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Con May 29
What does it take
to not feel temporal โ€”
for happiness to stay,
for love to live?
Every thing is changing. We should keep up.
Con May 24
The great thing about poetry is that:

we relate to the feelings embedded in words and phrases
in which sometimes, even us are unaware of having
I am just happy to have found this site.
  May 24 Con
if youโ€™re 15-19 and want to make a friend please message me, it would be nice to have a few
i would really love to make some friends
Con May 20
The sound of splashing water
as it reunites with the shore,
The scent of freshly-bloomed garden
as the wind revs them,
The taste of sweet, juicy tangerines,
crisp as plucked from its tree
The glimpse of human eyes
as intimate interaction sparks
Oh, to feel these all โ€”
Itโ€™s a good day.
Con May 19
Oh how I love
the ambiguity of the word โ€˜seaโ€™:
It could mean lovely serenity,
otherwise destructive tsunamis;
It embodies both abundance of peace, and/or
luxuriance of lonesomeness;
It deceitsย us
through its luring crystalline waters
with the deathly depths weโ€™re unaware of.

— The End —