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It doesn’t matter
how much weight you carry.
It’s about how you distribute.
Pain diffusion
is like sunlight through leaves;
it takes courage
to let brightness pierce through
and kiss you.
So stay with me,
right here,
by your tree roots,
where cyclamen grow.
Hold my hand
like you always knew me.
Forgive my shyness
as I fidget
with toe rings of clover -
I promise;
  I’m less and less scared -
I still love your wildness.
I feel you,
all over.
of Pure Water.
My lack of sharpness
is yearning to soften your edges.
I’m floating above your garden,
The ripeness of fruit
that your highest tree bares,
smells like a rose
you delivered.
If we really are here
to mirror,
all I want to do for you
is shimmer.
Sunrise coffee in reticence;
Wonder what has caused the rift?
I’ve danced with every elephant
in every single room;
Wonder why I always shape-shift?

Distance never made my heart grow fonder
I crave to be far more removed.
I search for other types of anguish;
Do stars gleam brighter
when you stand on the moon?

So many paths I could have taken,
but I chose to carve mine
blind through the mist;
On the brink of dusk
when wild violets are shrinking
Grief is simply love adrift.
into intricate words
with a mind of their own
that fall into place
and make beautiful songs
which travel along
Vibrations and Waves
free as the birds
once alight,
with bodies and souls. 
Trusting the journey
is a curious adventure,
not a God complex,
a Writer is
but a facilitator,
allowing our innermost
turn into artwork,
delicate necklace
that hangs ‘round the throat.
It’s been years.
moves real slow around here now.
Recurring dreams
shine UV beams
on my streams of waking consciousness.
My innermost fears
all out in the open.
What to do?
How do I haunt them?
At least
the way that you danced for me
never got old.
I’ve got no other truths left.
It’s mile after mile
from now on.
You crashed in like a wave
out of the blue
and swept me completely,
Submerged in your loveliness
I shyly outgrew
my fear of sinking.
Spellbound by confetti of aquamarine,
I don’t know what to do.
Hero in the making,
Unwittingly waltz me into spindrift.
I’ve had no time to write any words down
but the stars cry and squirm
beyond noxious smoke as thick as a quilt.
As we run out of space I need you to know
Out of all the flowers I grew
You were my favourite.
How many a line
Crossed how many a time
How familiar a shiver down my young spine.

How many a man.
How obscene an act.
How easy to place someone’s word before fact.

How sick and ferocious
How lewd and atrocious
I’m tethered too tightly to set things in motion.

Many a heart ache.
So much at stake.
I’m coming for you, make no mistake.
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