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Johnny walker Apr 19
I never thought not for a moment In life this would possibly happen to
To lose my sweetheart far too early In life she who was once such a
But for life there no denying for It can cruel for It took my sweetheart away to leaving me now all
And have to survive to keep going on but I know I'm capable of doing but this won't be easy to now
Helen's memory will always live on In the thoughts of myself and In the hearts of her family
and our dear
One loved always to be remembered through me Helens family and dear
Alex Sep 6
One unfathomable inhale
she begins to dance with constalations
beneath a crescent moon
frolics and flirts
at a quarter til two

music flows throught the valley
ever suave and susurrous
encumbered with exuberance
hypnoticly sways
synced to the mystical tune

locked between a velvet nose
eyes remaining entombed
under curtains enclosed
for a moment unbarred
unlocks an entire cosmos

feeling exquisite the dark
with newly found felicity
liberated and free
graceful as a swan
now approaching a half past 3

heaven would reveal
an angelic type appeal
mentally I scream
still physically conceal

waving around as ocean tide
observing I've become entranced
under a spell utterly memorized
desperately pleading for time to stop
with a tick it then strikes 5 o'clock

never more engulfed in awe
a marvelously breathtaking sight
she's preposterously luminous
more than the brightest starlight
twas the furthest thing from a fly by night

Anna Sep 3
I searched this book full of words
Something that could describe him
Wouldn't know how to put in terms
Just as I found nothing
That understood the greatness behind his gaze.

[D] could go for the Density of the metal that protruded from his chest
The blade was shining autonomously like the crimson full moon
On Werewolf Territory Day
Like a piece of wood thrown into the fire
I could see the flame in his eyes.

There was the beauty but the beauty
Was nothing but fear
His words gave me shivers as I walked throught the path
I wonder what would be like to define him
Would the words be real just like him?
But would he be real or would he be smudged ink passages
In this old moldy diary smelling like also old roses.

[I] would go for Imagination, place where he crossed me
Like a wild horse running from the storm in the field
He had worries all over his mind but couldn't show anyone
Selfish way to say he had feelings over the scary sense.

Beauty had no name
But if I knew his, I would surely call it by
Beauty is his name
Had no harms but had such a charm
I could feel it in his eyes
The look he gave me I never saw before.

[C] would go for Coward
But that honestly applied more to me
He tried and insisted once and twice
Maybe more, but I had no ears back in then
I was deaf by the occurrences.

Tried to warn me
That things wouldn't be my way
Nor would they stay the same
I said I would try.

[T] would go for Tactless
Something I wished he was not
I wouldn't feel his power on me now
If he wasn't, but we don't get what we want
Is it what I truly want or am I the tactless?

Once his fingers ran down my skin like dance in the rain
I could feel the warm touch he had on his fingertips
To be honest I was scared, that was new
And they say the new is good but that didn't feel likely.

[I] again could go for Icy
He was such a piece of ice in the start
Ironic when he could but indeed
The void was where I always went in the end.

Indeed he had no mean to be like that
Still he didn't know love as I did
He had no signal of it but family
And I hoped with all my heart
That he would feel the same I had back in time.

[O] would go for Observant
He always had that over watch eyes
In time I doubted if he could blink
Never did when I was looking
And I was always looking.

Once I told him I could be his muse if he wanted
I bet he thought I was only saying stupidity
Indeed I caught him looking at me when was all over
And then he brought all I had, again.

[N] could go for Naive
Something that back in time I thought I was
But wasn't I just enjoying the good time before the danger?
The danger looked like a fun time back in then.

Bathing at my own blood was not what I thought I would be doing in the end of all
Still I didn't cut myself in the outside
I was emerging from blood.

[A] would go for Acrimonious
Caustically he destroyed me
As nuclear acid
In our fierce dispute
Pain in my bones is what I felt but I had no mark on me.

Slowly he built me up
Sweet buttercup of mine
Bitter piece of cinnamon
On my ice cream pie.

[R] could go for Ravenous
Because there I was again
Rabid for you as a piece of meat
That I could not take outta my head
I had it on the back and on the center.

I was hungry, but not for your body
Your body was not the only thing I had on mind
I had your mind on mine
I wanted to eat your feelings as you ate mine
But I would do it gently.

And finally, the letter [Y] would go for Youthful
I suddenly stopped emanating all that old vibe
And after meeting you once and twice or more
Knowing every centimeter of your skin as some subject I knew best
I was glowing youthfully as some missy that just born.

I was the lady on the red dress
Soft skin and well done hair, glowing as the moonlight
The smell of old roses emanating from me
And from that moment I knew
You had regrets, my sweet dictionary.
I was able to finish this without crying, congr. to me buddies. I'm setting my baby free today, I hope his words mean something for you.
Ruch Jan 31
I found the sky beneath my horizon
I flew to the plains majestic and vast
I rang the bells of the god in the mountains
I breathed the air of the valley enchanting
I saw the wanderers throught their quest and thirst
I saw the men fall for the valleys at dusk
Ive seen the love that grows beneath the trees
Like the shadowed cloud on a monsoon eve
I felt the drench and the drops so hard
And the mother river flowing very deep and far
I had no doubts And I also believed
I was still curious I was still keen
I had to wander I had to dream!!
Richard Frank Dec 2018
Winter's about to end, snow fading
Leisure days melting
New Year will mark the calendar
As I walk to the park one last time
Before school will come to an end and arrive
I pondered about myself
In my deep instropection, shining light disrupts

It was a shooting star streaking throught the velvety sky

Behold! The sight of milky way so elegant

Swriling in space, spiraling spiraling

The moment is fleeting

Moment I'm living
It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
No! Second most beautiful thing
For the most beautiful thing in the universe that  I saw that night,

Was her smile
I know nobody's gonna read this. Well it ***** anyway.

— The End —