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Eli Apr 2021
intoxicating to drink my content,
not halting until my heart is empty,
and my red spirit has been drained.
exciting to crack against the asphalt,
and everyone will avoid me,
scared to bleed from my jagged soul,
until i’m discarded once again,
that’s all i ever was.
Eli Apr 2021
you don’t even know what love is;
but, it’s a nice thought,
that you might forever.
Eli Apr 2021
all we know is school,
i have to spend the rest of my life after either working nine to five,
or starve to make my dream come true,
and after all of that i’ll peak either ending,
and then all that will be left for me is death.
Eli Apr 2021
I want to be the girl everyone dies for,
I want to be insatiable,
I want to be everyone’s favorite,
Because I just wanted to be yours.
Eli Apr 2021
Everytime I see the letter E,
I instantly think of your name.
I can’t stop listening to our songs,
And wondering how they make you feel now.
Would it **** you to spend a little time with me?
Eli Apr 2021
who knew this wasted opportunity,
would reignite the flame,
behind every passion i burnt out?

i cant tell,
if it’s to make me feel better,
or in hopes you’ll find me attractive again.
Eli Apr 2021
green chain link fences
lost dogs foaming at the mouth
blood stains in my carpet
the texts buzzing my phone
i’m sorry
i’m sorry
i’m sorry

over and over again.
i only wanted to make you happy.
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