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Mohd Arshad Jan 2018
War is a capsizing ship
AprilDawn May 2014
Orb of amber sizzling-
like fried egg,
on griddle blue sky.

Peanut butter puffs
fill the air-
spotted dog reclines,
dreaming of steak.

Beaded lamp shines-
across desk, dresses
dark corners in light.

                   Purple velvet sky -                  
                 sprinkled rhinestone stars,
                  fuchsia horizon beckons.

                   Empty Koi pond, dark
                  murky water hosting only –
                       green algae.
Two of these made it to my college  literary magazine for publishing !
Reneeza Feb 2014
Its been my birthday
You did not even call
Completely shattered my heart
The hardest fall of all.
I waited for hours and hours
Not a glimpse nor sound of you
Wondering what went wrong
And if all of this were even true.
I stayed there waiting for you
But I'm kind of glad.
I'll be the best you never had.
Keiko Larrieux May 2010
Chronic high
Heating cool stairs
Pushing buttons to alarm sighs

Causing you to yearn
Causing me to learn

Chronic high
Heating cool stairs
Pushing buttons to move leg and arms

Abrasive winds on the follicles of an ear

Bursting chimes
Scrabbling nickels …dimes

You send messages
Twisting thoughts
Momentarily fined

You scribbled messages
I could read
This time
You defined
Auroleus Mar 2013
As the month of February draws to a close,
I look back on how dismal a month it's been for me.
Now, February is typically my least favorite month of the year,
Meteorologically speaking,
But personal problems almost always find a way
To add insult to injury during this
Stunted funked up month.

The perpetual cloud cover matches
My mind,
As the pleasant and unpleasant coil,
The inquisitive, favorable nature I bear
Seems to pack up and vanish as if into thin air.

Let's recap.
Let's not.

Well then.
Tammy M Darby Nov 2018
It without reservation can be said
Light on their indistinct feet these apparitions
Having no physical form

Cavorting of course with analogous kinds
On human emotions, they dine
Waltzing with elegance and ease
Disappearing as they please
Showcasing their unearthly skills
Rattling their chains
And moaning with glee

Ah yes it can most assuredly be said
I enjoy
Dancing with ghosts of the dead
It is the event of a lifetime
And is a rare phenomenon amongst the living

But not be envious of their steps
For throughout their existence they may never rest
It is a clandestine situation at best
Though they frolic gaily

Imprisoned between two worlds
Ignoring their dilemma
Nebulous phantoms
Continuing to whirl

Still, in good conscience, I cannot deny
Even with their trickery and constant cries
And disregarding the fact they are dead
What a delightful experience it truly is
Dancing with ghosts of the dead

All Right Reserved @ Tammy M Darby Nov. 3,  2018.
Re-Write Feb. 11, 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base.
trhey may nevr eestSo if you seek ***
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
There's only so much you could do,
Don't go against your own limit,
Doesn't push yourself, don't overdo,
Your wellbeing is more important.
Your wellbeing is more important.

~A.d |14 Feb 2015
Broken Condom Feb 2014

and surely

we’re destroying our world,


the children of the future,

our ****** society.

we don’t learn,

we take in mindless information

digest it, unsettling,

***** it all up

just like when we were infants

being spoon sped that **** they sell at supermarkets

i was depressed and angry but this one is more happy
Sara L Russell Feb 2014
14th Feb 2014

They are all around us, 
within, without, above, behind and before us;
Fanning the flames of the famous, the wealthy and fortunate
with secret agendas and infamous fame of their own.

I throw a stone
send it crashing through houses of glass; I see their
comings and goings in the Grove of Bohemia;
drinkers and liars; role-playing fraternity fools.

There are rules.
It takes more than just peeing at trees to be properly manly;
secrecy more than life is at stake when the fodder is human,
throw off your cares to the punitive furnace of hate.

Such ill-fate
that begets our world leaders, hatched out of a tangible darkness;
parasitic, calamitous, venomous world-gobbling evil
Mammon, devourer of souls, will preside at the feast.

And the Beast,
Fourth Beast of Daniel, squats at the head of the table,
fabled for pitiless torture of souls in transgression,
slavers and gloats over innocence lost and despoiled.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
To those who are not worried by what our world leaders get up to at Bohemian Grove: perhaps you should be.
Tsaa Aug 2016
Goodbye to the poems I once wrote about you
All the prayers I prayed just to see you
I step away from the door you never opened for me
My heart finally learned how to beat in normal pace whenever I see you
Even the songs about you start to mean nothing to me
The most painful part of my goodbye
Is saying goodbye to something that was never mine
i got over this person long ago, it's just now i decide to post this here
Nat Lipstadt Feb 2016

