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Storms in life don't break the strong they just chip away the superficial to reveal the true and better self in the end. Someone may have thought they were controlling you because it appeared you moved less but in the end it was just the cocoon until you broke out into a better self :)

For a while now she's been wondering what she could have possibly done to karmically deserve this. She has been racking her brain for months now trying to find that one act of selfishness, that one wrong deed so perverse the divine universe decided to send you as her punishment. But now, the fog has lifted, and her once hazy vision has grown clear. And for the first time in a long time she can see the truth -- the truth about people like you. Furthermore, she would just like to thank you... Thank you for using her, for taking advantage of a forward-thinking young woman to advance your own male interests. Thank you for stifling her passions, for making her give up everything she loved outside of you. Thank you for frightening her with your temper, for screaming at her, hitting her, and constantly reminding her that she was not valuable - she was replaceable. Thank you for making her feel small, for being so threatened by her intelligence you chose to unleash your active misogyny every opportunity that allowed. Thank you for making her witness injustices, for treating all those below you unfairly and for trying to silence her voice. Thank you for giving her a glimpse into the male psyche of a sociopath, and for reassuring her that objectification is one of the first steps to oppression. Thank you for showing her that she needed something else - a change - something greater than herself and far greater than you. Thank you for showing her that she deserved better. Because now, because of you, she is better than ever. Because of the manipulation, the discrimination, and the way you crushed her, she found a strength she never knew she had. And for that, she would like to thank you.

Your Previous Punching Bag
harlee kae Feb 2015
Although i have another
who says "i love you baby,"
sometimes when i say it back
i think to myself... maybe.

Because if you ever look at me
and i get to look at you
sometimes i think to myself,
man, i love her too.
Nymeriari Feb 2018
His presence, I always felt
while I was growing up
so many things running through my head
even up to this day.
He told me not to worry or despair,
took my hand,
told me I could go with him, which I almost did.
But I was always saved from falling,
I feel some kind of force stopping me,
standing ahead of me,  
In silence, I greet him,
"Happy birthday, tay,"
in my mind, my father lives,
and my own stories of him therein dwells.
BoringBoy Feb 9
I've been thinking 'bout you,
You've put a spell onto me.

Pure love'll make something new,
A future I want to see.

Crystal blue polka-dotted skies,
I wish I knew love could be this fine,
Tell me a story, do you love me,
I'll be a party, let's make a movie

I've been thinking 'bout you,
When I feel this type of free,

Play me,
A song we can mingle to,
My soul is ready to sing,

Is it just my mind, you're so ******* fine,
Just like my love, and a bottle of red wine,
You're my favorite story, replaying till the morning,
You've captivated me, now I'm stuck, because...

;P When I sang it, I thought it had potential.
luckiiRAGE Mar 21
I've degraded my body so much i don't see it as art
They ask me whats wrong and im not sure where to start
always been missing a piece of me since me ans KJ been apart
i know he rolling over in his grave
i miss who i was , i hate how i behave
everything i do is wrong
yet nothings in my control
what am i pose to do when you find me boring and dull
cant say i use to be happy because happy is something i don't know
im the victim but you play my role and steal the show
Tammy M Darby Feb 2017
Rest your weary body
Drink from my golden goblet
The most delicate and finest of wines
A potion of wild raspberries, bitterness and jeering contempt
Assault the light that dare not shine

It is the elixir of a dispassionate heart
If you possess no fear
Taste the confectionery of sadness call
Where love frightened evades approach
Upon remembrance of the long dark fall

Sip from the golden goblet
Taste the cruel sweetness of pain
Damnation to those who denounce the motive behind the actions
Until the bed of anguish you have lain

But these rare wines have no equal in quality
Defiled by evil and cursed with shame
The unquenchable thirst for blood taints the golden rim
As the murderous night slew the rising of the day

So lift high the golden goblet and drink  
An immortal taste of time
Accompany me into the world of melancholy
Where is served the most of exquisite wines
Come close now the hour when words become whispers
Demanding recompense for the crimes.

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Feb. 8. 2017
Written for the Monster
Paul Hansford Sep 2018
Many people write a "bucket list" of things they want to do before they die.  Now in my 80th year, I don't have the time or the energy to do things that others might aim for, but I have during my life visited many places, seen many things, and enjoyed many experiences that I would have been sorry to miss. There have also been some events that I would have preferred not to experience, but which have enriched my life in different ways, and which I remember with a kind of sad affection.  
Some of these are very personal to me, and would not be interesting to most people, but read the note if you wonder why I chose them.

