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Apple juice Feb 2020
๐–ฏlain, generic, and, sweet.
๐–ฒomething that just canโ€™t be beat.
๐–ณhe irony of so many.
๐–ตanilla is not of any.
Godly silk of milky white and an Understatement of unrequited affection.
๐–ฒhe lies supine waiting for vanilla to pick a side.
๐–ฉust above the rim of the cup,
vanilla built all the way to the top, with No mix-ins, an overscoop just for you, and a smile on the side too.
๐–ฒeven oโ€™three is what is going to be.
๐–ฒeven oโ€™three and a firm grip on me.
๐–ธes the irony of choosing originality when its the exact opposite of what you preach
๐–คspecially in between the sheets.
๐–จndeed nothing to write home about
just a medium cup of soupy iced cream.
๐–  flavor so **** sweet thatโ€™s sadly not for me.
๐–ฒweet memories in time.
๐–จโ€™ll continue on
with vanilla on my mind.
Medium vanilla with no toppings.
How ordinary yet you arenโ€™t like of any.
vanilla is you but vanilla isnโ€™t what you are. Vanilla isnโ€™t how you play vanilla is what you taste.
Xaela San Oct 2018
Like a foggy road

I can't see what's ahead

Only a sense of dread

In this quiet madness

Still keeps me walking

Without any sense of direction

Wondering if I can escape

This chaotic mind of mine.

— The End —