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You don't know me.
I don't know you.

You pass by me,
Every day,
On the crowded streets.
You say hello; I say goodbye.

You serve me food,
Ring up my beer,
Tax my cigarettes.

I give you money,
And your life goes on.

We see each other often.
But you don't know me...
A short poem written by my fiancé back during the days of our time together.  I decided to post it here, since it seems to me that it still applies, to anyone and everyone who simply goes through the motions, living out our lives indifferently as we pass each other every day.
Con Sep 2021
I found my favorite part of life:
in all its randomness and uncertainties,
we always find our favorites along the way
and we personalize those for ourselves.

It's lovely; we take our own scraps from everything
-- may it be genre of movies, delicacy, fragrance, people --
piece them together,
then own a wholeness that we are.

Although, wholeness is just a euphoric concept;
Some people may feel it, many may be patiently building theirs.
Being complete is a great feeling but it's ceasing life.
Be quirky and wanting -- this is the beauty of life, after all.

I love listing my favorites as much as waiting for the new ones.
This is inspired by the time in the past that I was told I will always be his favorite girl. That could change, but I so appreciate it.
Hammad Nov 2020
Life is not a dice
that you can roll
and blame it on fate.
don't you know
the outcome
is not a stroke of luck
or random at all
the moment its thrown
the forces of earth,
air and table
- take the reins,
dance together
and seal your Fate.
Daisy Hemlock Aug 2020
milk is just grass
stupid questions
what's music?
*** is weird
there must be more to life
can i brush your teeth?
i'd smile for you
even though you don't deserve it
Aaron L Osgood Mar 2020
I believe I have more to say.
I’ve been quite for a while.
But not today, Time to play.
I’ve been going out my way.
Yes! I’m big a little over weight.
Traveling from state to state.
Enjoying delicacies, Yum their great!
Yo, getting off track let’s set it straight.
I have my truck now to transport freight.
Wait!, here I go again babbling towards the end.
Like you can relate we’re the best of friends.
Just because you read this,
You don’t need this!
This isn’t medicine you don’t need sh*t.
I’m just babbling again battling with in.
The monster is my adrenaline.
Hungry for Benjamin’s!
Yes! I’m craving it still, the craving is real.
We all have to eat, A snack or a meal.
Just a couple of thousands to a mill period.
A person can dream or wake up delirious!
This coronavirus is crazy it’s too serious!
We walk about it oblivious.
Put our life on the line mysteriously.
It affected others it won’t get to me.
I’m covered by the blood, Jesus Christ!
If I get infected he will save my life.
What if it’s your time to go?
No one knows when their debt is up.
You may feel alone but what if.
We’re not alone and death is next to us?
Jim Kirk Jan 2020
Born my son of youth,
My pride shadowed you,
Our long talks sitting outside,
Your wisdom and learning astounded,

You followed my career to fly,
Your letters stroked my ego,
Returning in uniform,
So healthy and strong.

Life is random and chaos,
Tomorrow is a dice tossed against a wall,
Struggling up my drive,
Grasping a wounded leg,

You was a ghost decimated by ****,
My heart bled, my love insane,
You were weak, sick, you were meths *****,
To the VA and rehab I hoped,

But rules by elderly, tired, bored women closed the doors,
You detoxed, and cleaned up in your high school room,
Daily classes, and screening followed soon,

A wife,  two girls, rounded your life,
But **** called her *****,
And she had exclusivity of your soul,
Of your girls gone, likely a loss for evermore,

We opened our hearts and all we had,
To you, wife, and little daughters,
Once, twice, three times many more,
Our pain ebbed, but our love was true,

Lastly, my wife and I had highest of hopes,
Everything fell in place this time,
I prayed, cried, it’s been awhile,
Life is Random and Chaos,

We all fell this time, no energy anymore,
No hope, no faith, battered love I taste,
The emptiness I feel is to great, I put it in a box,
My son of youth, I can no longer shadow you,

Yet Chaos and Randomness is a two edged sword....

By James Kirk-Wiggins (c) January 2020, All rights reserved
The destruction to our essence is no greater than when we observe a child of our youth choosing an insurmountable path toward destruction and eventually......
M Vogel Oct 2019

Like two streams of vapor,  intertwining;

in, and then  out;;of one life,
'till the next  
dance continues:  and we find ourselves
once again,

yet under different
moments of history,  

How can a soul desire so much
that it transcends, even time-  in it's
need  to find its fit,
and again,

and again..

OC Sep 2019
We the people
are a Sisyphean collective
our punishment: progressing humanity

With fiery eyes  and frothing mouth
we charge towards  its surfaces
bashing those with scrawny shoulders
ricochet like sparks from flint
watch as we fall back
how it moves a fraction of a hair length
knowing that
if all our efforts were combined
surely, humanity would’ve accelerated

But we the people
are a democratic anarchy
each one to their own

Each thrusts towards their own direction
each blow is counterbalanced by another
as we foam like sea surf on a shoal
crushing from all sides
and our humanity
crawls in place amongst us

For we, the people
are a paradox of will
the driving, and the stalling force

Insignificantly small, with significant resistance
the viscous drag that ebbs and flows
a choreography of chaos and confusion
we are so many
so many more

And humanity is singular
a monument to our failures
its minuscule fluctuations
a testament of battles fought
but from a far, and from way forward
it is but a speck of dust
which, ever silent, floats
throughout the cosmos
15th installment in the series of poems inspired by physics. Like many of the poems in this series, this one also reflects on the richness of the phenomenon called "diffusion" or "brownian motion". For more reading:

Thoughts and comments are welcome
Aaron L Osgood Jun 2019
I’m DatGuy.
Maybe you’ll like.
May be your type.
If the temperature is rising
Maybe your hyped.
I think I’m hyped too.
I think I like you.
It’s you that I choose.
Let’s be together not loose.
Tighter is better.
Like money is cheddar.
Sunny is the weather.
The truth in my words.
Like a feather of a bird.
Might be light but it takes flight.
Do you like how I write?
Do you see better at night?
Do you think the sun is bright?
Question, Question, Question...
These suggestion I ingest them for lesson.
I can’t wait till the next session
I eat them for breakfast.
This is my confession..I ushered them.
This is my profession and I’m loving them
I need to leave an impression in.
The time I took...I invested in.
And hope you’d be interested in..
Aaron L Osgood Jul 2019
All this Randomness is my brain babbling.
Emotions keeps traveling like candy wrappers unraveling.
I’m not even on a high but I’m steady battling.
My chains keep rattling cause I’m steady staggering.
I need to get up and move.
I need to get out this mood.
I’m a chill, laidback, gaming type of dude.
I’m a real, can relate that, explaining type of dude.
I don’t steal, I state facts, I reveal me. (you hate that.)
It won’t **** me, As long as i’m still me. (you can’t take that.)
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