Here then is what I might call  
                                                My Reverse Bucket List

Towns and cities – architecture & atmosphere
   Barcelona, Spain
   Venice, Italy
   Oxford, England
   Jerusalem, Israel
   Luxor, Egypt
   Varanasi, India
   Hiroshima, Japan
   Pompeii, Italy

Other locations
   Galápagos islands, Ecuador
   Great Barrier Reef, Australia
   North Woolwich, London

   St Paul's Cathedral, London
   Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
   Coventry Cathedral
   Córdoba Cathedral, Spain
   Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Other structures
   Taj Mahal, Agra
   Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland
   Royal Festival Hall, London
   London underground system (because it was the first, and I rode it for a long time).  Also the more splendid underground railways of Mexico City and Moscow.
   Avebury Ring, Wiltshire, England (the largest prehistoric stone circle in the world, and much more primitive than Stonehenge)
   Bayeux Tapestry 
   "Angel of the North" statue, Gateshead, England
   "Christ the Redeemer" statue, Rio, Brazil

   Messiah at Royal Festival Hall, Feb 1959, with the girl later to be my wife
   St John's night, Spain, early 1990s (?)
   Death and funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, Aug 1997
   Oberammergau passion play, 2010
   Destruction of World Trade Centre, Sept 2001
I haven't added explanatory notes, but a lot of them are easy enough to look up, and if you message me about any mysterious items, I'll answer as best I can. There are poems in my stream connected with some things on the list, though not all are obvious.
Tammy M Darby Feb 2014
The thick liquid began to slowly drip
I need you
I wiped the red off my lips

Through out your life
You are mine forever
As the blood ran down my mouth
I shielded my body
My mind going slack

Hands on my white throat
Began violently to squeeze
Eyes rolled back into my head
My soul in terror tried to flee

As the darkness closed in
He let the words slip
I love you
Slowly releasing his grip 

The sharp knife  against my throat
A weapon of fear
Submission its goal
Its deadly edge
I know all too well

Blue eyes
A person I did not know
Slept with me in the cradle of nightmares
Till the orange sun rose
He said I love you
A fool
My forgiveness flowed
For he was mine
This demon
To God I had spoken the vow

Always conscious and wary
He would speak the dreaded words again
I love you
Till would come my sad end

This poem is copyrighted and stored in author base. All material subject to Copyright Infringement laws
Section 512(c)(3) of the U.S. Copyright
Act, 17 U.S.C. S512(c)(3), Tammy M. Darby Feb.3, 2014
Eva Rushton Feb 9
From the darkness ,unknown strength is drawn, like gravity draws moisture from the black clouds to rejuvenate the scorched earth .

Written by E. M. Rushton
Feb 2019
Debbie Brindley Jul 2018
In the last 5 month's
Both my cats have
passed away
My mornings now so quite
I miss them both everyday

(Jan 08=Feb 18)
Such a magnificent cat
always ready for his morning cuddle and chat
Like a ******* panther he did look
Children thought him angry for his purring they miss took
You could lift him with two hands he'd be stiff like a plank
Put him round your neck
he'd hang there all lank
Such a chilled
layed back cat
was he
and he loved to curl up
on your knee
He'd knock on the door
if locked in a room
My poor Romero
dying way to soon

(Mar 09=July 18)
This little **** so very pretty
timid at times
and a little bit skitty
Some days you'd not see her  
she'd hide away
But then
she could happily sit on your lap
all day
You'd see her meowing
without making a sound
She loved playing with tissue *****
smacking them around

Afternoons spent with each other
playing hide and seek
there would be chasing
with stealth like pacing

Now beside Romero
forever Destiny shall lay
In our garden under the rose bush
So forever they may play
Missing my cats terribly
Tommy Randell Nov 2016
A dove sat beside me
As I supped my Pint,
Looking away from me
Not meeting my eyes.
The cold in the day
Raising her down,
Puffing her up
To a serious frown.

"Are you happy there,
Thomas, yourself?" says she.
"Sitting there supping
On that warm balcony?
While I take my ease
On this cold metal rail,
Rounded and bested
By the wind at my tail."

"Have you no bit of bread,
Or a crumb of sweet cake?
Have you a drop of the clear
I might care to partake?
No? Well no matter,
It is for the best
As I've much left to do
Before I'm back at my nest."

"The squabs are all waiting
The milk from my crop,
So I'm back up the harbour
With the wind in a strop.
Sit as you are, Master
Take in the dew,
Enjoy it, this Peace,
In this moment, this Truth."

And meeting my eye
With a glint glassy but soft,
She sprang from the rail
And was battled aloft.
I looked on the town
And the harbour-side trade,
Supping my pint,
Mindful and weighed.

