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Angelica Feb 21
   ­                                              Leave
                   ­      High
                   Leaving me.
                  Feeling weak.
shes short but she's got oomph
Angelica Feb 21
Giving me the get-out-of-jail-free card
Breaking out of your hold, love, my prison
The jail bars slowly lifting off my heart
Clearly a fact, we would never get on
And your demented game is now over
What was once a prince, is now merely crow
And now I am free, can kiss him or her
Without you lingering in my thoughts as so
Of course, I'm ******* still in love with you
But I'm giving up and breaking out now
Maybe one day you'll feel the same way too
I was told this feeling wasn't allowed
But the rules are *******, and you're ****** up, too
I guess I'm not feeling that "I love you"
Angelica Feb 21
Forever connected to a bunch of selfish jerks
And the worst part is they don't really love you
Maybe they tell themselves if they say it enough
                                                                      they will
It doesn't matter, they don't have the time to love
                                                an eternal connection
Long-lasting bond of self-pity and hate based off
                                                      of a foundation of
Angelica Feb 19
Wind chimes backward are like heaven in my
We cannot escape the past
So you and i will never last
"I love you" and lies were a blast
But even love, too, has it's final dance
ym ni nevaeh ekil era drawkcab semihc dniW
Angelica Feb 19
Fire swirls in an empty black galaxy
Take your hand, and keep trying to hold on
Spinning, dancing, and popping ecstasy.
Somehow your goodbye leaves me feeling conned
And angels swoop down and cut out my tongue
Throw down your cards and a few bills and fall
Growing old with you sounds better than young
Every day, playing, just being your doll.
And the thorn you take comes from roses of red.
Eyes are windows, and yours are dark night skies.
Feeling like I'm dying but never dead
Snow is falling, you keep me warm with lies
Jumping off headfirst, crashing on concrete
Running in circles, missing ev'ry beat
Angelica Feb 19
I am ash and you are an ember
your glow seems to last forever
on my own, I used to spark and flutter
but those days are now over

you are an ember, I watch your smokey dance
i light up at the sight of you, firebrand
With nothing but this blood on my hands
you help ignite my passion, my chance
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