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Corkey Hawley Sep 2011
I love a good movie
Even more a great poem















Aren't visuals F U N, Doc
Corkey Hawley Sep 2011
I've crossed a continent
All with good intent
To see my best friend
Turn Seventy

It took all of my means
Every dollar & dreams
All my planning schemes
To be there from Tennessee

While he's been a lifelong friend
He never seemed to end
with statements to descend
"don't matter to me"

After three days I quit caring
No more was I sharing
To the mentor only sparing
His own concern was HE

Lost, was the man I once knew
I, a disappointment that grew
From his point of view
Fat, Old, Slow Me

Sad to be let down
couldn't offer a next round
Slammed to the ground
I left after seeing the Sea

Only wish him the best
After being put to the test
I'll not be back for the rest
Can't stand to be demeaned by Thee
Sum things R left in the past, Doc
Corkey Hawley Sep 2011
I am going to miss our long talks
It's so hard now, knowing you're not there
Even when you were losing your memory
I could keep up with your fragments  

Still I miss those long talks
On the phone for hours with things we'd share
A tiny piece would be the key
to open those old torments

Seems like we shared so many long talks
No one  knew & I believe didn't care
Since we were not the same blood, yet family
You were my mother's angel sent

Those times of long talks
We shared secrets no one else would dare
Constantly in sibling revelry
Over your demise & monetary spent

We were all about long talks
So comforting knowing you were there
Never knowing a man's fidelity
three familys raised with good intent

Stories and sermonds were our long talks
The time we spent most unaware
Of  material offering's complexity
Sharing, caring, it all went

Long Talks
Is what we shared
Not blood or bone, some history
A long life with no repent
In Memory of my Aunt Sis (in law) who, at 90, passed on new year's day 2011, my guardian angel, CH
Corkey Hawley Sep 2011
They say it's The End
Of the Maya Calendar
Like the Doors
It's started with the end
For My Most favoite Aunt

She turned Ninty
Last year
She waz so dear
Never knowing a MAN
Never speared

But Alwaze there
For All Of Us
She covered her ***
With money to spend
She's in Heaven Alas

They said she fell
But the corinor said
She waz dropped
Two broken legs
Then her kidneys stopped

She waz going
No one could denie
On to that other place
She believed waz
in the sky

But what a why
To mark this New Year
On New Year's Day
She Left this world
Now we can only pray

She No Longer Answers us
Can No Longer show or display
Her cares & worries
All gone................
only our dismay

She waz my Angel
I believe heaven sent
To help my family
When all else had went
& no one else cared

I don't know
How to hold a ghost
In these arms spent
Holding a host
Heaven sent
4 Aunt Sis, My Angel, Doc 2011
Corkey Hawley Sep 2011
Don't you bury me
Don't you dare grieve
Celebrate my life with a party
Don't bury ME

I've had a good life all in all
I've done some things as I recall
I've lived my dreams
both BIG & small
And sowed some seeds
A piece of me installed

Don't you bury me
Don't even think  we agree
Not like some seedling tree
Don't you bury me

Take from me
what remains
turned to ash
like an old refrain

Don't you bury me
To take up space
That needent be
Don't you bury me
The very last thing I did in Two Thousand & Ten, Doc
Corkey Hawley Sep 2011
Noboby said it was goinna be great
'though my mama did say
"You can be anything you want to be,
even president."
Nobody said it was fair
In fact, they keep sayin it aint
With all the great ups
There have been deep downs
It's a roller coaster
'til you hit the ground
Like Ol' Ben said,
"only two things in life,
that are garenteed.
We all know we aint gettin outta here
So, we best be usin' what we get,
Before it's
What a ******* Ride
Xmas 2010, Doc
Corkey Hawley Sep 2011
In my fantasy
You are already naked
Inside my mind
I already have you
Your lips are wet
Fingers & tounges
Sliding to new depths
Scearching for
the moments unkept
I love the moistness
of sweet juices
flowing **wet
I tink I need 2 get laid, Doc
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