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I spent countless time
of my limited time
on this mortal coil trying
to heal you and broke
myself in the process.
Don’t be fooled by the twinkle in her eyes;
Just like the stars, she is dying inside.

I needed you to stay, my heart needed a break from breaking.

Most days I’m okay because I know you aren’t suffering anymore, but it’s days like today when I need you the most that are the hardest for me.

I want to lay my head on your lap as you caress my hair and get lost in our conversations, one more time.

I miss you mom!
When it all boils down to it,
love is what we’re here for.
Enjoy the moments with the
ones you hold dear to your heart,
exhale all the negativity.
One day it’ll all come to an end.
Storms in life don't break the strong they just chip away the superficial to reveal the true and better self in the end. Someone may have thought they were controlling you because it appeared you moved less but in the end it was just the cocoon until you broke out into a better self :)

For a while now she's been wondering what she could have possibly done to karmically deserve this. She has been racking her brain for months now trying to find that one act of selfishness, that one wrong deed so perverse the divine universe decided to send you as her punishment. But now, the fog has lifted, and her once hazy vision has grown clear. And for the first time in a long time she can see the truth -- the truth about people like you. Furthermore, she would just like to thank you... Thank you for using her, for taking advantage of a forward-thinking young woman to advance your own male interests. Thank you for stifling her passions, for making her give up everything she loved outside of you. Thank you for frightening her with your temper, for screaming at her, hitting her, and constantly reminding her that she was not valuable - she was replaceable. Thank you for making her feel small, for being so threatened by her intelligence you chose to unleash your active misogyny every opportunity that allowed. Thank you for making her witness injustices, for treating all those below you unfairly and for trying to silence her voice. Thank you for giving her a glimpse into the male psyche of a sociopath, and for reassuring her that objectification is one of the first steps to oppression. Thank you for showing her that she needed something else - a change - something greater than herself and far greater than you. Thank you for showing her that she deserved better. Because now, because of you, she is better than ever. Because of the manipulation, the discrimination, and the way you crushed her, she found a strength she never knew she had. And for that, she would like to thank you.

Your Previous Punching Bag
-he said.
And she fell in love with a man who couldn't decide between hello and goodbye.
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