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Lucas Nov 2017
when my gradation
is hollowed down
to pinecone knoll

blind half open
bald in the hour of
apartment stomps
no money,
I want to swallow halon

less mud than permitted;
dying leaves take their insects
with them
vacuum cleaners don't pick up moods
and swindlefish still swim backwards
KiraLili May 2015
If your looking for confrontation
You want to fire me from a bad portfolio
A winked answer to a flirtation
The best response to a to a bold innuendo

When asked to stay up late when your up early
Or looking down a steep trail on a bike
Setting the bar high on a deadline mutually
Accepting a tequila shooter with Mike

Usually a common retort to a friend or boss
The challenge from  lover or foe is met or accepted
It lets them know how far you will go or how little the loss
The commitment is said and what's offered will be attempted

Knock the throttle back or make a stand and smile
Give it all you got and spend every dime
Let them know how you roll every mile
Tell them , don't threaten me with a good time
Common answer on construction sites to a hard task , I over use it often.
patty m May 2018
Easy rider,
looking like a fighter,
someone put a foot in his face.
Small town Susie,
flirting like a ******,
dying to get out of this place.

In duo spin
two sheets to the wind,
ships that pass in the night,
they held on together,
dressed in jeans and leather
trying to make it all right.

They did Dallas
the pleasure palace,
slept out in a barn,
do-rag daddy's red-hot mama
going round the horn.

She got drunk and he got wasted
as they rode to New Orleans.
The food they bought, still untasted
as they danced like Cajun queens.

Hot jazz funnels,
the darkness tunnels,
white limbs twist in flight.
Hot sin city, cool lick ditty,
eighteen bars in sight

Blues at night,
fried notes on white,
hash browned and over easy,
grind and grit, wind and spit,
slide down the sax so greasy.

He rolled the throttle
she emptied her bottle
then did her beauty queen wave

they leapt the highway
and carved the canyon
spent the night inside a cave.

Big bear growling
wolves out howling
till morning lit the pass
they hopped the bike
and coasted downhill,
their hog was out of gas.

Now they''re hikin'
no more bikin'
the whiskey drank, now fumes

if they can't hitch
then life's a *****
and this ditch could be their tomb.

Red hot momma
always ready for a drama
sheds her clothes with certain flair,

the first truck passing
almost crashin'
as the driver slowed to stare.

Ring-a- Round Sally,
lollin' in an alley
two flyin' over the moon
they toured the world
until their long hair curled
and they came home
crazy as loons.

Patty M
Jolan Lade Apr 2018
I dont understand
I thought i had a plan, a way
I got born into this wasteland
Shot into this quicksand
I want to name it a no man´s land
But everyone want´s to claim the right
And they fight
I have trouble understanding.
They hand me this brand
Then commanding me to do "an expanding"
In this world where everyone is grandstanding
Im trying to throttle down to make this landing
One thought scares me
That this might be everlasting.
!M just a little one who´s in progress, far from finished...
Robert C Howard Aug 2017
When the arc of his watch hands  
reached the top of the hour
Sam pushed the throttle forward.

Engine 138 thundered
out of Blossburg station
like an iron dragon
breathing smoke and steam -
whistle shrilling over the Tioga valley.

Powered by coal
the train carried coal
to the waiting city of Elmira
where Sam would press his mother's hand -
perhaps for the final time.

The wheels churning iron on iron
across Pennsylvania farmlands,
turned like other wheels before
moving settlers west
to break its ready earth -
wheels beneath his grandfather's oxcart
turning toward Lycoming's verdant hills.

New wheels now carried America
to urban landscapes
drawing us like electro-magnets
to streetlamps - factories - dry good stores -
new crops for a modern age.

Elmira’s silhouette expanded on the horizon.
and Sam pulled the train in on time -
brakes screeching through billowing steam.

His wife, Jenny and his sister's Sam
came in a horseless carriage
with Zoe, Marie and Edward,
children now grown at their sides.

They all gathered by Hannah's bed
now approaching her final hours
soft voices and fragile smiles
cradled the truth beyond all telling:

Time, ever advancing
like the hands of a fine old watch,
holds us all in its circling sway

© 2006 by Robert Charles Howard
The Dybbuk Nov 2018
The game stops being fun,
When you spend a night full-throttle,
And can't remember if your headache's,
from a needle or a bottle.
The game stops being cool,
When you throw up in your yard,
When you look inside your mirror,
And behind your eye's you're scarred.
The game stops being fine,
When you start to fear a hug,
Because you almost check their pockets,
For some money, for some drugs.
The game comes to an end,
When you realize what you are,
When you give in to your urges,
And you OD in your car.
~~Everything is fine~~
I was
no fool                        
and here
my favor
was one
that overcame
a voice
of salacious
mold and
might throttle
my goad
and too
berserk with
her bare
in this
fold with
Carroll Stream

that extreme
today in
Carol Stream
there was
the cold
went to
bed with
a sweater
just to
wake a
buddy in
Claremont weather
that a
whiplash tomorrow
made best
picture in
ole  LA
Suburban Chicago
Hereshecomes Aug 10
Murmurs on pillow
throbbing at temples
made of steel
by now.

