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Sometimes i know how to feel alone,
and i have a king a fear that don't leave me.
I've searching alot for a place inside my lit soul for my demons can't find me,
People said the same "That is just a season" but i always keep hoping for better days,
I lying to everyone when i said i was fine bc i feel alot of pain and loneliness sometimes that i never cannot describe.
I know how i feel when i feel alone,
The voices inside my head is not always my own.
I'm broken, i'm sad; where I'll end up .. I don't know, but maybe this change.
I look to the sky and close my eyes and realize that life is exactly this sometimes,
So im holding on to hope and turn this page cuz i know i'll find some peace on this dark place.
Please tell me tomorrow this will end.. tell me that is just a season and i'll feel ok.
cuz life is life...
Yeah, you're miles away,
and we're lit bit alone.
But after all this time,
You're coming home.
I never let it show,
but i feel sad sometimes...
cuz when you leave,
my heart brokes in pieces.
But all this things you do,
and the best part is when you say:
-I'm coming home.
We know you heart is always with us.
your calls keep me warm,
and help me throuth the storms...
but i know understand that is life.
i'm always counting the days,
for listening and you say,
baby i'm coming home.
i ❤ u
The way that we are,
It's the only reason why I stay,
As long as you're here with me,
I know we'll be Ok.
Cuz you're my everything,
and I promise things will never be broken,
or friendship...
We're so strong together.
honestly idk why u pick me,
but i swear i'll never leave you,
If i stay with you this will be forever.
I feel piece on your voice,
And i love when you smile,
I can stand look to you for hours,
And quiet for so long.
I feel safe on your body,
And i love when you hold me on your arms,
I can stand feel your heart beat for hours,
Quiet for so long.
I feel loved when you kiss my forhead,
And you can keep do it,
Quiet for so long.
You know when you feel you don't fit into this world,
When people treat you like ****,
You feel your neck tight,
that nothing you do is good, feels worthless.
You just want to cry,
You just want to disappear.
All these feelings revolt and you have nowhere to escape.
When it falls to the bottom and there is no one to hold your hand and you just smile because it is the only chance to stay alive.
When the voices bring you down.
This world is unfair people of your blood. I gave up.
No one understands or ever will understand is like a mouse in the wheel, a hole, times and times without count,a feeling of pain, hate....BREAKING POINT!
Well, you're my favorite one, my favorite person to look into, my favorite person to think when i can't sleep,my favorite name to see appear on my phone. My favorite person to spend the day with. You're my favorite place to visite when my mind searches for peace. You're my favorite to talk with.
You? You're my very very favorite person obviously You're my happiness and my sadness sometimes mostly my happiness. You're my favorite distraction. You're everything good.
You're my favorite everything.
Send condolences,for my family and i'll share some tears,
I just try take u out of my memory,
and pls wears something black as usual,
Just to say goodbye
and let some roses on my grave
Cuz baby, im dead

And I need to **** me
That's the only way to get you out of my head,
**** you on my memory,
cuz you said to pretty things,
I really want to **** me,
just for this pain disappear

And so why ?
why all the funerals have rain days,
with all black umbrellas,
just for the underground cry too,
but im dead.

I just need to say sorry
That's the only thing you say when you lose someone,
and i need to say sorry,
for fall in love with you.
And when i found you're just a friend,
i said  what about us, well what about me?

And he said u always be my fav one.

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