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James Arce Apr 2016
Memories everywhere I see,
Your eyes always watching.
Believing we had something once,
Only deceiving myself.
Tomorrow is another day,
To be plagued by times lost.
Living a constant war,
Emptying bottle after bottle.

- James Arce
James Arce Apr 2016
Never getting a full nights rest,
Imagining what if, had we tried our best.
Gathered thoughts come day and night,
Haunting me, with all their might.
Thinking back to the times we had,
Memories only, of your face so sad.
All the good times are never near,
Remembering the negative, is a constant fear.
Everything's a mess and no good thoughts keeping,
S*eeing you only; as my nightmares come creeping.

- James Arce
The title being spelled out by the first letter of each line. I love Acrostic forms of poetry!
James Arce Apr 2016
My mind numb again
Testing times long forgotten
Back to who I was

- James Arce
James Arce Apr 2016
Tonight I laid my head down,
wanting to finally get some rest.
Again the thoughts kept coming,
I really am trying my best.

My mind begins to wander,
The thoughts come all to quick.
Intentions only of dreaming,
My plan won't seem to stick.

My mind frustrated and shouting,
No telling when it will cease.
It's become a mental prison,
And I pray for its release.

Curious where my dreams are,
Has the shouting scared them away?
Unsure how long it's been now,
I see the Sun bring in a new day...

- James Arce
This is the first work I've written that I've ever shared to anyone.
Moarabi Mar 2016
I am tired, really tired...
I am tired of my talents not being recognized
I am tired of constantly proving myself
I am tired of being disabled

I am so tired...
Tired of not belonging
Tired of being invisible
Tired of being worthless

I am very, very tired...
I am tired of exchanging fake smiles
I am tired of meaningless conversations
I am tired of appearing dumb so as to get help

I am just tired...
Tired of being useless
Tired of failing
Tired of not dreaming

I am extremely tired...
I am tired of being apologetic
I am tired of being left out
I am tired of being ugly

What I am I saying?
What am I really tired of?
Why am I tired?

I am tired...
Tired of being speechless
Tired of being powerless
Tired of being afraid

In fact, I am broken down...
Broken down by being black
Broken down by being African
Broken down by being primitive

— The End —