Jan 31, 2014

Victuals Victim

There is a contest this day,
that does not involve my P.S.F.
(Preferred Sport Franchise)

truly, don't give a good ****** who wins,
but that is no excuse to deny me
my victim status,
my Sir Sore Loser demeanor,
so poorly,
in season's long suffering
so richly,

A triumvirate of
Doctor, G.F. and battery
of medically intrusive tests,
have ruled on the field,
that but once a year,
a conjugal visit permitted,
tween my arteries and chicken wings,
is legally permissive.

there will pigs in blankets
oinking, demanding attention,
sliders and mini right sized,
bite sized potato knishes
(at least in New York City)
cole slaw juices,  
even a
foreign dignitary,
Sayyid Cous-Cous,
all lining up along side
the quarterback  
who will be slinging
'winging' honey and spicy passes
to his favorite receiver,
this couch coach
and today's impartial line judge.

This is my Super Sunday fare,
antithesis of a pre-Day of Atonement fasting meal.
where gluttony
is deemed
less than kosher

If insufficiently highbrow,
for all you poetic aesthetes,
have no fear,
this athlete gastronomic,,
victim of his victuals,
will prepare mentally
to reverse course afterwards,
by hanging out
with King Lear yet once more,
sharing a verbal tasting menu fare,
a recollection of a prior years repast,
this King,
an unrepentant Manchester man-fan,
who knew me too well,
and once condemned me,
after an historic NY Giants Super Bowl celebratory,
all too many years ago,
as follows:

"A knave; a rascal; an eater of broken meats;
a base, proud, shallow, beggarly, three-suited,
hundred-pound, filthy, worsted-stocking knave;
a lily-livered, action-taking knave, a whoreson,
glass-gazing, super-serviceable finical rogue;
one-trunk-inheriting slave;
one that wouldst be a bawd,
in way of good service, and art nothing but
the composition of a knave, beggar, coward, pandar,
and the son and heir of a mongrel *****:
one whom I
will beat into clamorous whining,
if thou deniest
the least syllable of thy addition.”

― William Shakespeare, King Lear


Feb. 2, 2014

My leash is on,
I am to be walked

ad melius parare hominem,
to better prepare man,
before the coma of wings and a super sized
tackles, invades and overtakes,
his nation's soul.

by the East River
will I be perambulated,
each lying-down,
pedestrian drawning of a chalk figure,
directing the course
of a river walk
drawn and quartered
just for me.

chatting to the gulls
re the river's latest delicacies,

comparing my upcoming menu
for overlapping interest,
while praying the bicyclists,
on my body,
have tender mercies.

because I will,
all the walking while
be silently recording poems,

to tribute the international nation
of poets and the
global sport of
that knows no leagues,
or geographic


Feb 5, 2014

leftover chicken wings and other love nonsense

the woman disregards
what's best for me,
instead, gives me with the
kindest of disregards,
what's best for me,
for this is the kindness
that hallmark stamps
upon the softened heart,
the long lasting kind
of kind

before your childlike
tap tap attention away-wains,
bring you this,
a treatise,
on leftover chicken wings
and other nonsensical
finger food additions,
to inspire, to find innovation,
in expressing, reclaiming and newly exclaiming
that miscreant four letter word,
that appears in those unsilent majority,
99% of them, other entrants
the Bohème poèmes,
residing in our Mr. Roger's neighborhood

in some poem writ recent,
poet pontificated,
that the most overused words, yes,
those abused three,
(duh, I love you)
degraded by overuse,
lost their poetic juice
thru constant repetition,
almost being nearly boringly indecent,
even when
boldly italicized

the impact upon the reader
lives in the lies in the realm of
"oh yeah, that's nice"

far, far better
to be best in show,
deduce how renewed,
to meaty demonstrate
rather than
insistently remonstrate,
in newer ways,
every day
that grade A choice

to say, par example,
that serving day old chicken wings means,
you know what...

Some get tea and oranges,
me, I get cherished
when our repast is
twice recast,
when she feeds me
leftover chicken wings,
both kinds,
spiced and honey
that come all the way
from her heart

so, now do you know why
has two L's?

(answer: lucky in love)

for the luck-river-runs
lie just neath
the silliness currents swirling,
where kissing knuckles unexpectedly,
******* the exhausted,
tucking them in,
going out for emergency ice cream
in the midst of a
polar vortex,
recording the game to wee hour watch later,
so she may hang with the notorious outlaw
"Downtown Abbey Gang,"
watching at the
proper English place and time,
leaving the celebrating of life's  leftovers,
for the morrow sup,
with chicken wings and 0
other things
and other heartfelt,
but unhealthy,
warm heartening
food additions

that folks,
is how you write
a poem in deed,
one that will be returned to you
in reads

