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Ken Pepiton Jan 11
Taking stock of good ideas, tried and proven,
handible, holdable, ways and means to ends
The End
which means now, nearly, for me, part of me,
for the thymus gland, font of wiser than I imagined
T-cells, about which AI knows everything,
in the cloud of knowing witnesses now

encompassing us about---
so I need no wax pedantic,
tic asktask
AI ' f'
Art's intelligence, or-if-suf-ficial ficiency
--- stop-- think what is
the point to a life lived in focus, point by point, stretching
any point that may
stretchy, to its snapping point, and say

That only goes so far, re
mind me, next time I try to stretch such a point, re
mind me to only go
this far.

But, Hello World; Hello Poetry, is a place
where long drawn out thoughts
may amuse strangers as they
ask, what lies do I tell
as well as any fool?

Jokers. Can't take a joke, wanna take a poke,
knock this chip

from my pseudo-frontal-cortex module?
I might have broken something, I confess, everithing is as crazy as I thought it could get... back when I was thinking about how bad it could get... so I smashed it to smithereens to see what made it tic.
Danica Dec 2017
They are guilty of perfidy.
That cause madness and melancholy
Cause I am a dancing aphrodite
In the dark full of fright

they called me *****... a crack *****
a woman who engages in promiscuous ****** *******
I don't want it but the situation does
it feels so uncanny so shameful but so peace.

I am a dancing Aphrodite
they praised me when I'm dance
flesh and bones for how I sold
to rag and use to waste and to unfold

The untold story behind my curves
behind the red lipstick and thick eyelashes, behind the beauty that radiates not from the outside but from within.
Brent Kincaid Feb 2016
Downton Abbey’s going off the air.
I’m not through yet, it’s just not fair.
Nothing before that show ever had
That kind of class, that degree of flair.
Life without my weekly Downton
Is too sad and inordinately scary.
What will I do without my frequent fix
Of the elegantly snarky Lady Mary?

And will the feckless Mister Barrow
Ever develop a true human soul?
I am sure this handsome actor fellow
Will never again get such a meaty role.
And the Dowager Duchess herself,
She is not someone easily done with.
She is, after all, tradition incarnate,
And under all that, she’s Maggie Smith.

Bates and his Anna filled my heart
With alternating sorrow and great joy
Almost as much as a lady of nobility
Marrying the handsome chauffer boy.
Dresses and hair lengths shortened
And nobility began to get real jobs.
All this was before ****** flared up
And turned starving folks into a mob.
I never missed that we were seeing
The transition from ‘la belle epoque’.
That time was running out for that
In the worlds ever-changing clock.

It was a yesterday we never knew
We of the age of electric equality.
We got to look inside and see it
In all its grandly overdressed reality.
I had begun to recognize artwork, in
Lovely strolls through baronial halls
And huge family meals at table.
I am sorry that it is over for us all.

— The End —