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Come, let us have our fill of love
Draw closer to me, hold on tight
This is our time, never let go
Look into my eyes, and see you
The desire running through me
To have you all to myself
This is a fire to my heart
Like an arrow through my flesh
Let our emotion runs wild
Let it be untamed.
I won't yield to the temptation
Temptation of old, plaguing our love
Come, only love me dearly
Let us have our fill of love
Poetic T Jun 2019
Longing for the innocence
     The world lost,
               Eroded by regardless

We were brighter than
      The stars now we ponder
Every moment as if we
               Can't respond to emotion.

Are we doing slowly,
         But don't care.

I want the world to see through
A child's eyes, and see
        that we aren't lost.  
We've just got a little misdirected.
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2019
Here is where it finally comes unglued
Darkness of our souls take control
Hear the words you're throwing my way
I have none of my own to console

Today could be our final meeting
Very last blow we each land
Just don't know how to try any longer
Do not expect you to understand

Confusion splayed across your face
Am I supposed to explain?
What do I say to make you comprehend?
Or are my efforts in vain?

I exhaust myself running laps
Trails encircling your decided disease
In front of you is a detailed map
You choose to stay down on your knees

Your heart has chilled to the core
Steps stolen, immoral, and misdirected
Lights inside eyes don't shine anymore
I have nothing but memories collected
I miss the sparkle you used to get in your eye when passionate about something
Erin Esterberg Jan 2019
I fear my own heart will be the story of my demise.
I fear, because it has been hit by an arrow,
By some young Cupid that missed his target completely.
It was meant for someone else.

Now I’ve been struck with a curse of one-sided affection,
Caused by this off-center arrow,
Shot by some show-off
Trying to impress someone else.

My heart is cursed
From a spell of one-sided love,
If it could be called that.
So just go ahead, Cupid.
Shoot an arrow at my chest,
Just remember it is you who held the bow.
neth jones Jul 2018
Hell shimmies when I am blunted ;
When I take a knock to the senses
When I am skinless,
singing stings
and misdirected by pain

If I had trained better
I'd be deep sea
Sussing distant messages
Operating with slight tremors, vocals and movement
and only when correct...
I'd be home
I'd be instrument

Not an act
Not a pet to society
No mood fool ;
and littered
Rapped at by experiences
Attack reacting
An embarrassment
Watching my own pattern spooling
the same sums
and spoiling with repetition
Lane Bohman Sep 2015
See how dim the light in my eyes?
and then I'm gone.

I can taste the groan
(warrant a sigh)
Boy, lick your lips
Your soul bleeds dry.

Do you remember the times of old?
When the
wonder of the winter wind
didn't only
bring the cold?

When did you forget
the color of the sun?
**Is it so hard to recall?

— The End —