when you want to explain how,
you can, truly, sigh,
you know,
love another...
employing with decoying,
sinful, leftover chicken  wings
then you too be mastering,
the poetic life
of sonnet and song

all three posted here on the specified dates and modestly edited,
on this day,
in anticipation of a winged revival
this hallowed eve of
two seven sixteen
martin murray Feb 2016
Police broke their baton
Caught a thief with a weapon
In the court was an easy decision
Judge said 20 years in prison
He did 15 years in depression
And 5 years on probation
Police got high recommendation
Now one is the police commissioner
Drives about with chauffeur
Now her friends are missing her
The fellas will never forget dancing with her
Community is growing like flowers
Each time police break a baton then they catch a criminal with a weapon
Paul Hardwick Feb 2012
O where has the love gone.
The love I so cherished.
The sweat.
The sweet smile.
Warm embrace.
Misplace smile on your face.
The nod the wink.
Or that look in your eye.
That tells me I am wrong.
The look that catches my breath.
And scarers me half to death.
Princess where has that love gone?

For when we met you in the 60’s.
It was love on that road.
I had hair, and love and *****.
Such a heavy load.

O where has the love gone.
Ashley Nicole Feb 2015
They say there's a universe in each of us

And I only want to explore your's
I'm cheesy at this hour.
Jordan Kit May 2011
He saw you hurry down his door steps,
You did not stay the night.
He saw you hurry down his door steps,
Bouncing, even skipping in your flight.

He saw you walking on the boulevard,
You stuck to shadows all the way.
He saw you walking on the boulevard,
Entwined forever in this game you play.

You thought he didn't notice,
Blinded to your sin.
You thought he didn't notice,
The condition you are in.

He's not here you thought, so perfect,
Your lies will not be found.
He's not here you thought, so perfect,
Your heart telltale thumping underground.

He took the long way home,
He had to clear his head.
He took the long way home,
Wondering whether love is dead.

The winter wind was whipping,
Biting at his ears.
The winter wind was whipping,
His cheeks wet with tears.

He imagined your dress falling,
You rolling on his bed.
He imagined your dress falling,
So on the way he said,

"Why should I go home tonight?
It's not like she stayed true.
Why should I go home tonight?"
Said as if to you.

You cried after the first night,
He took the first train West.
You cried after the first night,
You never would have guessed.

The second night was harder still,
He left even his phone,
The second night was harder still,
He left his life, he left you there, crying all alone.

Next night you wept and knew your fault,
Betrayal betrayed you.
Next night you wept and knew your fault,
The love that could have grew.

Months had passed and time stood still,
Naught but guilt to get you by.
Months had passed and time stood still,
Your prayers answered, he called and asked you, "Why?"

Your heart it started racing,
Your words must be precise.
Your heart it started racing,
Leap of faith upon thin ice.

"I don't know what came over me,
I fear this void inside.
I don't know what came over me,
From my faults I cannot hide."

"I miss you now so dearly,
Won't you please come home?
I miss you now so dearly,
You no longer need to roam."

"I saw you hurry down his door step,
But that was just the start.
I saw you hurry down his door step,
As you trampled o'er my heart."

"I don't believe in love no more,
So I left it all behind.
I don't believe in love no more,
I kept looking for sign."

"Was nothing there in Omaha,
Nowhere further was I shown.
Was nothing there in Omaha,
Naught I hadn't known."

"Circumstance has changed me,
Our love it was not real.
Circumstance has changed me,
Your love I didn't feel."

It was over, a new day,
Tone hummed to her reply.
It was over, a new day,
She dropped the phone only to cry.
Feb 19, 1991 - July 7, 2013
My Friend, My Soul Brother, My Classmate
Joshua Louis Von Steenburgh
I Love You
I Miss You
May you Rest In Peace
I know you're still here with me Vonnie I love you bro I'll always remember you and continue you writing you always believed in me. You were one of my favorite lyricist just could flow off the top of your head and rhyme exquisite lines that captured my mind, I still hear you Vonnie.
Vanessa Viniegra Jun 2019
Storms in life don't break the strong they just chip away the superficial to reveal the true and better self in the end. Someone may have thought they were controlling you because it appeared you moved less but in the end it was just the cocoon until you broke out into a better self :)

For a while now she's been wondering what she could have possibly done to karmically deserve this. She has been racking her brain for months now trying to find that one act of selfishness, that one wrong deed so perverse the divine universe decided to send you as her punishment. But now, the fog has lifted, and her once hazy vision has grown clear. And for the first time in a long time she can see the truth -- the truth about people like you. Furthermore, she would just like to thank you... Thank you for using her, for taking advantage of a forward-thinking young woman to advance your own male interests. Thank you for stifling her passions, for making her give up everything she loved outside of you. Thank you for frightening her with your temper, for screaming at her, hitting her, and constantly reminding her that she was not valuable - she was replaceable. Thank you for making her feel small, for being so threatened by her intelligence you chose to unleash your active misogyny every opportunity that allowed. Thank you for making her witness injustices, for treating all those below you unfairly and for trying to silence her voice. Thank you for giving her a glimpse into the male psyche of a sociopath, and for reassuring her that objectification is one of the first steps to oppression. Thank you for showing her that she needed something else - a change - something greater than herself and far greater than you. Thank you for showing her that she deserved better. Because now, because of you, she is better than ever. Because of the manipulation, the discrimination, and the way you crushed her, she found a strength she never knew she had. And for that, she would like to thank you.

