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K Balachandran Nov 2018
Moon’s suggestive gleam,
Night taut with ****** tics;
Nature’s alert peaks!
Brynn S Nov 2018
Conclude the dream
Dew melt my eyes as a suken scene
Soft spoken words pour from your lips
With bones of greetings how often our slips
Gaze and grasp
Each night to pass
I follow you to heaven
Lift me to the ceilings of above
Paint me unto the walls of love
Grasp the two sides of the bodice
Reach to me closer, call me the goddess
Place unto the petals, leave me your alter
With breaths intertwined movements cease to falter
Eyes melt into one sight
Share with me our night

Loves together in a single moment
Kelidoscopes of rosed colors tint
Small traces to guide the hint
This is my moment to share, racing thoughts bleed into the air
Shane Leigh Aug 2017
I'm not one for graceful words
In means of poetry and seduction;
But you ...
With the quickening of your breath,
The rise and fall of your chest,  
The subtle ache on you lips,
As I pull you close to me
And kiss you again.  

You are molded by seduction,
The sweetest of poetry;
Your sandy blonde hair framing your eyes
Just so
For me to gaze into
Right before we take another breath
And plunge deeper,  
Deeper still ...
© Shane Leigh
The meaning in a kiss.
Wyatt Apr 2016
So I've gotta admit
when I saw you like this,
my eyes made my mind freak out
and then I was instantly thinking
of us in suggestive places...
like I was some pig,
and then I instantly felt sick.
But believe me,
I don't want that to be my label, I don't wanna be vain
but sometimes I don't know any better.
I wouldn't condone that and I wouldn't ever do that,
but my fantasies won't hold off.
The angels and the devils in my brain
are driving me insane.
I feel like I've already lost.

Well all the drugs
and all the alcohol
won't ever make it go away.
All these things I think about
I feel so guilty about
and it won't ever go the other way.
Maybe I deserve it,
maybe I'll hurt for this,
maybe this is punishment.
So gouge out my eyes and see past my disguise,
I'm not that nice guy you think you know.
My mind's got a lot of dark in the back
and I've got a troubled past,
please hear me when I say
it's all more than you'll ever know.
b for short Oct 2014
I’m not religious,
but you've got a tongue that can
make me see Jesus.
© Bitsy Sanders, October 2014
David Hall Sep 2014
the night began
like most nights do
when your 20 something
and the moon is full

a random bar
a brand new friend
not a single thought
about nights end

we drank we laughed
we even sang along
when the radio played
our favorite song

as the night got older
we both grew bolder
you’d rest your head
upon my shoulder

too happy drive
that’s what you said
come back to my place
and rest instead

the two of us
on a big red sofa
your back to my chest
with our feet hung over

my wandering hand
starts to explore
along your hips
and wanting more

a slight hesitation
then a button pop
your not quite sure
if you want to stop

then you stood up
the spark was gone
the beer wore off
the lights came on

looking back I wonder now
how the night played out
if my hand wandered north
instead of south

— The End —