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OC Sep 18
We the people
are a Sisyphean collective
our punishment: progressing humanity

With fiery eyes  and frothing mouth
we charge towards  its surfaces
bashing those with scrawny shoulders
ricochet like sparks from flint
watch as we fall back
how it moves a fraction of a hair length
knowing that
if all our efforts were combined
surely, humanity would’ve accelerated

But we the people
are a democratic anarchy
each one to their own

Each thrusts towards their own direction
each blow is counterbalanced by another
as we foam like sea surf on a shoal
crushing from all sides
and our humanity
crawls in place amongst us

For we, the people
are a paradox of will
the driving, and the stalling force

Insignificantly small, with significant resistance
the viscous drag that ebbs and flows
a choreography of chaos and confusion
we are so many
so many more

And humanity is singular
a monument to our failures
its minuscule fluctuations
a testament of battles fought
but from a far, and from way forward
it is but a speck of dust
which, ever silent, floats
throughout the cosmos
15th installment in the series of poems inspired by physics. Like many of the poems in this series, this one also reflects on the richness of the phenomenon called "diffusion" or "brownian motion". For more reading:

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Knit Personality Jan 2015
There's nothing that makes me more afraid
Than a number, because it wasn't made;
And though I resist
The thought,  I can't shake it:
Something can exist
Without a maker to make it.

I’m DatGuy.
Maybe you’ll like.
May be your type.
If the temperature is rising
Maybe your hyped.
I think I’m hyped too.
I think I like you.
It’s you that I choose.
Let’s be together not loose.
Tighter is better.
Like money is cheddar.
Sunny is the weather.
The truth in my words.
Like a feather of a bird.
Might be light but it takes flight.
Do you like how I write?
Do you see better at night?
Do you think the sun is bright?
Question, Question, Question...
These suggestion I ingest them for lesson.
I can’t wait till the next session
I eat them for breakfast.
This is my confession..I ushered them.
This is my profession and I’m loving them
I need to leave an impression in.
The time I took...I invested in.
And hope you’d be interested in..
All this Randomness is my brain babbling.
Emotions keeps traveling like candy wrappers unraveling.
I’m not even on a high but I’m steady battling.
My chains keep rattling cause I’m steady staggering.
I need to get up and move.
I need to get out this mood.
I’m a chill, laidback, gaming type of dude.
I’m a real, can relate that, explaining type of dude.
I don’t steal, I state facts, I reveal me. (you hate that.)
It won’t **** me, As long as i’m still me. (you can’t take that.)
The brain just can’t stay focus.
Thanks to these random thoughts.
My words is never bogus.
Only one time I felt a little hopeless.
Like I had a need to be.
I wasn’t seen or even noticed.
I never thought my highest level would be my lowest.
Now I’m telling you as a poet sticking with the motions.
How tides come in..the water of the ocean.
Like the rhythm of a wizard that uses a potion.
There’s a type of pulse that quivers or shake.
The brain tries adjust to the movement of the quake.
Sometimes that one movement is all it takes.
You could ruin your life with too many mistakes...
Here I am again in this same ol’ spot.
Same ol’ clothes with the same ol’ watch.
Same type of smile, I keep smirking a lot.
Call me busy cause I keep on working a lot.
Trying to get what you have, what I don’t got!
It’s not a lot but I want it all
People say Dream Big.
I guess I keep on dreaming too small.
I was bent on reality it took a lot out of me.
I took a breather and changed my velocity
Obviously, to focus on my goals and think positivity.
Lynnia Jul 2018
Contagious Yawning
Starts with one, soon everyone
Yawns contagiously.
I yawned 3 times while typing this.
Betrarca Mar 2018
“Do you love me”
I question myself.
Thinking of you,
It doesn't makes sense.
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