Your Previous Punching Bag
Paul Feb 2011
One day a year we dedicate a rose or two
to those we love who pull us through.

We put words on candies,
take off scanty *******,
and let hot , whispered breaths carry
the glories of love.

I can't be "Us" cause I'm fresh out of you.

We aren't lovers, don't kiss under covers,
And I don't suspect that we will.

But I couldn't be me
if you didn't see
the sun in my soul
just begging to rise.  

What color rose stands for "Thank you for saving
me every day with your smile?"

Let's change the rules, who says that we can't?
The "Others" I know aren't that significant.

But you know my fears,
have seen me in tears,
have stood by me after all of these years.

I want you to know that I love you.

Love the wrinkle in your eye when you giggle.

                                            Love when we laugh about things no one else sees.

Love you despite all your perceived imperfections.

And should the world take me tomorrow,
I'd be filled with regret if
the love that I'd carried
became the love that they buried
rarely spoken, and never spent.

                                       This 14th, tell someone what they mean to you.

Never assume that someone else will.
Copyright Paul Langdon February 2011
Daniel Regan Feb 2015
Can I lay next to you when we have a rainy day?

Can I say all my neglected words that I never got to say?

Can I hold your gentle hands in the way I always wished?

Can I tell you there was never a second that you were not deeply missed?

Can I tell you that the light today seems to hit your face just right?

Can I tell you that your smile glimmers more radiant than the stars at night?

Can I tell you of the kiss that I’m struggling to keep from you?

Can I tell you it’s not the only thing I never wanted held from you?

Can I tell you of my past regrets that hold me back from life?

Can I tell you that your unobtainable love is my greatest source of strife?

Can I let my emotions get the best of me without a judgment passed?

Can I step away from this tattered guise and show you everything I've masked?

Can I tell you of a time when you were simply enough?

Can I tell you that I loved you more than how our lives are tough?

Can I tell you that I loved you more than how our futures will be rough?

Can I tell you that I’d love you more than our accomplishments and stuff?

Can I tell you that I’d love you more than our life would get tough?

Can I tell you that I’d love you more that our future would be rough?

Can I pull you close with all my might and kiss your lips once more?

Can I hold you in my arms again and say it’s you that I adore?

Can I be the person you've always wanted while being faithful to my core?

Or will I forever be held at this distance and afraid to open that door?

Or will I finally be free of my in capabilities to see our souls finally soar?
A Catherine May 2013
Like the broken wing of songbird, my head hangs limply about my shoulders.  Bowed in resignation, I pay homage to powers I can no longer resist nor deny.  Reluctantly, I allow my skin to soak in this broken, gray home I’ve built for myself.  Like bathwater that’s gone cold, it offers no comfort; and like a tree’s sap, it clings to me.

My health has been stolen from this young body.  I have submitted; the flame of fight died long ago and the memory of its light has finally sputtered out.  With true darkness comes a plague baring the pit that grows in my gut and the lump that chokes the air from my throat.  And as my lungs catch fire, they scream for my heart – crying out for help.  A heart full of blood to put out the flames that lick their way up soft, pink tissue, but there is no relief to be found.  There is no heart full of blood, only a note that says, “Looking for greener pastures.  I’ll be sure to send a postcard.”
adr Apr 2014
Two years ago I learned that you were important. You mattered (I didn't).
You always wanted to **** yourself and
I always wanted to save you.

Two years later I learned that I was important. I mattered (too).
You still wanted to **** yourself and
I realized I couldn't save you.
Knotts Island  10:oo pm wedsday Feb  9   2011

It was like any other night spent at the doctors office slash
Dr Jerry's trailer.
Drink fine deep conversation about world events and *******.

I had went to the porch for some  introspection  and to take a ****.
Dear Lord Man!
What I saw was proof i had done way to many drugs and slipped yet into another rambling state of Gonzo.

White  powder covered the ground  it was a gift from Jesus or Elvis really   whats the diffrence?
Hunk a hunk burning  clap  it was pouring ******* from the sky !
I burst through the door like Lindsy Lohan fresh outta rehab

Jerry !  
What are we yelling about Jerry?

