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Jackie G Jul 2018
Some say life is like a box of chocolates.
I say life is like a PUZZLE
You and I
Are the pieces
If one piece is missing the picture is incomplete
Making things(relationships,disappointments,let downs,set backs,loss) a little harder to solve
who would think
a piece so small
could make such a difference
Or a
we need you
it is time to get into your position
To figure out what part you are or where you belong
because you matter
you are a piece to the puzzle.
This was inspired by me just thinking of the world we live in today & how people are separated and unwilling to help and judging because they are strong in a area where someone else may be weak. We all play a part and my weakness can be your strengths and vice versa. With that being said there's no need to push on someone like they don't fit because we all do!!! we all have purpose!!!
Krishnapriya Jul 2018
Is life a journey
A seeking
A destination
Almost there, but always
Just a little far
In the near horizon


Is life a song?
Music with highs and lows
We dance fast or slow
With a smile or tears
But dance, nevertheless
Each moment is
What it is – a destination
Complete and fulfilled

Like each note of music
And each step of dance

Tell me beloved friend
What do you think of life?
A journey or a dance?
lynnia hans Jun 2017
heavenly sighs and shakes of breath
trembling in each other's embrace
rays and rivers of electricity shoot through us
wedding us in bliss for eternity
natalie May 2017
love unconditional,
coming of age,
sweet kisses,
bright eyes,
comfort and bliss.
Head down inside the sink you tried
Sick as a dog you wish you died
Pick up yourself, no time for suicide
Rest your health, no need to do it twice

I think it's time for a new tattoo
Make it mine, The man you wish you knew
Make your statement that your love is true
No need to wait then for tomorrow to prove

Sweet Euphoria
Complete Euphoria
Sweet Euphoria
Complete Euphoria

Give me more of them endorphins
Happy chemicals keep me happy again
Fly away from zombie world and depression
Electro shock, lobotomy, dysfunction

Give me more of that legal stimuli
To enhance me to the feeling of being high
Step away from the world its all a bunch of lies
Tried to see it their way, can't say I didn't try

Sweet Euphoria
Complete Euphoria
Sweet Euphoria
Complete Euphoria
Ajey Pai K Jan 2016
From within the vaults of the lost soul arises;
an uncontrollable desire to explore what has been forgotten.
A home which was once its own and the people who were its kin.

On its way back, Under the blazing sun it stands, as a witness to life of men:
And in silent thoughts, the observer becomes the observed,
Witnessing its own life; melting like the blue sky on the world.

Like the wind it was and with the old trees it had fallen in love.
And there was a strange familiarity with them, for it.
Like when the river meets the ocean and pours itself into it,
Or as an old pilgrim finally finds his destination of life.

As every river finds home in its ocean,
So does every soul finds solace in its people.
And when memories are made and the world has been conquered in spirit,
One only realizes that journeys end only back at home.

-The Silent Poet

— The End —