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In the midst of worldly tumult
Where troubles never cease,
I find my solace in the words
To attain a sense of inner peace.
Some seek refuge in a glass,
Or other fleeting thrills,
I wield my pen to extract my woes
And convert them into a quill.
For when my soul is torn apart,
And anguish grips my mind,
I turn to writing as my balm,
And solace I can find.
I wasn't born a poet,
But life has carved its way,
Into my heart, my mind, and my soul,
And left its marks to stay.
So I'll keep penning through the night,
My pain, my joy, my strife,
For every word that flows from me,
Is a celebration of life.
Oh, the sweet release of words,
Spilling out onto the page,
The culmination of my thoughts and dreams,
Released from their internal cage.

Each line a little piece of me,
My heart and soul exposed,
A vulnerability laid bare,
But oh, how it feels so bold.

For too long I held them in,
Afraid to let them go,
But now they dance upon the page,
A true poetic flow.

And as I send them out to the world,
My heart begins to soar,
For I know that others will be touched,
By the words that I adore.

So here's to all the poets out there,
Whose words need to be heard,
May you find the courage to release them,
And share your every word.
I can't even begin to describe
The storm that's raging deep inside
Emotions swirl like wind and tide
And every breath feels like a fight.
All I can say is that it hurts
Feels like shattered glass in my lungs, broken words
Wheels crash, tattered past, life's unspoken verbs
My heart's in pieces, torn apart
And every beat feels like a start
Of another wave of pain and ache
That threatens to consume and break
And though I try to hold it in
The tears come pouring out like the rain
Each drop a reminder of the pain, a storm of
the emotion that I can't contain.
I wish that I could find the words
To paint the picture, to be heard
To make you feel what I'm going through
But all I have is this: it hurts.
She wanted love so badly,
She let him treat her wrong,
Belittling her, hitting her,
She tried to be strong.

She thought she could change him,
That her love would make him see,
But his words cut like a knife,
Leaving her feeling empty.

She gave him chance after chance,
Hoping he'd see the light,
But he only took advantage,
Taking pleasure in her plight.

Her heart was shattered,
But she still held on,
Thinking love would conquer all,
Until the bitter end was drawn.

She finally found the strength,
To break free from his grasp,
Leaving behind the pain and hurt,
And starting anew at last.

She learned a valuable lesson,
That love shouldn't hurt this way,
And she vowed to never again,
Let someone treat her that way.
Two hearts beat as one, entwined like vines, in a garden of love divine.
Claro como el agua que fluye,
El amor que siento por ti nunca disminuye.

Desde el amanecer hasta el atardecer,
En mi corazón tú siempre vas a tener un lugar.

Y aunque el tiempo pase y la distancia nos separe,
Mi amor por ti nunca va a dejar de florecer.

Porque tú eres mi sol en los días nublados,
Mi oasis en los desiertos abrasados.

Así que mientras estemos juntos o lejos,
Siempre voy a amarte con todo mi ser, mi amor eterno.
The world is vast, the sky is wide
And life is like a fleeting tide
We chase our dreams, we face our fears
And hope to find some joy in tears

Each day is new, a chance to grow
To learn and love and let it show
The sun will rise, the stars will shine
And all will be just fine in time

So take a breath and hold it tight
Embrace the darkness, seek the light
For life is short, but sweet and grand
And we must make the most of it while we can.
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