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Bella Sep 16
Orange cigarette filter
Yellow full moon
Green lighter
Blue blue soul
Purple handle knife
Pink bloodshot eyes
Red, red blood
Bella Sep 16
Soft pink socks
Silken hair
Honeydew eyes
Killer stare
Solemn god
Aged wine
Dainty hands
Angelic shine
Bella Sep 16
Eternity at the fingertips of the lost
Trying to keep all the liquid melting out of my heart inside
The gods have never seen a love like ours
Sunlit soft skin, blossoming warmth
Eyes dripping the moons pure shine

Is this what they call paradise?
Bella Sep 12
you’re the sun and i’m the moon;
i can’t glow without you.
Bella Sep 9
Why do I like revenge?
Why does the blood that drips down so, satisfying?
Why does watching other people, who’ve pained me, hurt, feel so good?
If we’re supposed to all hold love in our hearts,
Why do some drip black poison?
ngl this one kinda edgy tho
Bella Aug 24
I want to feel pure raw passion
I want to feel burning sensation
I want to feel the stars collide
I want to feel heavens blue fire
I want to feel celestial affection
I want to feel red waves of love crash on my heart
I want to feel the sun licking my skin
I want to feel dazzling white electricity
I want to feel full intimacy
I want to feel you.
Bella Aug 19
You let me walk on you like you’re carpet,
Baby don’t do that, try and stop it
i just wanna change it up a bit
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