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Ralph Bobian Jun 14
We say that all lives matter
then watch communities die
So what lives really matter?
Where does our unity lie?

We say all lives matter
Or do just our lives matter?

We say we pay attention to their pain
When we know it’s a must to listen
Even though it’s a juxtaposition
That becomes the perfect definition
Of each other’s other’s opposition
Yet we refuse to see why
we’re so indifferent to any difference
Of an opinion

We say that all lives matter
As we scream “what about us”
We say that all lives matter
As we dismiss their pain and mistrust
Then watch the same lives die in their blood
And ignore these vital moments/
That we refuse to discuss

....we say that all lives matter..
but which lives really matter to us..
may trigger some people... how I feel with the "all lives matter" crowd however.. *shrugs
Ralph Bobian Apr 2017
The louder I speak
The more quiet I am
I swear it's my silence
That's deafening...
The own weight of my denial
has me cowering
Weak to my knees
Until the pain forces me
To react carelessly
Is it in my nature?
Daily I question how I can make it
Without counteracting
Every choice
that I'm making
Or every opportunity
That I'm waiting
Why am I hurting the ones that I love...
When I don't even meant to?
Why do I continue to pick
at my scars from the past..
when I kno there's no need to..
And why am I trying to
Damage all of my thoughts
I've progressed...
When it's all that I cling to
... saddest thing is....
I don't even mean to
Ralph Bobian Jul 2016
I'm tired of feeling alone
...I'm tired of feeling alone..
This feeling alone isn't worth it
...unless your feeling alone with a purpose
Are dreams the same as necessities?
Or are my desires..
Contrasting my destiny?
Should we do what we want or do what we need to as humans?
Ralph Bobian Dec 2015
Sometimes I dream
Then wake up and scream
To the validity..
Of reality
That isn't my being,
But the brutal of fate
Contrasting my needs
Of who I desire to be
And how I must wait
To see who
I'll make bleed
To get to my fame
And escape this dream
To make my dreams
Be reality
Ralph Bobian Sep 2015
Subliminal but obvious
That I'm indigenous to the populace
Of the kids that melt their ears
And rot to this inaudible ****
That we call music.
A dangerous drug
that'll melt your brain
With a repetitive beat
All one in the same.
It's my love ade,
And all drank up
With only hate left
to fill my ear buds.
A generational gap
That I like to act like I have
To stay one step above
The music I hate,
That I secretly love.
Tell me you're interests,
I'd love to respond
And show you my insolence
I've already made inner-rest
In thinking that nobody knows I'm a hypocrite.
How I think hipsters secretly feel.
Ralph Bobian Aug 2015
Have you ever hated somebody you loved?
Did you ever feel way too smart to be making decisions so dumb?
Have you ever given up, but refused to admit it, so you continued to try?
Have you ever lied to yourself that you're happy, just to mask the absolute sorrow you feel inside?

Have you ever had so much feeling for someone, that it's caused you to become numb?
Have you ever tried to win somebody's heart when you know they don't have one?
Did you ever know you were the cause that things ended in ruins, but you were still hoping that you weren't the reason why?
Have you ever ignored a sad and bitter truth that was impossible to deny?

Have you ever tried to maintain your composure only for the one that you love, in hopes that they'll stop being the one that's making you to come undone?
Have you ever fought to prove and convince to your love that you're not anything like the demons they've been with, that you've slowly become?
Was there ever a time you felt so lost that you tried doing things in reverse, only to make them worse,
when your only intention was to try to make things right?
Have you ever pretended that things could be like they used to,
Just to maybe see any hope in the future,
When you know that hope will always be out of sight?

Have you ever tricked yourself into feeling better by thinking your pain is at an end, and finally done,
Only to realize that the real pain hasn't even begun?
Have you ever wrongfully blamed the only one that gave your life beauty, for being the one that ****** the beauty out of your life?
Have you ever tried to fix your situation, by purposely making it worse, and embracing a hatred that no one thought you could come by?

...I have...

Will it be too late when I finally stop hating the one that I love?
Or will I continue to let them push me to end it myself and be done?
Why can't I stop confusing true beauty from spite, and just admit I wasn't right?
...Just admit I wasn't right.
I need to stop seeing things backwards and finally realize...
that you can't **** spiders,
by stepping on butterflies.
This poem was influenced by things I've gone through but more than anything is a realization poem.
Ralph Bobian Aug 2015
Evil is viewed as innocence
Beauty's become a deformity
It's too uncommon to have common sense
And being different is a mass conformity.

An undermined yet overwhelming paradox
Is that it's somehow become orthodox
...To be unorthodox

Agreeing to disagree
Is now agreeable
But seeing what wasn't seen,
Still isn't seeable.
Our view of what it is to be different,
Is holding us back
from making progression
It's becoming too inconsistent
That we admit its consistency
With retrogression

We view the strong as helpless,
And think its rightful to defend them
We view the weak as selfish,
As we so wrongfully apprehend them
We feel such a need to non-conform
And yet our opinions seem rehearsed
It's so expected for us to retort
That our oppositions' begin to reverse
We purposely change where we show our support
On a position, just to be heard
Our human empathy, so much we distort
That our cognition's becoming blurred.

...And we don't even notice.

The only thing our generation
Seems to have in common is
We think that being different, and disagreeing,
Somehow are synonymous
How distant do we have to really be from ever seeing how antonymous
We really are from being different
And making a difference
Towards empathetical prominence?

We have no problem being verbal
When our popularity's concerning
Our voice and words can be heard for more
Than just to stir up controversy
...But that might be too controversial in itself..
And therefore viewed as undeserving.

Why can't we gain confidence that we can change the way we change our minds?

Don't just try, but BE insistent
On being different to make a difference
And show resistance from a system
That wants you to be conditioned.
Use your voice to make things better, equal, and coexistent
And hopefully give everyone a reason to listen

See that you don't have to be afraid,
To progress towards making a change..
So be genuine in trying to see things differently
And you'll start to know and comprehend
That being different doesn't always mean
That you have to disagree
But to actually show you understand...
A newer and "revamped" version of my poem "In Difference." After some feedback I thought I might shorten it up and steer away from ranting. I believe poetry is a lot like this poem itself, it can always change and shift depending on how you and you're emotions have changed.
As I stated before, this poem is geared towards people always arguing just to argue. Like the confederate flag controversy or defending bill Cosby. It just all seems so backwards.
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