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Lace Jun 2019
It's taken time to admit
That I was going under
Drowning in my use

A storm was brewing inside
Bright lights and the thunder
Ready to hang from a noose

Guilt, shame and a racing mind
It was time to choose
Do I want to live

Or am I ready to lose

Little did I know
What I was about to do

Looking in the mirror
I picked up the phone
And called the man who did most of the abuse
He listened and informed me
That there is hope

I'm on day eight in rehab
The dark circles are gone
I'm alive for a reason
It's my choice to choose
Thank you for cutting the noose, Dad.
Lace Jun 2019
I see people
a one way mirror.
Transparent to me,
dark to them.

I see myself
a piece of frosted glass.
Belle May 2019
She was 13 years old the first time.
A mix of tequila and pain killers.
Laying on her bed, she did not know what to do.
Made a mistake.
Her brother tries to stick his finger down her throat in hope she wouldnt die.
Police said it was "teenage angst" a "typical teenage girl"
She refused to speak to them because they didnt understand.
"stupid girl." her mother says.
Goes to therapy and gets diagnosed.
But her mother doesn't think the diagnoses is real.
"You want some fries?"
18 years old the second time.
Roommate found her unconscious, brought to hospital.
Roommate is crying.
She felt so guilty.
Gets sent to Hell with people who all tried to **** themselves.
Gets jokes about her anorexia.
"You eat barely anything, no wonder you're so skinny!"
5 days of playing chess and daytime napping.
Can't go back to school.
3rd time it was winter. 19 years old.
Extremely cold. Probably 20 degrees.
She went out running, hoping she'd get hit by a car.
Cars are really good at stopping for pedestrians.
Spent 2 hours trying to **** herself.
She cried when it didn't work.
Went and banged on a facilities door at 12am.
Screaming help,
because now she's just tired.
she is me
Yanamari Apr 2019
In bringing to light
The darkness that surrounds us,
I understood more about you.
In the things that you do for me and
The way that you treat me.
I had always questioned why you did
What you did;
Was it an act of indebt?
I want your sincerity
Something that I've never really felt deeply...

Thank you for these acts.
I hope that you reach a point of sincerity
So that in the future,
I can understand why I was willing to be
Close by as you
Tread at a distance lightly.
One instance that I do remember that I was closer to feeling a person's sincerity towards me was when I was told that I influenced a person to step out of their bubble. I'm thankful that this person told me even though I don't fully understand how.

The Aura Series: IV
Brynn S Feb 2019
Feet under crystal green water
Fragments of debris float in circular motions
Tracing the minds pondering nature
World passes as if turning backwards
Return to the former place one of purity
The corruption brought forth a small death
One of little significance yet large impact
Only personal not important

The clocks are abused
Mistreatment of age delivers hell
ACAC Feb 2019
Deeper I go, and not noticing, I begin to rearrange my soul.

What ****** up things will arise during this 'advancement'?

I feel it, confusing me like a mist.
A thick and static charged mist comes each time I visit.
Sometimes it clears to bring lucid awareness, sometimes it hangs around and worries me.

Today it is cut into many fractions; life is visible through the cracks.
KM Hanslik Jan 2019
Based on things I can't predict,
our errors are not all-inclusive;
lines are not perfectly straight
and sometimes there's too much distance between us,
sometimes not enough.

Based on actions I don't yet understand,
survival becomes stalled into a thing called "existing"
I don't know what is flammable in here
but can feel the burning of my own skin,
I am ready to ignite;
some people are cold and that excites me
my secret weakness
I like to bring the warmth
but sometimes it is only enough
to bandage our own wounds;

The art of imitation is a slippery *****,
don't trust me with your secrets, they may too closely echo my own
and when you strike a nerve I might seek out refuge in your pain
I know I am not the first passenger to feel this way.

Based on things I haven't come to terms with yet,
I am beginning to realize the incalculability of our
so seemingly deliberate crossings;
so don't trust me with your secrets,
I apply a honey salve to everything that hurts
and I don't know if you are ready yet
to feel that sweet soothing burn.
sadgirl Jan 2019
somewhere, stars hidden by light pollution.
below, girls huddle. in corners, under couches, behind

headboards of cheap bunk beds. girls become gasoline, votaile
and ready to be ignated with a single flame. at least burn down

the house, at least spit out their lithium into an empty water bottle.
okay. i won't get started on the honda civic. it knows what it did.

bad man. bad desire. bad day to be sadgirl. but here, not hell,
not purgatory. girls can't recall anything, for threat

of severance. here, there is no language for joy,
only cheap rewards and the occasional Sour Patch Kid.

when snow falls we play in it and cry. please, don't
call us imprisoned, call it a next step.

i say my own name when i write.
i go out for pizza and sadly, come back.
Hey guys! back from wilderness. In a hellish place. <3
Grace Frederick Nov 2018
Nothing is really forever broken
Everything can be fixed
Tape, Glue, and staples
were invented for a reason
they fix certain things
Communication, journaling, and therapy
are to fix the other things
I am fixable
you are fixable
it may take some time
but it can be
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
Silence speaks
Into your mind
Words tumbling
Whispering, growing louder
Screaming, hoarse sobs
Frustrated roars of pain

Was she hurt?
Oh she must be mad now, what have I done?
Can't they hear my screaming?
By the fact
That I am silent?



Inspired by Kulenthiran Sir's piercing emphasis on 'silence is powerful'. A good man, with a knowing, fond attitude to and of life.

(Your house is a work of art, sir, it in itself portrays your passion for literature, appreciation, life, and the beautiful things in it. And it is to be praised that you have delved so deep into it, yet not lost yourself to it like many great minds have [Einstein's biggest flaw]).
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