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Nidhi Sharan Jul 2020
I am inspired to do better, desperation sets in when I am stalled

I am inspired to be the flame, desperate when all it does is rain
I am frustrated when you don’t want me to think, desperate for the freedom to string sentences that speak volumes

I am frustrated when you box me up and put a label my existence, for I am desperately still seeking the real Me

I am frustrated when my *** determines my potential, so desperate to break the chains that define a good girl

I am frustrated when you see just my body, for I am desperate to show you that I am more than just these flesh and bones

I am frustrated when you sympathise with me , desperate for you to empathise with me instead

I am frustrated when you think when I express myself, I am hormonal,
desperate for you to know that my ****** and brain are two separate entities

Instead Inspire me, make me desperate to want to create a brand New version of me, a version that is comfortable in her skin, not frustrated because of the layers of ambiguity I have had to put on

I am not a role, We are not role-playing, I am not just an employee, your mother, sister, wife, daughter, etc

Don’t get frustrated when I challenge the status-quo, because thats when desperation sets in

For we now realize that the sky is the limit for all of us , and now we are desperate for the wings to fly

So dear friend, boss, brother, father, and husband, help me desperately fight against my daily frustrations, hear me out, guide me, but don’t think for a moment that just because I am frustrated I am desperate too.

For I know now, that I live to be one with who I am, and nothing will change that for me, now or ever, and we are all going to live happily ever after!!

For it’s really the oxygen from the frustration that has flamed my desperation to be all that I could and should have been.

Bold, brave, kind, courageous and unapologetic-ally ME!
Aseel Sep 2019
I don’t want to be a princess.
I prefer to be a wall
or a shoulder
that some one can lean on
I don’t want to be spoiled
I want to
Get dirt on my clothes
Clean them
search more
fail more
know more
see everything
Try everything
I want to share the road
With some one
Running not carried
I want to look behind
And see MY footprints.
I want to be free
Dishita Kaushik Aug 2018
My mom told me that
The day I was born
Two volcanoes in Philippines puked lava,
And the sky turned purple
Like the bruises on her back.
I smelled like gunpowder, she said.
So she named me after the goddess of war;
She named me Ballona.
I was three when I first
Made fireballs out of thin air,
And thrashed the pressure cooker
On my alcoholic father's head,
Who couldn't stop turning my mother
Into an exhibition of scars and miseries.
My mother believed that I was fire,
So she started calling me Hestia;
The Greek goddess of fire.
When I was six,
My teacher made me stand outside the classroom
Because I spelled fear as fire,
Bend as burn,
Woman as warrior,
Scars as power.
Even sixteen years later,
I still spell bend as burn,
Woman as warrior.
My hands carry the maps of cities
I have burned and men I have enslaved.
I keep their ashes inside my pockets,
And they keep my burn marks
On the edges of their shoulders.
They told me that love is spelled as sacrifice
And sacrifice as women,
So I tore their dictionaries,
And gifted them mine.
Every night when the moon sings lullaby to the stars,
They tell their daughters
The stories of woman who demolished cities and exhaled disasters,
And wore courage on her sleeves,
Every night with each different story,
Their daughters wish to be able to breathe fire,
Spell woman as warrior
And wish that somewhere someone will tell his daughter their stories.
Previously published on The Anonymous Writer.
Diane K Pak Jul 2018
When are we going to wake up to start believing that we should stopped competing and start complimenting to feel like were completing.

We need to be a team player instead of the team leader, replacing that with the idea of being on the same team and building something that's takes on the dream.  

How are we going to teach ourselves of what's needed to be taught? If we are communicating to each other's to misperceived when sought to read and believe of what’s being well-received.  

Why are we all on this justification to be misrepresentation as to juxtapose when we are responsible for the I could and the I suppose.    
To add what is the so what to the now what? But it's the actual what needs to be address in which perhaps misaddressing to the audience of nowadays. As if we are surrogate of the hideaways of the be real today.  

It's we and us and all of us to address the matter of comradeship of how compassion of it to be who you are. To create this level of friendship of the desire to follow the footsteps of who you are and as it's start with you and it begins with and ending of you.
Ayesha Nadeem Jun 2018

Black ink being spilled,
Scorching words uttered,
Soul shattered,
Emotions scattered,
She has been put down badly,
Her femininity being the only reason,

Like a warrior she fights,
For her rights,
Sprinkled upon the coal black darkness; were the twinkling stars,
Soul woven back with pearls,
Emotions with a golden thread,
Power walking like a QUEEN that she is,
Oh! She has never been so strong.

~ Ayesha Nadeem

— The End —