Hear me out
I said
holding signs
visible to me
and to me

But silence
is a temptation I can’t resist
as the body trembles
at full throttle
to the beats of innocence

or is it
cognitive dissonance?
Lash Nov 1
my juices flow openly,
please never let go of me.
spill yourself and
let your scent linger throughout my depth so that i can find my way back to you.
this energy speaks for itself,
sometimes it takes full control,
full throttle
with cheat codes,
to unlock my beast mode...
i will always find my way back to you.
my essence can heal you
just show me the real you.
Release amma/

break armor

Cortazon open/

open yours to/

if it's meant to be/

the light will shine through/

guide you/

Spirit will find you/

the way/

where love always stays/

this is not a dream/

it will comes to those who speak what they mean

open door for amor/

open my roots/

my heart is the truth/
gaining patience and a kind point of view/

My family joins me in the future/

no ruler/

Aphrodite shine brightly/

bless her heart with lust light and trust so kindly./

For she can't fight me

/ and i can't fight her/

yesterday was such a blur/

thinking about her /

day and night/

his feelings about her so bright no more fights/

Let the Druth find us /

The Druth will find us

let the lies depart us/

we wake /

we know the truth /

white by it's glows/

you tell me the root /

I tell you the clues/

We told them the truth.

Mother gaia resting in prayer

lend me your skill/

we shall meet and lay still/

Moon father/

shine off what bothers/

Release all that was bottled/

when me and her meet/

we lay full throttle/  

new light shine through

round earth mother's birth

i'm flat when I sing to you/

Inferno lust /

the fire of passion

bring us satisfaction/

lust unbridled desire/

bring it to me now/

what I require not what I admire

I complete me/ you complete you/

bind us/

bless our union/

joined by coven/

our union bound by flame/

two different paths, their goal is the same/

winds to the east/

sun by moon / distribute this thought real soon/

Goddess shine the path/

MY lover/

reading my heart like a map/

Another to one

and one to another/

We're our own true lovers/

This fate was chosen for me/

A match made in heaven by the powers of seven

with this candle/

let it shine like any man can do/

  Agriminy mixed with Rue

love bond broken/


whole heartedly/

send my letter to the holder of my heart/

deliver this art

receive my star/

be who you are

tie the knots/

meet me /

charm me

do no harm to me/

Red strings to braid/

I sing away it's disarray /

red pink roses/ Cherry incense/

I gulped the rose water in an instant/

kiss when we meet/

greet me

with all that you been missing with peace/

Light as the airy sounds of our voice/  

conversations when we meet

talking merriment /

blossoming experience/

I see you shine/

i see you often/

i see you perfect/

see her fall in love with him/

see us now/  

the opportunity

is not just a hangout/

the universe waves

merging us as two

connecting us/

our love is the universe waving back at you

it was the night of the waxing moon/

The moon shoned bright/

affection to the sun

fall for the one/

come to them/

if i lose my sight/

i will still draw a heart in the air

and say let's unite/

sorry past

but my future is bright/

come to me my lonely night/

for our love

our hearts shall be/

as we will it/

so mote it be

Come in a time of need

with no greed

My work shall heed/

From western winds

My love shall be

me the infinite sky

and her the immortal sea
AJ James Mar 14
Sweet, my sweet, you taste like enlightenment.
Heightened to full-throttle maximum,
Your everything hums in my bones, *****.

Liquid lust, a dangerous smile, so tempting...
Fading into nothingness
Because you deny your feelings for me.

Head my warning, my sweet and low,
Forward motion will cause us to separate eternally.
Might I get one more taste of you, my sweet?

My heart cannot take another whack.
Back to singularity, back to just me being me.
Back to always relying on only my "me".

Feed me with your reconciliation,
Hail the absolution you seek,
It's empty in my open fist.

This wasn't my intention, to send you running
Furiously, away from an idea of me and you and us
Thus... us will never be.

Thus, you and me will never see the light of day
I see that now: wide-eyed, tear inducing,
Bright, light, truth shoved forcefully down my throat,
I see that now.

Won't you come to terms with your own mortality?
Contrary to what you think, time is ticking
Whisking away your internal, ticking time bomb of a heart.

Art is what we'd create if you'd surrender and just start
To see the potential we could make, my sweet,
You really do taste like heightened glory.

My sweet, for me, you are purity
You stir me to my core, my sweet,
I wish you could be my sweetness, my reprieve.

Hear me when I say, I will always crave
Every last bit of affection you gave
To my eager, bleeding heart.

