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Winter Sparrow Sep 2020
And while he lives,
No matter the day, year, age.
No matter the time!

May his lips form a smile.
May his actions be cunning.
May his heart be filled with song.
And may his eyes be filled with determination.

But when that dreadful day arrives, should it ever.
When gods battle over a foolish man's godless soul.

Cast him to sea.

With a sword in hand, that for Valhalla.
A cross around my neck, that for heaven.
A Scarab on my heart, that for the Duat.
And two coins on his eyes, for the ferryman.

For if no god shall claim his soul,
Then Davy Jones will feast on his treasures!
Winter Sparrow Mar 2020
At night, as the cool breeze starts to kick in.
At night, when only the moon lay above,
When only the leaves are there to bounce off sound,
When only my brain creates the storms we lack in this desert.

I think of Autumn.
That one Autumn that changed it all.
A strange occult sort of feeling.
A sort of divine period, a different worshiping.

The period, when autumn leaves were grey,
Skies were orange, and clouds were starry.
When I worshiped a Muse as a deity.
A period that haunts me at night till thus day.

Like a ghost, taunting me, haunting me.
She visits on most nights, sometimes in a different skin.
Like a chameleon, shifting from one to another.
Different looks, but the same sapphire eyes.

What torture is this? If it is at all torture?
Is this my judgement? My atonement for the wrong I did? If I did any wrong...
My mind lingers to find the hidden message.
To decipher the code that are those kisses at night.
My mind lingers, by my hands write.

In a swift Autumn breeze, out of grey leaves.
Slithers a severed snake from Medusa's head.
One of many to haunt me every night.
A different hiss, a familiar kiss.
Winter Sparrow Jan 2020
I am prey to eyes.
I am a victim of those gazing sapphires.
But now, I lay down my sword.
And I cover my eyes.

I am blind like justice.
And must drift back into the desert.
Water the Tulip I betrayed.
Find Ubar once more.

Attempt to fix what was broken.
Regain trust, strength.
**** the muse.
Put an end to soft romance.

Now comes the true battle.
No more tears left to shed.
No more demons to fight.
Now, there be only people.

To you, I am your love.
To them, I am the devil incarnate.
They do not trust me, with reason.
They do not respect me, thats unjust.

I am a man of honour.
And now, you have encountered your monster.
So, let me introduce you to him.
Bring it on.

Let the romance continue.
Let the healing begin.
Let the demons rise again.
Let the Cold war commence.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
Yule tide brushes away autumns leaves.
Samhain has come to end.
The dead have returned home.
Now those sea has become too wild to sail.

It's time to get out of Limbo.
Barge out of the gates.
The battle was lost. Trust me I know.
But now, the war is about to begin.

It is in the time of silence that our own demons come out.
Let the anger and frustration fight those beasts within.
Let this torture not be for nothing.
It's time to shatter the frozen sea.

Raise the sails once more,
Pour a glass of whiskey.
Put on your finest clothes.
And ready your ****** weapons.

It's time to go to war with ourselves.
Winter is here, and we fight alone.
Those who follow will be welcome.
Those who stay behind will be missed.

But do not mistake my tears for weakness.
Do not mistake my silence for fear.
I may not be ready for what is to come.
But I know how to stand my ground.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
The toughest battles we fight.
They be not on the battle field.
They be not at sea.
They lie in your head.

It's the voice of the girl you love.
The melody of the Siren you held.
The moan of last nights trial.
The echoes of screams illuminating from the soul.

This is the torture I must endure for being undeceive.
This is how I shall atone for my sins.
This is what I deserve for my failures.
This is my penance.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
Memory is torture.
Hurting in the present while visiting the past.
Even dreams are torment.
Dreams if night and those we had.

Tulip of Ubar, let no one else pluck you out.
I am still rooted alongside you.
Unsure of what I want.
I am split in half.

I want the Tulip and Rose.
The Sparrow and the Robin.
I want it all.
But I also want none.

One belongs to another.
One belongs to no one.
And where do I belong?
Which way out of Limbo?

I see you both in my dreams.
One more prominent then the other.
One less seductive yet more emotional. rest. Just tension.

Odin had his ravens.
Thought and Memory.
I have mine aswell;
Torture and Torment.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
By the gods,
That have no mercy on our soul.
That have no control over my thoughts.
Last night, you visited me in my dream.

This be not the first,
This might not be the last.
Yet my reaction in this one,
Was more heathen then others.

You came up to me. Slowly and gently.
Caressed my hand, in the cold outside.
And I, under the moon ever so bright.
Pushed you and held you against a wooden wall.

You gazed into my eyes,
Those Sapphire eyes wondered what comes next.
What I never did before to you,
I did last night.

One hand holding your wrist raised up against the wall.
One hand clutching your waist, pulling you towards me.
And in a blink of a second.
I moved in for the kiss. A kiss of passion.

No time for you to react and push me away.
No time to think otherwise. Think of him...
This time. I had to do it. I wouldn't control it.
After all, you're in my dreams, my world.

I felt your lips again, as soft as wool.
As passionate as the wolves chasing the sun.
I lust for you, i crave you.
I want to conquer your physical world.

I have your heart, not your body.
I desire both. By the gods, I do.
Oh how I miss your sweet touch my goddess.
How I long for that kiss to strike me down.

I saw your face glowing the moon, after your hand left my neck.
I saw that look, that sweet seductive look.
You wanted more. I could give you more.

Rage is transferred to passion.
Love merged with lust.
I have no control over this.
Come take this passion...its you I'm dreaming of.

My heart beats louder then Thors hammer.
My kiss more ferocious then Zeus' anger.
My passion more fruitful then Dionysius wine fields.
My love for you is more beautiful then Baldurs persona.
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