I dont know but zip your pants up.
I know your a **** but I dont need to see it as proof.
Jerry a doctor a fellow brother of Gonzo
and true deep thinker.

****** man what was i gonna say i really need to lay off
the drink *******  Dr Pepper.
Well smack my **** and paint me purple and sell me to the Canadians.
dont ask.

Jerry good lord man look  outside its a true miricle.
Now only if it would rain strippers and wild turkey.
That would really be proof the easter bunny existed!

Jerry shaking his head for he knew his drugged out mental asylum bound  friend with a heart of gold or at least bronz  needed some alone
time in a padded cell looked out the window.

See i told you !
It's ******* snow Gonz ya *****.
snow what the hell's that I thought to myself while speaking
out load on a poetry site   where people think what the **** is wrong with him.

****** I should go outside more than once a year.
these seasons really throw me off like Skeeter  on
a cold night.
****** i told you  not untill you pay for last time ******!

She was a true lady just wish she took credit.
After a breif explanation time travel and where babies come from.
Dr Jerry returned to his favorite hobby surffing facebook
for underage *****  hey dont judge  how do ya think i met my wife?

Yeah man look at this one amigo sent me a friends request.
Jerry showed me a pic of a hot looking chick
and being she was good looking and talking to Jerry ment either
two things.

One the Gonzo On facebook page was down due to such high traffic
cause im super awsome.
Dork  you got like 14 friends.
Jerry went back to looking at the computer screen.
ha ha ha ha ha *** not funny.
I know you are but what am I?!

****** man he always get's me with his mature 40 something living
in his grandmas back yard  logic oh snap girlfriend.

Or Two  this little monkey  was really a ****** or a mormon
whats  the diffrence but enough with the foreplay children.
Jerry sat deep in thought and four **** hits and ten shots of turkey later sat the puzzled.

Amigo what do i say to break the ice?

The lights dimmed  a voice from the heavens spoke or New Jersy
John Tesh  apeared from the closet  ****** man i thought i herd really boring music from there i thought the rat poisen would get him for sure.      
When thought's are blured and both hands are busy.
When you just cant seem to find the words to break the
ice to that hot little hamster across the net,

Take that extension cord from around your neck and get
head out the oven dam you Slyvia Plath.
Just call dah da da dah da or however it ****** goes
sorry i dont watch   super hero movies although
I need a pair of thoose tights.

Move aside silly girl I'll break the ice for you!
Umm  no Gonz thats okay Jerry replyed in that no
but it means  yes seductive five packs of cigs a day
sandpaper voice of his.

Trust me Jerry  Im a writer and i know how to
talk to the ladies  yes my friend how they do love Gonzo
Oh they pull out there pepper spray fire there guns
but inside they have a thirst for crazy.

No Gonz it's okay.
Dont mention it Jerry.
Gonz !
Jerry !
What the **** were we talking about and why the ****
are you in my lap!
Good question my friend but least your happy to see me.

At the keys the master or insane half wit began his
works of geinus this would break the ice for sure!

Dear Sarah

Wow all I can say is me likey.
And may I say that sweater really brings out your *******.
We should get togather and  talk  bout  things
while naked in bed to bare are souls.

Something about me.
My name is Jerry im  superbadass hells yeah.
I like drinking other peoples beer i can bench like a
thousand pounds.

I have a big   tv. What get your mind outta the gutter!
Lets drop the small talk you know ya want it why fight it.
Let that inner tigress out meow kitty  
Lets get naugthy and do things to make us both
purr in the litter box.

Kisses Dr Jerry   giggles and a gay *** emicon,

Yeah I know what your saying no wonder im such a ****.
And no wonder i have to pay for *** and im always alone.

After some mock tears and a snuggle   we waited for I know a
turned on little nymphs  reply.

Hey Kids it's  time to play are favorite snow game.
car surffing  in the blizzard cause im a drunken idiot
okay that kinda hurt.

Driving around the mean streets of KI  hopping officer
Rutherford was off duty or searching some drunk woman
looking for  some goodies hey I wonder where my sister is?

We at the rip roaring speed of 10 miles a hour What ?!
Hey saftey first that and the snow made it really hard for Jerry to hold onto the roof and pass the bottle.

We laughed we cried we lit are farts and made a beautiful
snow sculpture of two snow people getting freaky right in the middle of the road  hey kids blame it on the Beatles.

After we took out a few mail boxes stole a few garden gnomes
And taught a jaded soul how to love agian  we were
back at the office slash trailer in jerry's grandmas backyard
yes to think he's really come a long way since the tent.

By the warmth of the fire  music and fine drink to
match are deep conversation.

