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The uniVerse Mar 2017
Shine forth ancient one
for I too am your son
your vessel of choice
use me as your voice  
through written word
to eyes unseen
and ears unheard.

The language of love
is an unspoken truth
all writing that was
forms a mental noose
around the neck
of our ideas
that seems to break
unanswered prayers.

Allow me to write
on your behalf
that you may restore sight
with the words I craft
and let yours be the light
that illuminates my path.
Nylee Jun 9
I need to speak
       you have to understand
               my unspoken desire
   I will vent
patiently wait.

Sometimes I cry
not knowing why
but please try
        I will be the best for you
                        when you will feel the worst
things will be fine
and at times
our some time will last forever.
Ickabobroe May 22
I feel like there’s an unspoken rule
We both tend to follow
Upon the ground in which
We build tomorrow

The ever silent code
To maintain our bliss
Has really ****** me up
And I know what I miss

And now I lay here
Typing away
Thinking of you
Not knowing what to say

And then a thought
From out of the blue
I remember again
That I love you
**** y’all, life kinda ***** *** right now and idk what to do
Diána Bósa May 10
At night-times like this
I use to put my finger on
the artery of silence
and listen to the cracks
between words and the unspoken,
for the blood drops are its pauses
speaking in the tongue
of slumbering stones,
keep on chanting
a song with a beck:
"live on love, live on love."
Mark Parker Apr 29
You can tell me I'm wrong,
but I feel like your words are fallacies.
Everything is wrong, I have a headache,
a stomach ache, I feel tense enough to do harm.
I refuse to be part of the world, this is all
bull...a bull with horns, running at a red flag.
When it's all or nothing, isolating from everything.
Frantic hands, passive glares, and silent stances.
Bizarre and unbounded, my feelings lay unspoken.
Written while thinking about one of my students today. He refused to do a thing or say a word, but he is usually one of the brightest kids in the school. Literally a basketball starter, honors student, and decent child. I have him work with other kids that have issues doing their work. It's sad to see him this way.
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