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  Mar 2016 Broken Condom
i still remember the specific strand of ****
that we breathed in february of first year
behind my building on saturday night
the first time you kissed me.

it wasn't the first time we had kissed
but the first time you had kissed me.
there was green on the taste of your lips
and blue under my tongue.

i walked by that same smoke bench a few weeks ago
wondering how many others had sat,
smoked the same strain, stolen the same memories.
February 2014
Broken Condom Sep 2014
go to sleep go to sleep when you wake up it won’t be better but it won’t be any worse either
follow the straight line it’ll lead you right to your grave,
strangers may put flowers there
don’t just lay there
go to sleep
go to sleep
i wrote this a couple of nights ago when i couldn't sleep and now i recite it to myself every night
Broken Condom Sep 2014
Incense breath, cardboard hearts.

Your veins leak blueberries

I can taste them in my sleep.
sometimes i write weird things when i am high
Broken Condom Sep 2014
closure feels more like i can go on without you, i’m glad i met you, however an emptiness drenched in self-regret will always remain

distract yourself with fluorescent lights while learning about western religions

maybe i can become cynical and forget your name

i’ll think about Moses and stare at fire extinguishers until i am reborn,

Broken Condom Jul 2014
accompanying the sidewalk back home
a long dark road
my worries are trapped inside the moon
and he smiles at me
blissful nights alone at 2 AM, just me and the moon
Broken Condom Mar 2014
awake not alive
feel the chemicals, feel alive
i'm not alive
not alive

i am a perfect chemical equation
Broken Condom Mar 2014
i don't want my poems to be titled untitled
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