Hey dude ya think think that extenze stuff really works?
And if so if you took a lifetime supply  could you answer the door without getting outta bed?.      
The knock at the door was sudden.
****** man I knew it! Snow monkeys hide the
penut butter  and  put on some Kenny G!
Hey **** Kenny G  
Dam you John Tesh Go back into the closet where you belong!

Jerry looked at me as he usally does.
Like this ******* really needs some shock treatment.
Talk about a charge.

After Jerry assured me it wasnt the artic monkey's come to take there revenge   and promised to read me a bed time story what!
I have a inner child oh was starved of kickass stories.
Like Jack And The Beanstalk ,Catcher And The Rye,Or Debbie Does Dallas.

I opened the door to see a  large angry looking man
with a axe in his hand hmm dam lumber jacks  there always
on the job.

Are you the perve that wrote my 13 year old daughter that perverted
email on facebook?

Oh no im Gonzo im the other pervert who writes really long rambling stories on a a poetry website that arent really poetry
or very good,And drinks alot and doesnt make much sense

Yet always bring a laugh to demented people across the globe
cause yeah im super bad ***...

The man stood unfazed gritting his teeeth *******
me with his eyes hey it's cold okay.

Uhh no sir that's the perve your looking for over there
looking at your daughters pics hey ****** man we have
company  stop that.

I made my exit to the sound of screams it was like
a pit bull was latched onto a girl scout the agony    
Well looks like things were off to a good start Jerry was already meeting Sarahs  parent.

No need to thank me  Jerry
Remember kids if ya need a little help in time of need.
Look no further than Gonzo.

Slower than a fast moving virus.
He can leap small dwarfs and some short big girls in a single bound

Gonzo fly's  of into the night in a epic soon to be forgotten.
B movie moment.
Stay Crazy.

Look Im flying.  **** tree!

Splat , Crash, Boom  Ouch Shitfire And Flying Monkeys
Next time I'll take a cab.

Adios Amigo's
Id like to thank the  academy.
Blues clues  Bigfoot.

Skeeter for passing out that one night and not waking up or at least not charging.

and to think i took screen writting and they had the nerve to
tell me i was crazy and id never find anyone who thought this was funny.

you like me your really like me well kinda and you thank God i dont
live nextdoor.

The credits roll  Gonz and Roses play.  

He's just a small island nut job living in a naughty minded world.
He took the midnight train  and as the semi hot hurled.
Yeah held here hair.

Dont stop reading.
Hang to that ***** feeling .
Just not in public or it can get ya trouble im just saying.

Thank you  Detroit  
Nat Lipstadt Feb 2015
Feb. 2015

this writ,
content so obvious,
it begs,
why even bother...

Pen Man Ship

this is who you are,
this is your scent, scripted,
the parfume that memory triggers
declarative self-examination passing grades

if pen and paper
are your skin and blood,
then you, man,
ship to shore,
skinned alive,
in poems verbose spill all

ship in ship out,
the glories and the dreads,
expel ink oceans glorious India blue,
rivulets of tributaries,
spillages of what~where,

you are pen
you are man
you are ship

where intersect these routed things,
one is voyage~bound
for parts unknown

the pen be the oar,
and the man, the ship,
and when the sails raised,
the wind never fails,
only there is no
dead reckoning -

for there are no
landmarks observable
when sit~stand
to commence sail~writing

each writ a latitude recorded,
each poem a longitude drawn,
all together, a
body of work,
all together,
your life's coursework
is the captain's log

Pen is the Man is the Ship

in everyday words
he answers
the questions life poses,
in everyday words,
he realizes
the answers he (doesn't) posses,
with each passing poem
the ship, righted,
though the heading
remans unknown
Fiona Trancy Jan 2017
You wore your top hat with authority
And glimmered like her priority
My madness slipped away in a dream
Similar to the hare's self esteem
You could make anything with that voice
The elegance was no longer my choice
As crowds near
Proposing nothing if not fear
You held out the rose for her
My flooded lungs became a blur
I'd carry the rabbit
Rid the torturous habit
Yet you chose to stay comfy in her web
I don't doubt how frail I'll be this Feb
The thorns could be seen from quite great length
I knew I was torn from malice and lacked the strength
Though your charm proved to cause such a fright
I wouldn't avoid your deathly bite
You'd despise me had you knew
Yet that only sprinkled my eyes a pretty black and blue
True, the cards may have fell in her favor
I just hope I don't make you regret that white rose you gave her
DC raw love Feb 2015
it is that time of year
where hearts are upon us

