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Alio Mar 30
The crows outside my window
Feast on what I have done
And the birds upon the wire
Toss with restless desire
For what I’ve done I’ve locked away
In a cage if prickly bush
And only the smart
Crafty black crows
Can slip to see my mush

Yet last, the crowbrids call
A shrill that warns them all
And ah —alas— in frenzy of fear
The crafty black crow
Seeing no exit clear
Frantics and pushes
All against the spines
And traps itself in
And having no option
All it does is scream
And no one could hear
It’s desperate dying dream of

And soon enough, as days passed by
The crows feast again
On mush twice the size
And the birds on the wire
Still violently wish
That they too could pick
If only it wasn’t so sick
Veritia Venandi Sep 2020
Dangling in a thread between darkness and light...

(The heart watches over it's fading memories... )

Drifting clouds play hide and seek in the garden of the crimson sky...

And the shadows wear garments to dance to the melody of the night...

(My mind still juggles the questions to answers and answers to questions it once could not fathom...)

Blackbirds circle the air promising to come back the other day...

The crickets prepare for night gala and the fireflies blow their torches to make less some darkness...

(The spirit inside of me bores over boulevard of the past and future that are a hue of ***** grey)

The setting sun begs me to stop itself from moving away...

And yet...

(My silent unsettling soul ends up settling itself to the impositions of twilight!)
I find something unusual about the twilight hours... Even though the atmosphere is one of beauty... But still it brings me back old memories, deep thoughts, and gloomy feelings...!
Thank you everyone for reading this! :) ❣
Ileana Amara May 2020
the more knowledge we impart to ourselves,
the greater the sorrow,
ignorance is bliss but not for tomorrow,
chaos and riots arise holding weapons' helves
the deeper the wisdom, so does the grief,
all these violence and injustice causes disbelief,
has all the humanity dissolved in a hierarchy of power,
in this time of wide awakening, do the just collapse or take over?

I've been digging into the current issues occurring worldwide, and it's been quite heavy to take all of it in, that it feels almost weird for me to divert myself to other things. I hope anyone who reads this is doing well.
Andrew Layman Apr 2020
The light from under your bedroom door
It bleeds golden streams
Spilling out onto the floor
Making a bridge of light

We're both connected.
You and me.

Your room is so close by.
Can I come in?
It's locked.
And I've tried knocking.

I can hear you crying through the door.
Is it me?
Why don't you let me in?
I can help you.

You have your secrets
I'll keep mine.

I'll come back later.

I'm back.
Compose yourself.

There's nothing to fear
It's only the house settling.

I'm only down the hallway

Getting closer now

The boards creak

I hear your heart beat faster

Don't be afraid

It's only me.

And I've always been here

Since the day you moved in

Waiting for someone like you

To share the house with me.
UNSETTLING, Copyright © 2020 Andrew Layman,
All Rights Reserved.
link Mar 2020
do not trust the man in the white coat,
do not listen to his pleas, ignore the horrid wails that echo from his throat through to your vacant skull.
his coaxing shall fall on deaf ears, no one will find truth
between his pitfalls of lies.
venom seeps from his tongue, lacing the sermon he dares try to preach, contaminating all who bow to his unrightful thrown.
Sauvik Dey Jun 2019
That eerie feeling of impending doom-
Doom that is not Armageddon or apartheid;
But a hiccup that could put a wrinkle on your path
The one, you can feel but not explain.

Your, being, scream caution to your limbs
Your head is in a swirl of mixed emotions
Anger and exasperation sync on an unlikely tandem
Time slows and you could hear the nano clicking ticks.

Sapiens, we are, and we need to believe
For the feel in our jellies, are stories
Floating passed through generations-
Sands of time: unsettling, familiar, close encounters.
Unsettling feeling
rose Jul 2017
How unsettling
Now I'll rest
The roaring waves
roll down
Complete stillness
Elissa Deauvall May 2017
Silence is unsettling to me
It scares me how loud it gets
when there is nothing
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