Tommy Randell 20th Feb 2016
Tammy M Darby Nov 2018
It without reservation can be said
Light on their indistinct feet these apparitions
Having no physical form

Cavorting of course with analogous kinds
On human emotions, they dine
Waltzing with elegance and ease
Disappearing as they please
Showcasing their unearthly skills
Rattling their chains
And moaning with glee

Ah yes it can most assuredly be said
I enjoy
Dancing with ghosts of the dead
It is the event of a lifetime
And is a rare phenomenon amongst the living

But not be envious of their steps
For throughout their existence they may never rest
It is a clandestine situation at best
Though they frolic gaily

Imprisoned between two worlds
Ignoring their dilemma
Nebulous phantoms
Continuing to whirl

Still, in good conscience, I cannot deny
Even with their trickery and constant cries
And disregarding the fact they are dead
What a delightful experience it truly is
Dancing with ghosts of the dead

All Right Reserved @ Tammy M Darby Nov. 3,  2018.
Re-Write Feb. 11, 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base.
trhey may nevr eestSo if you seek ***
Life is struggle,

Everyday is
You get up to plan
Ends up in pain

Life always have
it's own way
To communicate
With you...

Never underestimate
The life and it's doing

Life is just a passing line...
We move in direction
Up, down,
forwards, backwards
Don't ever believe
we do
Is done by our
own power...!

Life is so turbulent
Even leaf doesn't know
It will fall next second...

Life is so unpredictable
Next step is not in know

Happy or sad
Truth or false
Real or fake
Life is here to take..

Life is unplanned,
We say,
"My life is
planned, it's

Fact is,
All born are to live ..



Sparkle In Wisdom
3 Feb 2019
तेरी एक नजर को
तड़पुं में,

तेरी एक झलक
को तरसुं में,

सुबह दोपहर शाम को बस
तेरे दीदार को चाहूं मैं,

तेरी पायल की झंकार को
दूर तलक सुन पाऊं मैं,

तेरी आहट को
सुनने को बेताब रहूं मैं,

तेरी झलक की
आहें दिन भर भरूं में,

हर सुबह मैं तेरी जुल्फ से
ओस के मोती बिखरते देखूं,

हर दोपहर वह ज़िद्दी बाल को
तेरे चेहरे पे लुड़कता देखूं,

तेरी मासूम शक्ल हर शाम को
बेतरतीब होते देखूं मैं,

तेरी झलक पाने को
दिन भर का
सुकून ताक़
पर रख दूं मैं,

तेरे होने भर के एहसास
से खुद को
ज़िंदा रख पाऊं मैं।

Sparkle In Wisdom
14 Feb 2019
Scholars of the script
The notably odd ones out
Greedily clutching our paper
Wooden pencil in hand
Remaining silent when we want to shout

Aspiring to write perfect stanza
That is always just beyond our grasp
Bearing the sidelong glances and whispers
That our undertakings often bring about

We are the Misfits
The Manic
The Loners
The Strange
Rife with depression

While declining to be mundane

We are the poets
The writers
Artists of letters
Courageous and valiant
Carefully treading through the veil of reality
Trying not to lose our balance

We are the poets
The writers
Singular and unique
Each having a story to tell
As we live our lives
A precarious existence at best
Between the promise of Heaven
And the fear of Hell

All Rights Reserved. Tammy M. Darby Feb. 1, 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base
Tammy M Darby Feb 2018
See little in the breath of life
Despair and strife shadow their hearts  
Cruelly and without mercy command their minds
Darkness touch is ever so blindingly sweet
The light of the living never meet
In the murmurings of a quivering night

Those who worship the God of Death
Seek no glimpses into a heart
Long ago they decreed
All love depart
Forfeiting that which made them human
Sacrificed on the altar of their cold demanding god

Those who worship the God of Death
Wander in silence and stealth
Caring not for influence, lineage or social plight
It is inconsequential
In a world where emanates no light

For them darkness touch is ever so blindingly sweet
The light of the living never meet
In the murmurings of a quivering night
When the world becomes silent and  emanates no light
Those who worship the God of Death delight.

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Feb. 2, 2018.

क्यूं तेरा प्रोत्साहन करूं
लड़कों से तुलना कर के?
तू मेरा
पहचान ।

क्यूं तुझ में खोजुं लड़के की शान?
बेटी तू
गर्व मेरा
गौरव मेरा
तुझ में है
सिमटा संसार
तेरी ताकत में जानू
में मानू

क्यूं ना में तेरी तुलना करूं तुझ जैसों से?
कमी नहीं हैं नारी शक्ति की
ऐसा महान इतिहास मेरा
रानी तू
दुर्गा तू
काली तू
पद्मिनी तू
सीता तू

तेरी शक्ति  
तू पहचान
तू मेरी रक्षक
मेरा स्वाभिमान
तू लड़कों जैसी नहीं
तेरी एक अलग पहचान
तू लड़की,
बेटी मेरी महान।