to the young
they are only paper hearts
given to a friend

never knowiing

what is love
what is pain

lonly hearts
may feel the same

make no mistake
love is great

shower them well
with loving gifts

show her love and apprciate
romance like no other

she holds your heart
and you hold her's

do something different
not them norm

stuffed animals
are all the same

i can tell you a secret
that drives them insane

broken hearts
can make amends

enjoy this day with loving hearts
who was saint valintine?
Where from here
Art thou heading to?
On errand?
I believe
Oh! Wait and hear;
I have a message for 'them'
Branch up there
Tell them for us
That 'they' have done us evil
Tell 'them' their conscience is failing
And we are fainting of waiting
Tell 'them'
They vowed and swore
Vowed to wipe our tears
Swore to stand in for us all through seasons
Not to make it flow the more
Ask 'them' why they idle up there
While our land is wasting away
With our throat dried out of thirst
And our stomach twists daily of hunger
Tell 'them'
They are the leaf hoppers
That eats up our green land
Let them know
We are angry because of hunger
And they are cursed by what they have caused us.
Alan M Taylor Jun 2015
Like glass destined to break, we shattered; far worse than break.
Walking on the shards of yesterdays ever haunting,
One is left to question, One is left wanting.
More than is seen with the eye, a truth without disguise.
That it could be: the glass could be whole,
Instead of ever longing the touch of your soul.
Swayed to chance, drawn by gravity, an inevitable tragedy, the devil's grant.
One glass still standing, half empty half full,
Waiting, no, longing for gravity's pull.
Shark 2016 Feb 2016
shadowless trees planted in rows
rigid against a newly cloudless sky
blackened leaves adorn the cement mosaic where tufts of grass grow
between each shaded tile
young weeds lean in the mud, for now
no flowers preside over the shrubs
while the still air waits for pollen
the gutters sag
and small birds turn the soil with searching feet
Haritha Seby Feb 2018
He gave me a rose on rose day,
that shrieks of love.
An ethereal blood red rose,
that made her smile.
An ordinary move,
that shows nature's art.
The queen of buds,
that ordinance the heart.
A valiant floret,
of mystique romance.
I know everyone is busy ... of the valentine week. Bt this is for my love .. I am not busy and I don't need any special day to express my love bcz I know  you are mine forever and every day is a rose day,teddy day, chocolate day, hug and kisses day...etc for me.
I strongly believe in my love. Yeah! Its complicated, twisted and may seems like ****. Bt still I whir his name, bcz fr me he is the reason to look forward to d next day. He made me realise that I am always and beautiful and he gave me the confidence.  I love him❤
Richard j Heby Feb 2015
Non stop ringing
The hum drum dryer
life is fluff
haiku of the day (prompt "nonstop")
CMD Jun 2015
mushrooms to the finger dance

throw **** in the street and change locks....happy 1öö you old ****

                                           im just a vagabond searching for a sweetheart
at sears
typed feb 5th, 2014
a dream with childish eyes,
Burnt in the belly the flame of patriotic fire,
Decided to become a soldier and dedicate my love to my land.
The promise I made,
I cherished, I fulfilled.

Imparted soldiers duty filled with passion,
For my motherland,
My heart was filled with proud and patriotism,

Promise to die for my motherland held above all.
Today proudly,
I am enfolded in tricolor of my country..
For my last journey,
For my final abode.

Dream outlived me.
I will be born again to serve my motherland.

Sparkle In Wisdom
27 Feb 2019
Salute soldiers of our motherland.
Javanira Waters May 2015
You ignited a most magnificent flame inside of me, one that was slightly bigger than a birthday candle. You helped me find the significance of who I am, but all that changed when I ****** up. God, I ****** up. I begged and begged and you said no, and that you were done with me. Hearing you say that froze my entire body in half a second. My heart was in shambles. The fire had been blown out. The colors in my eyes went straight grey. It has been three years since then. I haven't been the same. You would hate who I am now, you would even be embarrassed to say you knew me. You would not approve of the things I've done in spite of you... I texted you last year on Feb 28.. You never texted back. That no reply back didn't even hurt me. It only started another fire inside me. Except this time it instantly became a ******* wildfire, because of the hatred passion I now have for you. Not because you never texted me back, but because you act as if I meant nothing to you. So *******. *******, for having an affect on me. *******, for the **** wildfire I can no longer control. *******, for the **** you've put me through. *******.. ******* for still being on my mind after three years.. ******* for being the first person to break my ******* heart.
this one goes out to the first guy and person I ever loved
Mysterious Aries Sep 2015
"I LOVE YOU" A sweet word to the ear
A flower blossoms that to someone you are dear
A paint that will clear the color of your blue
And turns your lonely heart, to a happy you

"I CARE" a word that will bury to a heart
Words that can't forget even to the last breath of a life
A seed that someday will bear sweet fruit
A fruit that will end up my countrymen chaos

Perhaps if I didn't utter "I LOVE YOU" and "I CARE" today
The saddest word that I'll meet someday
Mister Regret a name that will **** my heart
To then my mission be declared as failed

So then to my acquaintance, to my beloved ones
To you my princess, my beloved fatherland
And then again "I LOVE YOU" and "I CARE"

written: Feb. 22, 2001 @ 9:30 am PH Time

Mysterious Aries
As the cold tears run down my cheek,
I think of what it could be like
if we were all happy and got along for once.
I don't want it to be like this
and I know you don't either,
but nobody is willing to change...
Oh ! My hope
When will thou be?
When will thou be ?

