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julian Feb 2012
Heroine, and our hero...

Breaking the bad souls into half

We don't give a **** it's our time to laugh

Heavens await as the shore brings us gifts

She lions dressed in polka dots and Doc Martens

Daily milking makes them smarter

Trees in the forest, land masses rift

The time has come to lose your number

Jenny in a hammock, sleep and slumber
julian Feb 2012
Silent and the silence...

Screams at four in the morning...many times it's at three in the morning...

They got punked for their crack, coke, ******, maybe it was pills...

They fight the good fight over there...soldiers in deserts of war...

Yet here in my community I see the dealers and the ******...

I am sorry for that word, excuse me...I never made it up...

In Swansea City they fill the needles with puddle water...

I have heard they do that here...

She never planned on being a *****...

Turned to the dope...thought it would heal the sore...

My friend went to get himself put on the liquid handcuffs...

That's what the junkies call methadone...

I sat in the waiting room and watched them enter...

Some brought their children

One chap was with his dad...

They are looked the same

Trying to relieve themselves of sadness and pain

Have hope, sweet child...mommy is here

Have hope, dear reader...because not all will succumb to their fears
I have been wondering if there is a correlation between the rise of ****** addiction and the war in Afghanistan...maybe i am to young to realize it has always been that way...seems fishy doesn't it?
julian Feb 2012
Attention and tension...

Sirens Blare, mighty like the wind...

I heard someone say that was their favorite sound...

I think that's sad

Most of the time that is the death wail

Sometimes it's the sound of hope


The fire did not burn all the family photos

His wife still lives and bakes their grandchildren cookies


That sirens blares through the ether

Attention and tension

julian Feb 2012
This one's going to be good

**** it...quit walking so **** heavy

The floor...if it was would be in the cold water

Your anger frustrates me...sometimes I really hate them...

Bunch of addicts...sometimes that comment is funny...

Other times I mean it

Rats in the walls...but really they are mice

Little green pieces of hardened poison

In the sheets

In my never happened


I will tell you this never drop your keys in a foot of snow....
julian Feb 2012
Grabbing the dust

She smells my air up all the time

Thief and it's funny

We care...but lack control

We love...but the sun still shines

Soggy grime...needles in the puddle

He is her friend last

She is his lover first

There is no place for the evicted songs we sing

There is love in the rain

Sunshine and love

All the days are worth it

We are more together


Nothing alone
yes it's supposed to say sogs :)
julian Feb 2012

We went to the store

Blackboulée eggs much to the zippers surprise

Dogs, lady, dog

Marriage is possible for cigarettes

Cancer Fredholm...more, much more cancer

Windows is taking the folliculine action

Tiny particules in the french cinema

Man ray eats apples on her waxed surface make the song

Song on fire

Fire pants, frames of exempte colors

The script has babies

Babies gros

Growing to death

Man Ray watches softer friends

Blueprint magazine

julian Feb 2012
Needles filled with smack

Junkies filled with pain

Garbage and filth

Mercy and grace

The lovers are there also

So is the beast

Nature's way- adding to acres of longing

She is there, dried blood in her hair

He is there, soul gripped with loss

The devil flips a coin

Angels sing, so we can dance

Ask for help- to advance

They are all watching

They are all walking

The low and the high

You can find me

At God St. and Vine
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