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AprilDawn Apr 2022
it seems
you somehow slithered  away  
from an earthbound
judgement day

make no mistake
very soon
I Will Finally Know Your Name  

Two decades of
investigations  surrounded
that fatal altercation

What did you feel
as you stabbed
and then just
walked away

Do regrets hound you
in the middle of the night

I can only hope
the devil  lies in wait
for your final days

you slithered  away  
from an earthbound
judgment day
I have not written anything for  2 years  at least. I felt the need to  talk about recent developments in my life.My husband of 20 years was murdered at work  July 2002.We are at the point of disclosure  finally , but do not  have a solid enough case to indict. Bittersweet and frustrating for us, extended  family  and  all the  investigators and manhours poured into this investigation.
AprilDawn Jun 2018
fans blowing
all around me  
little bits of light
peaking around   corners
of the room
keeping it from
pitch black
blanket toss tango
piled between us
too hot
too cold
not sleepy
myriad of sensations
magnified in a wakeful state
knots on the fabric of the sheets
didn’t I just buy these?
my knee hurts
is this a hot flash?
random unlinked thoughts
dance through my mind
as light rhythmic snoring
serenades me
from the other side
of the bed
turns into my lullaby
and I fade out ….
late spring nights, uncomfortably warm , a partner who snores ...but it's ok to my ears apparently!  !
AprilDawn Mar 2018
into my bleak early Spring
this mist of sticky juice
my normally clogged nose
inundated with bold proof
of   lurid promises
from citrus groves
bathed by sunlight
on a foreign soil
while my entire body
sanguinely sings
your praises
and my fingers
continue to peel
away until every morsel
is revealed
and devoured
I bought a bag of  blood oranges the other week, and every other day I eat one with my fiancée. The smell and texture is divine.
AprilDawn Nov 2017
those  fruits
always  boasted
such sweet  promises  
every summer 
 they  arrived
at the fruit stand
  in town
wrapped in foreign writing
my dreamy eyed little girl
nibbled them  
with red stained lips
she  asked
her  gramps
one summer afternoon
if  they could plant
their own  cherry tree
so he took her  to a spot
and together they did plot
to  raise cherries by
the driveway
the pits  took hold
in the  rich  soil
as  they both thrived
tall and strong
it  littered
the front
of her grandparent's  house
with it's delicious bounty
we  stood  under the tree
every summer  
we could come
as they  rained down
upon us
still going strong
three decades later
we have not
been around
for a great long while
to delight in
red legacy
Cerise Noir   is pronounced  "Serreese  Nowar" , it's French for black cherries.My daughter, parents and myself always loved sweet black cherries  and when we lived in Germany  , the cherries would come in from  southern France  or Italy every  summer. My daughter  who was 5 at the time wanted to grow her own fruit tree. So she and my father  planted  black cherry pits. They took and for  may years  there were black cherries towering over  my parents driveway ! My parents recently sold that property and we so hope someone  is still picking them and not just letting them go to waste.
AprilDawn Nov 2017
light green
empty branch arms  
turned away
  from the brown brick house
held in line
by the  gray
  edge stones
sinking  deeper into
Winter's drab slumber
biding time
until the dream of Spring's
budding promise
becomes a  solid future  
with a  stunningly
luscious wave
of hot pink
Hibiscus  flowers  
as a backdrop
to  the brown brick house
kept in check
by  gray edge stones
until  the petals drop
into the sneaky
Autumn sun  
and  desolation
sets up shop
in lonely green arms
The hibiscus  in   my Eddie's Mom's   front garden  looks so dramatic at times  during the year...I felt it needed it's own poem.
AprilDawn Nov 2017
during  those
last high school days
a  sweet memory
pressed  into  my psyche
his  big smile
framed with  dimples
and sparkling blue eyes
although coupled
with unrequited  love
where it dwelled
for decades
  in a musty  yearbook
until a chance meeting
brought sparks to life
then this
vintage crush
infused our  two
aging  hearts
  newborn love
I bought this  bottle of  white wine  a few months back , and the label said " Vintage Crush", in my mind  I  immediately related it to my  fiancé  and my 's relationship.  We knew each other back in the day, and he thought we were just friendly ,  but I had always wanted more.We caught up with each other  26 years later , and  we have been a couple  for the past nearly 10 years now.
AprilDawn Jul 2017
green beans
this past afternoon  
brought back
my Oma
full white apron on
in  the kitchen
one summer  
in Germany
decades ago
window wide open
to the garden
sitting at the table
busily breaking them up
for her delicious vegetable soup  
I'm  helping ,I'm helping
I said as  they broke
in my little fingers
her soup
a mere  memory
as she  stopped making it
   a lifetime ago
Oma was my  German grandmother who  I visited every summer growing up in the 70's , no matter where we were stationed  ( My Dad was in the military ) we always  visited her  at least once a year .She died  in  1982.
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