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Alison May 11
✧She smelled of flowers and vanilla✧
✧Late at night you could hear her;✧
✧She'd sing to herself quietly✧
✧Just like her daddy always did,✧
✧If you'd look close enough✧
✧You'd see the tears in her eyes✧
✧And the storm in her heart.✧
✧She'll never admit it,✧
✧But she does deeply miss him.✧
I keep filling my real life pages with poems,but i don't post any of them because i have this feeling that they're not good enough..
Alison May 3
☆My head's in the clouds,☆
☆My eyes are on the stars,☆
☆My feet wanders in the forest,☆
☆My fingers are dancing with the flowers,☆
☆My soul's traveling somewhere east,☆
☆But my heart remains with you.☆
☆Sounds like i'm torn apart?☆
☆No my dear,to be honest☆
☆I've never felt so whole.☆
Alison May 1
♡I love you,♡
♡More than all the clouds and stars,♡
♡Deeper than all the oceans and skies,♡
♡Further than the horizont and moon,♡
♡Louder than all the screams and fights,♡
♡Warmer than the sun itself,♡
♡I Love You.♡
I might be falling for him,idk.
Alison Apr 29
✿I wish i could go to another world✿
✿To start it all over again,✿
✿Without the same mistakes;✿
✿Without wasting half of my life✿
✿just by being sad and alone.✿
✿I want a new beginning.✿
✿Please give me a fresh page ✿
✿and a sparkly ink,✿
✿Let me begin again✿
✿I promise I'll do it right this time.✿

— The End —