से शीश रहे तेरा
ऊंचा सदा
यही मेरे अरमान।

Sparkle In Wisdom
6 Feb 2019
#daughterpower #girlpower
Tammy M Darby Feb 2018
When asked where he dwell
He replied
In the house of grief.
My heart is broken and soul torn
Bound to a memory
A decaying corpse
That died gasping in my arms
Her name upon my trembling lips

As life left my beloveds body
Though now long placed in the ground
Those who know me mutter under their breath
They say she makes no sound
And I am insane

In the endless aching hours
And long watches of the night
A wraith appears before me
When the red tailed comet flies

The moon is on the wane
Reflected in the waters eye
In between the cold worlds
I listen for her cries

I asked gently with pity
Why is it must you stay  
Until your mind can bear no more
  Forever and a day

He replied
By mans law she is dead
Her body in the ground
I watched them lovingly lay
In my insanity she lives
Curse them I care not what they say

So dead he was when it was they found him
It was as he swore
In the house of grief
He remained
Until the time came
She called his name no more

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Feb. 19, 2018.
When asked where he dwells
He replied
In the house of grief.
My heart is broken, and the soul is torn
Bound to a memory
A decaying corpse
That died gasping in my arms
Her name upon my trembling lips

Life left the body of my beloved
Though now long placed in the ground
Those who know me mutter under their breath
She makes no sound
And I am insane

In the endless aching hours
And long sighs of the night
An ethereal wraith appears before me
When the blue sparkle comet flies

The moon is on the wane
Reflected in the waters eye
In between the cold worlds
I listen for her cries

I asked gently with pity
Why is it must you stay
Until your mind can bear no more
Forever and a day

He replied
By man’s spoken law she is dead
Her body I watched them lovingly lay
In my insanity and heart, she lives
Curse them I care not what they say

So, stone dead he was when they found him
It was as he had sworn
In the house of grief
He remained to the end
Until she called his name no more

Original All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Feb. 19, 2018.
Rewrite February 7, 2019.
आम लोगों की भीड़ में कुछ खास है तू
नाहक खुद को समझाने की कोशिश ना कर।

तेरी अच्छाइयों की फेहरिस्त इतनी लंबी है,
इनके समझने की ताकत उतनी गहरी नहीं।

तुझ में ऐब निकालना इनकी फितरत नहीं, इनके जीने की जरूरत है,
तुझ से तुलना करके तुझ जैसा बन पाना मुमकिन नहीं।

तुझे मिटा कर तुझ को इन जैसा
बनाना इनकी कोशिश है,
खुद को तुझ जैसा बनना नामुमकिन।

तू आम लोगों में कुछ खास है।
खुदा की बेहतरीन कारीगरी का नमूना है तू,

इतिहास गवाह है खास लोगों के पर्चे बड़ी शिद्दत से निकालता है खुदा।
तू बस उसी खुदा की बंदगी करते चल।
एक वक़्त आएगा जब उसके दरबार की तारीख निकलेगी
अदालत भी उसकी होगी,
दलील भी।
गवाही भी उसकी होगी,
पैरवी भी।
इलज़ाम भी उसके होंगे,
सज़ा भी।

आम लोगों की भीड़ में कुछ खास है तू,
ज़ाहिर है ज़िन्दगी में
मुश्किल भी
मशक्कत भी,
ज़िन्दगी इतनी आसान तो कभी ना होगी,
पर उस अदालत में बेशख़ फतेह तेरी ही होगी।

Sparkle In Wisdom
7 Feb 2019
English one - God's court!
Ryan O'Leary Feb 24
Metaphor for Metabolisms
and adventurers of culinary
conquests catering for those
with bilingual taste buds in
an Irish city called Belle Feast.


Bia is the Irish word for food.
Bia Rebel is a restaurant in
Belfast Ireland.
You are a unique
Amongst common,
Don't waste your time
explaining your self,

Your list of good
deeds is humongously big,
The commoners
is just too shrink.

To find a flaw in you is not
there habit but a source of there life,
For them,
To become like you is
just not possible.

To wipe you off from the
canvas is there try,
To imitate you is impossible.

You are unique in house of common,
You are a model of God's

History is witness,
God always chose tough
exams for special people.
Just you keep praying to the
One who created you.

He will do the debate,
HE will be guard,
Court will be His,
Witness will be Him,
Counts will be His
Conviction will be His!

You are UNIQUE amongst Commons
Definitely, life be
For you!

Life will never be this way for you,
But, in HIS COURT you will be the ultimate winner!

Sparkle In Wisdom
7 Feb 2019
We arrange here meeting
of poets and poems,

'Let me present' had
changed to Hello now,

'Let' hear' has changed
to whoa ,

Superb has changed
to once more ,

Poets don't go to poets
meet now,
they knock the door of
Hello Poetry

Sparkle In Wisdom
17 Feb 2019
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