulletproof,
You see, you created this tiny wound that entered my heart,
Blew the whole thing to hell,
Then, as if in slow motion my world fell apart.
I never claimed to be bulletproof
I just hid the exit scar well.
Alan JustATG Nov 2017
Sometimes love is a beautiful melodic crescendo of disasters.
A melancholic verse without chorus.
The tempo beats a broken rhythm as minor and flat notes swirl around these breaking hearts.
Just dance to your own tune dear heart, and eventually you’ll realise you’re in perfect rhythm with another.
Your chorus will come.
Dance on.
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