Sweet, my sweet, you taste like fire,
Igniting my purpose, I worship at your altar.
Faltered steps, echo from your side of the bed.

As you leave me, my sweet.
You always leave me, my sweet.
You are so sweet, please stay with me, my sweet.
Ben Tol Feb 13
Well.. Take: Two has fallen through,
Should they try for Take: Three? Or just let things be...
People say that the third times the charm, but is it worth the harm,
When the second crack of the whip made them lose their grip.

There's a heavy deposit of skeletons in their closet,
Without a shadow of doubt, once the dooors opened the demons will come flooding out,
No control of emotions, numerous times have they caused extreme commotions,
Surpressing their memories, has caused problems in a multitude of territories.

Each corner turned, has left them perturbed,
At the front of the race, constantly chased by disgrace,
Cannot evade the past, wearing a smile as a mask,
A negative mood is nigh on impossible to elude, when corrupted thoughts continuously intrude.

Reliant on a bottle to release their full throttle,
Narcotics are an escape, ingested to alter the view of their own mindscape,
An array of illicit highs, have been used to speed up or slow down time,
Multiple mental chokes, caused after ploom, after ploom of differing smokes.

The director has tried more than once to call cut, but that pathway was shut,
Family and friends shouting to not let the show end,
The final curtain was nearly drawn, but the show still goes on,
"You have to continue! Let the world know the talent that's in you!"
In our dreams may you visit us grimly
In reality may you throttle me
For our lives are giving you life dearly
Taking one at a time in sleep you be
Death is coming to another local
In misty nights where you can roam in free
What true evil may look like in actual
Terrified victims are only to see!
Night after night you visit us for life
But in final breath they uttered your name
Now scared villagers are sleepless at night
The late Petar Blagojevich's to blame!
An entity that terrifies us all
That can cause this chockful village its fall!
T Nov 2018
So I have but one is for her so it may seem
This love has got a hold of me......I really love her can't you see
Eventhough the tears from the outside they no longer fall.....the ones on the inside they tell the story of it all
For I can get away no more.......I want her back and that's for sure
The tales I tell they don't make sense......for the way we left it ...what about the beautiful house and the white picket fence
Ok so I made too many and my heart it breaks
Ok so now when there is no one around.....alone I cry the tears of a clown
One more wish I must use..but a genie I hope is in this botlle.....or this whole world I will throttle
With these cries I hold deep inside.....this love I have for her I will no longer hide
#this wish has been made
T Dec 2018
I can swear I got a message from my mom......she told me to remain calm
If you love someone go for it full throttle......don't keep it locked up in the bottle
The moral of this story ...sad but true....she obviously knows the pain I have been suffering through
The woman that truly love she does not even know I am alive........I was sitting and waiting for a sign to arrive
And like it was the Angel above(my mom) go straight for the one I love
In the dream she said to have patience and fortitude...or this this love will elude
The story of all this is more than just a dream......for Every thing if life is a lot easier than it does seem.

So to my mom high above the cloud....and I will say this pray and say it our loud....I will do what I must and do what I can...and always make you proud
For dreams and wishes do come all depends on how and what you do.
#thank you mom you will always be my guiding light...and for all my wishes I will look above and close my eyes and pray...and when they open I will never loose sight.
patty m May 16
My intoxicating kisses
no near misses,
sweet and deep
they seep through your bloodstream
one hundred proof and
who can stay aloof
as knees buckle
and I suckle every inch of you.
lust rising high
take me quickly, Lover
or you'll think you're going to die.

Burning desire
like whiskey's fire
burns reality away
only you can tame the flame
driving yourself insane
with yearnings to be sated.
My charm is understated,
my power unknown
but darling you're the one,
my love is yours alone.

I acquiesce, giving you
what you want this time
need leaves you wanton
warm and sublime.
I'm yours for the taking
drink me up or set me down
I'm whiskey in a bottle
baby, and I'll burn you
to the ground.

Addiction, makes you weak
we barely speak,
imbribe, and scribe
words on a page
sage wisdom of ages
filling the pages
while want surges
merging with heat
leaving you weak.
You thought I was pawn
now I am the queen
drink me down quickly
to polish the sheen.
Withdrawn, vagabond
drooping half dead
I'm your fantasy lover
my whispers whirl
in  your head.
drown out pain
as I tease, cajole
your assets extole
while cutting your legs off
down to your kness
I'm your Mistress baby
and I'll do as I please.
or feel the whip
as I bind you in chains,
brains addled, once wise
now tortured mindless
one merely surmises
truth in helpless cries.
And yet you sometimes rise
above it all
bandy about like the ****
on the wall

**** a doodle do
coo coo ca choo,
too bad for you.
cut off, cut down
you're merely a clown
playing out fantasy

coddled lamb
to hell you'll be ******
while I'm still feeling frisky,
I'm one hundred proof
sometime aloof
I'm your genie in the bottle
going full throttle

I'm Whiskey
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