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KG 5d
Cleanse, this gift I collect
Taken shameless
Hidden from the rain
Let these candles burn around it
Surrounding fires sactify the area
But never are shadows cast from the flames
Touch not the cell that holds it now
The grey dissolved illumination of this cloudy sky pries the light apart like moonlight in the day.
Tonight when her eye has opened wide to view the site I provide her
My goddess stretches across the altar
A blessing does not falter.
i want desperately to believe that if i concentrate
hard enough
if i focus all of my will and thought
on you
so hard
that my blood boils and
spills over
if i dream of what i
from you enough times
i will manifest you

in a cloud of smoke from the candles i have lit
you will appear before me
at my door that i have opened for you
you will wait
i will let you in once again
you will remind me that this is not love
and i will nod
for it is impolite to speak
with your mouth full
purple heart Sep 2
may the universe,
understand the lies
which have been around for a while.

& declare your deal as the truth.
cause you are nothing but true.

just blamed for all the lies & crimes
for just being a little too nice.
Justice in action. Faith in self.
Maelynn Jul 2
Be still my heart,
Beating in time to the drums of
Adrenaline like lightning in my veins
The air is charged with electricity,
I wait with bated breath
The clouds open like eyes from a long slumber
Awakening to the day
Then fat drops fall like tears
Washing the old away.
Themes from above
Inline with the divine
A sea of pure information
We are but processes through time
Which is relevant
for stages of development

Clear through the chaos
Write down a desire
Words bind and magick works
Form your own sigil
Things will happen to inspire
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/Twitter)
Kenshō Nov 2019
Listen and recite on tempo with the space between preferably

Let us sneak past the beholders
And fall through the hedge

Twist and tuck your shoulders
Careful not to slip the ledge

Where that speaking plant rose
'Till all noise is scant

Pass the root that slows
'Nd Keep the leaf that quickens

Follow the vine that goes
Passed the sign of picking

When the lone holt rises
And the deep mire thickens

There are three stones stricken
Standing of similar sizes

There it is the time of all ages
'Nd it doesn't matter what your age is

Where the wind flower is always a toss
And where the rocks are growing on moss

I have had it with signs and maps
At this next crossroad I will try to get lost

Nothing feels familiar and I've lost all name
Here life feels only a process, maybe a game..

I'm feeling wayward
I hope you are feeling the same

Forget all clocks
We will look in each others eyes to tell time

Forget all forms
The great Dao is a mirror and you are a mime

Whistle 'gypsy' to meet a sekret of my kind
Passage to a garden of thistle and thyme

five fold colors from the canopy above
rest warm and low on the mushroom land of love

With draping crowns of brugmansia
and fragile ground of foxglove

tip toe the maze and careful where she lept
for where she landed is where many had wept

the life giving rivers we swim
are the same some were sweptt

or have you ever thought
that where you are now is where once a soul's body was left?

where one is complete
another in this life is bereft

so respekt what beyond that hedge lies
everything may be separate now, but everything is one when it dies

And if I were to shapeshift into a fish
my swirling ocean, i would call my sky

And if that fish had one wish
Would be that the world would never run dry

See your spells of intention and what you imply
dictates what your world is run by

And that is beautiful
no one can deny

But quick! cover with the shade of mind
because beholders of beauty are everywhere
yet some give the evil eye

so I shade with the hedge of night
And gaze with my third of sight

so my body can be hidden
and my soul in soaring flight

Because something in the air in the city doenst feel right
But I see it in every one of your eyes, your own starry night

if you are still weary on the path to unite
this spells scroll recite

in one lord and lady
in darkness and in light
i cast this as tinder for your soul to ignite
Listen and recite on tempo with the space between preferably

i know there are some errors i will correct em later. or not
CLARYT Oct 2019
She sits at night spinning spells of love and luck,
Splashing over hair, then hiding under rocks,
Chanting affirmations over darkened mirror,
Making talisman with earthly blessings for the wearer,
Waxing moon, waning moon, full or half or crescent,
She will make it go away or teach someone a lesson,
Your deepest wish she'll grant, for that is the hat she does,
She draws upon the ocean tides without a hint of fuss,
But never will she use her power to hurt or mame or ****,
A hedge witch only beckons love, but not against your will,
An alter made from beauty, with the softest female touch,
And vestments worn with good intent, to bring to you so much,
Next time you see a hedge witch, tilt your head and say hello,
As she may help you out someday, and you would never know.

(C)  2019
Raven May 2019
Take a sip, take a hit, take a drag, take a sniff.
Mix it up, lose yourself in your sins.
Take this lust potion baby, move that slow motion.
Just take another sip, lean, trip.
******* to the floor, playing with my hair, fingers like a web.
Just listen, red eyes in a room full of lies.
I know you bite, I need it, take a sip and feel free.
Just take another sip, and we'l lean.
Oooooh baby, stick down to the ground, I need you on the floor. knees to the ground.
I know you feelin, the same way that I feel and I know this is for real.
He says hes feelin, that feelin, that we're feelin, and he want it bad.
Just take another sip, and we'l lean.
Mushrooms got us trippin, got you rollin on the floor, laughing, passed out, then I **** you.
Papi like it good.
Call me baby while I give it like I should.
Put a spell on you, a lust potion.
Take it, sip it, eat it, **** it.
How did I get like this?
Voodoo lust.
You think this lust we have is normal?
It's passionate, hard, ******, intense, sinful, unapologetic, desirable, sensual.
Pull my neck from the back and choke me harder daddy.
It's my voodoo magic baby.
My lust potion
CLARYT Apr 2019
All you need is fair a heart,
And mix that in, with pure of mind,
Sprinkle in romantic thoughts,
And add some love, just use the rind,

You'll need a pinch of *** appeal,
And just a smidge of naughty thoughts,
Room temperature is always best,
For when you take your clothing off,

The kindest words work best this way,
And don't forget to blow a kiss,
And mind your mood as you begin,
And don't forget to make a list,

A candle red, with rose oil rub,
As much as you can muster up,
Mix all of these together well,
Voila!, a recipe for love.....
A very playful take on one of my many love spells..

(C) 20/04/2019
Alind Bokodi Mar 2019
It was the night of the harvest moon and all around gleams of light snaked their way through the autumn leaves
painting the ground with the colors of the sunset and setting the forest on fire
Up above
the sky was cloudless
the stars were scintillating
and every place you set your eyes you couldn’t help but admire such a comely scene
Never again would you see a more exquisite sight in nature
beauty in its purest form
The world revealed its deepest secrets that night
told a story that only the luckiest people would ever apprehend
The crisp fall breeze spoke in awe of the wise as it carried the sweet scent of baby’s breath through the boney trees
Then came the turn of the stream
who murmured on the words of renewal and healing
And the stars whispered the words of our ancestors
“ We are one with all that has been
and we are one with all that will be.”
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