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Haritha Seby Feb 2018
There is still so much of myself,
I do not figure out.
My painted frontal,
buries my scars.
My beauteous smile,
conceals my cramps.
My heeds are full of you
they squeal your name,
In the mist of tragedy.
But still,
I have faith in the
Magic of fairy tales.
Haritha Seby Feb 2018
He gave me a rose on rose day,
that shrieks of love.
An ethereal blood red rose,
that made her smile.
An ordinary move,
that shows nature's art.
The queen of buds,
that ordinance the heart.
A valiant floret,
of mystique romance.
I know everyone is busy ... of the valentine week. Bt this is for my love .. I am not busy and I don't need any special day to express my love bcz I know  you are mine forever and every day is a rose day,teddy day, chocolate day, hug and kisses day...etc for me.
I strongly believe in my love. Yeah! Its complicated, twisted and may seems like ****. Bt still I whir his name, bcz fr me he is the reason to look forward to d next day. He made me realise that I am always and beautiful and he gave me the confidence.  I love him❤
Haritha Seby Apr 2016
I am only me
No more no less
I love
I dance
I cry
I live
I proud
I laugh
I am a girl
I am a daughter
I am a sister
I am romantic
I am utopian
I am passionate
I am an honest friend
I am sweet
I am shy
I am cheeky
I am not perfect
I am not as forgiving
I am not funny
I do faults
My logic is always my own
I have many slants,
like diamond facets
It is my life
I am only me
Not you
I am what i am.. Believe that...  I am tired...I can't change... Believe me.. Believe me...
Haritha Seby Mar 2016
I am looking my name,
it was carved in the stone.  
Pines silhouettes dancing
in the dinky churchyard.
My life has abandoned me.
Now i am fragile!!
Now I stop fighting with my inner thoughts.  I am going to meet a lot of lonely people in the next week and the next month and the next year. And when they ask me what am i  doing, you can say, i am remembering. That's where i'll win out in the long run. And someday i'll remember so much that i'll build the biggest ******* steamshovel in history and dig the biggest grave of all time and shove war in it and cover it up.
Haritha Seby Mar 2016
When i say goodbye
Don't wait for my reawakening
Because i am already dead
My sense can't vindicate
What i am!
Haritha Seby Mar 2016
My life should be the way
I wan't it to be!!
Not the way others wan't it to be.
It is not because i am egoistical
But i am altruistic.
Compassion of love towards the greatest weapon not only in life but also on earth..
Haritha Seby Mar 2016
I always be act as happy..
Why is the most happiest,
the most tortured inside.
I don't know why?
Is there any revenge..
Life towards Me..
I don't know why?
I secretly knew,
What was inside me..
Thinking of you
Wishing of you
Dreaming of you
Hell holy hell!!
I am brave, i found the truth.
It is hard to explain because
My heart become heavy.
Still i wonder how? when? when?
All this torment and torture
Make me free..
The worst thing a person does is torture themselves with the thought that someone who left them will come back.
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