Where art thou gone to ?
Hope your sojourn is not far from near ?
For my patience is on the line

Wait a minute
How long should I wait ?
For am fainting already

Hour is turning to days
Days into another
Weeks into month

Months into year
Years into decade
Decades into century

My hope
When will you actually be
For time wait for no one

Oh ! My hope
Do not tarry long
That I may not be worry

Come quikly around
I have waited enough
Come quikly around.
st64 Feb 2014
in the silver of morn, little bird joyful trills
five lines remain blank
the notes won't play on
its breathe lies below the sand
where tranquil bulrushes grow

in the hue of sombre afternoon
    knees drawn up to chest
    memories intent on knocking loud
cold harbour between these sheets
   no blotting out that light -- it has to be faced
there's no silver in the clouds.. so bulbous and so there
only a tie on the path

can you please let me be?
need to be left alone a while
while I clean up the righteous-mess of this dread
           hours to make me presentable before that
which must be lived through

smiles can be pasted on.. by old-habit, so well-mastered
it's an old tale caught in a twist by its own wick'd-tail
perhaps some gale to shake up the roster
and relieve from parallel track.. liberate
surely, they can hear the stylised bass-chords inside me
             leave their odd-resonance
boom.. boom

treble is missing..
your laughter, I can still hear your tinkling-laughter
         even as I see you being lowered slowly, slowly, slowly
s l o w l y
down into the bowels of where we all go to rest one day
you take with you.. the *one clef
needed for clarity to live

shut eyes tight against that bright-red insolence
        struggle with the process of accepting the impossible
reliving anguish through swollen eyes in a clip of vision
imposing terror.. grips tummy-muscles and twists
eternally deforming galaxial-dust in my eyes

in the grey of eve.. no hunger, no thirst
    place food in mouth - must
    shove fluids down constricted-throat - must
..baking sun waves at me, setting in gilt-smiles

clean out the navy-attic of my overdrawn-mind
find your blue bubblegum on the counter
and suddenly, my arms are clad in shivers-cold
                       head is spinning
I pick up the morsel, turn it over and unwrap
stare at it, discovering you.. again
tears well but never fall..
         I place the gum inside
         chew and chew and chew....................
it is you.. not lost
place the bubblegum on silver wrapping
'cause the clouds.. they offer no solution

I have to eat, my hunger grew
my sanity is toast

yes, smiles can be pasted on.. by old-habit
        but not this time
why let love be secured so.. then harshness steps in
to wrench away.. leaving such monstrous-gaps?
perhaps it's safe to just.. not love..
close up the heart - pack away in congelator

(weird.. a heart is just a piece of meat)
love-letters and sweet-poems are for the eyeless
hearts for eyes.. render blind-suite
tenderly hack out these.. hack, hack!

the only remnant now.. a hard-ball of gum found stuck
      hid as a half-moon under the pedestal

still.. earth turns again
          birds sing on

your laughter never lost.. completes the score
        the symphony unfolds
as sage doth reveal..
one step at a time :)

S T -  14 Feb 2014
hello, earth.. can you dig it?
I so like the smell of Eden.

sub-entry: pedestal

when these toes finally quake
feed my heart and brains to the birds
that way, I become useful.

developing allergies to this century's din
erstwhile kings and counts climb on
today, pedestal is.. a false-friend.
Bailey Martin Apr 2016
You CAN'T be done with your life.
You chose to be my friend,
therefore you chose for your life to be intertwined with mine.
We're like those trees you see that were planted too close together,
so they grew into one.
If you fall,
I'll hold onto my end of our rope until I have the strength to pull you up,
or until I slip and fall too.
Love is such a finicky finding.
But once it's found,
and fits into your life,
you keep it forever.
you fit like a glove,
and as long as I don't give up, you don't.
I can promise you now that we're never giving up.
"important according to our magic sauce" --Samm
st64 Feb 2014
you are in the mist, a grey mist
a beautiful coverlet to the eyes of dawn
you’re standing there, in the mist
all the eyelids fall from lunar spark and come to drape on
my beige undoing of graceful bassoon echoes

in this darkened window frame, I look out
and the beat of life pumps on in the veins of foliage friends

in the mist, all cities are alive in muffled sounds and reaching sighs
why give up so soon?
why give up.. at all?*

S T – 4 feb 14
in the mist, we see what we can.. until it clears.

— The End —