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Erian Apr 7
Do you ever wonder what it would be like
If everything ended at a simple tic?
What would you do
If it was the last day?
For now,
I don't know.
is like a
tic-tac toe game.
Every move you make
adds up
to what will happen
in the end.
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Moon’s suggestive gleam,
Night taut with ****** tics;
Nature’s alert peaks!
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
TIC-TOC by Jessie 5/06
10pm. I go to sleep
11pm., awake
12am. I toss and turn
How long, will this process take?
1am, I grab a drink
Read a little from my book
2am, I have to ***
From the drink I took
3am, dozing off
Until startled by the dog
Can’t remember the last time
I was sleeping like a log
4am, the moon is bright
Shining in my eyes
Pull the blanket across my face
From the light, I hide
5am, it’s hard to breath
Take the covers off my face
Still can’t sleep, I hear you snore
While the ceiling, my eyes trace
6am, one eye is shut
I’m tired and I yawn
Sound asleep, I start to dream
Then wakened by my alarm
7am, time to get up
Shower, shave and eat
Head to the car
Drink in hand
Shuffling both my feet
8am, punch the clock
Sitting at my desk
Lean back in my chair
Feet are up to rest
Blink one time too many
Until, they open not
5pm time to go
Some sleep I finely got
Sadia May 2017
As time passes by, the past has been sealed. We cannot travel backwards, time will not permit us to do so. Instead, we need to look forward in life. We are the ones who control our future. It is up to us to fulfill our dreams. If we don’t seize what lies ahead of us in time, our life will tick away...just like the clock that ticks away time.
Mark Parker Mar 2016
Tic Toc at the midnight hour,
peddling along louder and prouder.

Clock my dear friend,
you've done it again.
Every single second I learn
that time has passed,
and you're consistent,
I hear it sixty times
within a minute.
And he continues.
Smugly taunting along
with that perfect timing
envied by all musicians.
The clock, my worst adversary.
Prozac and Tic Tacs
That's what keeps me sane
One keeps my mouth clean
The other Scrubs my brain
These small sweet little pills I pop

                now two

                                         now four

I wonder what would happen if I took a couple more
Maddy Van Buren Apr 2015
maybe you are my new nervous tick, because let's be honest, I'm a little obsessive. and if it's not you, it's the person after you. the person I can't recognize because I am so blind to everything but what we had. it's my involuntary physical and mental attraction to you that makes me tic, makes a tic, that is my tic. it's repetitive; calling you Friday night after Friday night, believing it may fill me up without drowning me out. but I'm empty, I'm always empty. I don't mean to involve you, and I know you think I do this because you're still my everything, but you're just a something. a physical preoccupation I've yet to overcome, as you're always in reach. cover up the void you've left behind, never fill it - that isn't your place; tics are not mutually beneficial. we in no way help each other. do not know a way to help each other. you aren't my saving grace; you're the bad habit. the phantom limb I need to forget. the tic to fit my criteria: close, but never here. available to hold me, but in holding me you're making my tears. could you ever fathom such a senseless incongruity? and just where are you now? you're holding me in the darkness but I know you don't feel what I feel, won't ever feel a thing. me ignoring the truth of your coldness, the brevity of your affection - tics like your timepiece. maybe next Friday night, it'll be different. maybe next Friday night, I won't need a tic like a crutch, won't be crushed. until then.
EME Feb 2015
El reloj va sonando, marcando un tempo de viejo afligido, como si estuviera desesperado por dictar una hora, o un día.
El perro se para a observar el "Tic tac" y su cola baila los danzones que el viejo reloj marca.
La comida hierve con delicadeza y el humo de la olla silba las baladas que el tocadiscos canta, el reloj marca y la cola del perro baila.
En la mesa se destapa el elixir que llena copas y embriaga almas cubriendo cuerpos como los ríos cubren al mar, y el mar inspira al escriba que roba suspiros que mueven manecillas de relojes para marcar tiempos y bailar colas de perros, hervir ollas que silban canciones y hacer luz que hacen cantar tocadiscos.
Entonces el reloj se detiene porque ya es Jueves y son las cinco de la tarde
By: Carlos Lorenzana
Sana Oct 2014
Tik tok
Tic toc
J'attends, j'attends et j'attends
Les heures passent lentement
Tik tok
Tic toc
Basta et assez
Y'en a marre
Hasten et vite vite
Basta et allez
J'en ai marre
D'attendre, attendre et attendre
Les tics tocs
Et les tiks toks

*Que les tics toquent already
A little something I wrote mostly in french and that I surprisingly like
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