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KA Sep 2019
Mommy with your plastic gloves.
Why didn't you give me just one hug?
Tell me it was ok or that I was sane.
Your ***** ancestry with the violin.
Another fake just the same.
Can you tell me I'm ok?

My Robot Sisters in step.
one, two , three
fall in line -
four, five , six.

can you really love Mommy?
can you tell my brother he is ok?
why did you hate the men in life?
what happened to you in your little sun dress?
what was the slight of hand that changed so many lives?
so many hidden answers and no more time.

me with so many woman just to say the debt was paid.
everyone with your face, I made them worship me .
never loved them, I was the one that won.
Me with Sally, Sue and Stella they all adored me,
many that I don't know the name, they all loved me unchanged.

I showed you,
but it wasn't the same.
KA Nov 2018
Life is simple you know .

The site of you in all that is you soothes me.

My tomorrow holds the sun in its hands.

The roads stretches forever.

I stare into forever, my eyes searching the distant  .

You dancing in the red dirt with those brown legs...

and me smiling .
KA Jun 2018
I come home drunk and happy .
Nothing more .
What kind of ******* poet is happy ?
KA Mar 2017
That slippery thing called The Truth.
Who’s truth you ask?
Your truth or mine?
That slippery of slippery Jester.
The one that hides in your bedside table?
The one that you delete?
The one you post?
Your feeling well hidden or the ones that you show.
The slight smile is the truth maybe?
Maybe the meaning behind your intention is the truth.
Or is it the sunshine and the blue sky?
The truth lies somewhere between a touch of a hand, an honest question with an honest intention.
Love without expectation is perhaps the truth.
With that, there is no attachment or deceit of any kind.
Its the truth that one wears whether seen or hidden hugging the
Its yours.
KA Mar 2017
I slide down the rabbit hole on my way to a new world . A portal full of color to a new world. Leaving the old world with the old people and the old friends.
KA Mar 2017
The pull of life as you shuffle to the coffee maker, while the dogs sniff your feet.  You pour the water and scoop the coffee.  Push the button, the light turns on and life begins.  The low burn of sound coming from the street outside. You are engaged in it, like it or not. If you spit in the fire of your soul and it still burns... you live my friend.
KA Mar 2017
the blue
the hum
the life electric
the round of the earth below
the hum fills me
i see it
i see it coming fast
the hum growing louder
the blue bluer
the sound crisp
the smell of all that is electric
i hear the people
i smell their clothes
the rush of the crowds reaching out
release me
i have arrived
release me
i have arrived
release me
i have arrived
tears streaming
the great relief
they reach
they reach for me
i have arrived
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