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Eli Dec 2020
How am I supposed to sleep
When every move you make,
Makes me scream?

How am I supposed to sleep
When every breath you take,
Makes me shake?

How am I supposed to sleep
When you’re here on the phone,
Right next to me?
help me i’m crying i’m so happy ***
Eli Nov 2020
i was not expecting that our ending,
would make me feel so relieved
i never felt so good before lol
Eli Nov 2020
is it my fault,
that that’s what you grew up to be?
did we play too much army?
let you touch too much of me?
we were only seven darling,
always down the street running,
did you ever know?
of your daddy screaming
our buddy bleeding
your mommy’s drinking
of our glasses shattering?
or were you blind like me, too?
was there something i could have done, if my eyes were open too?
yuh this been on my mind
Eli Sep 2020
my colorful insides have never felt so gray
Eli May 2020
I know that I really ****** up this time.
I can’t say a word about this at all.
In the end, I’m all that’s left on my side.
Only I pick myself up when I fall.
Don’t trust anyone, just keep up the hustle.
I’ll find a way to pull out from my grave.
Crank it out, don’t wait out, fire the pistol.
I don’t care bout how hard it is, be brave.
Marbled glass, hard to see through, but crystal clear.
No more vulnerability, no more time.

Even though I know I’m down to get ****** and crash,
Don’t stop till I drop.
Eli Apr 2020
I hear the crickets,
It's like she's next to me on the grass
Not on a receiver in my room
Because it was quiet
Only crickets purring
and I felt warm.
Eli Apr 2020
The red moon illuminates,
over the water,
My stomach is pierced with blades,
thousands of them,
And darkness fills my empty heart,
dancing with the devil,
But the deepest shades of gray,
will never be mine,
And if by the end, indeed I'm dead, cry,
tears in my memory, sweet
But the red moon is painted with blood,
and it happens to be my veins,
And still the saddest birds cries it's tune,
bright in the early month of June,
enjoy :)
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