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  Dec 2020 Ariana Solo
this world is temporary
the money
it won't be in our graves
our possessions will be left behind
so live your life
while you can
  Dec 2020 Ariana Solo
Mary Anne Norton
Listen for whispers
As snowflakes fall from the sky
Softly hit the ground
Ariana Solo Dec 2020
The eyes that burn with passion and the flames of comets

Watched as the death of a star gave birth to a wish

She was in solitude, a grain of sand in the expanse of the universe

Wishing for warm company that she'll never find on the icy planet

✨ 🌠 ✨ 🌠 ✨
🌠 ✨ 🌠 ✨ 🌠
  Dec 2020 Ariana Solo
Eshwara Prasad
There are many forms to a lie.
But truth has only one form.
  Dec 2020 Ariana Solo
Love dies
Just like a flower wilts
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