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I wish you were here to hold my hand
I’m glad you’re as crazy as I am
I feel bad about that
I wish you were here to hold my hand
I threw a glass at the refrigerator when you asked me to be your girlfriend
I’m glad I’m your girlfriend
There was glass everywhere
I laughed… a lot
My roommates did not laugh
I laughed even more
You’re a dork
Sometimes at night I hate you
But that’s because I like you
I don’t like that I like you
I’m not good at liking people
I wish you were here to hold my hand
Your footsteps sound like symphonies
I had the task of writing something on a sidewalk on campus. This is what I came up with.
I want to crawl into bed with you
And you're in another's bed
I want to slink past these people
Slither into your soft sheets
Curl up around your body and feel your warmth
Heat my cold blooded heart
Hold me while I'm frozen with the fear of losing you
Drugs can't fix you
Doctors can't fix you
Nothing can fix you
Because you aren't broken
You're sick
When a star reaches death it expands
When it’s core can no longer stand up against gravity
It bursts
The particles of the once bright and flaming ball of light
Drift off into space
Slowly forming a new heavenly body
Something beautiful
Something better
Let me be a fixed luminous point in the sky
A remote incandescent body like the sun
Let me float in space alone and start anew
Let me be a star
A part of me has hated you from the moment we met
Because all the other parts of me were instantly
In love with you
I hate how I stare at my computer screen every night
Hoping to see that green circle next to your name
But you and I both know I’ll never do a **** thing about it
I loathe those little things that remind me of you
I pour coffee
I see you brushing your teeth
I drive down highway 105
Pass the Biscuitville sign
Instantly in my mind
I see you walking around in your cowboy hat
Hear brown boots making their familiar clip clop sound
Your footsteps sound like symphonies
And I hate that hat
You may be the cowboy of Roanoke
But to me you’ll always be that ******* from Alamance  
Who I could never get over
May never get over
Usually nothing sticks with me
I’ve only been addicted to two things in my life
Self-destruction and you
And I’ve spent my entire life trying to find a replacement
Cigarettes are expensive
Coke has a bad comedown
Other people
They’re just not the same
I detest you
You’re pompous
And the best human being I’ve ever met
I hate how I can’t forget you
I hate!
I hate…
Because it’s easier for me to hate than to love
I choose loathe over like
Obsession over rejection
Loneliness over loss
To love you would be to lose you
Hate it's my armor
The weight
It’s pulled me underwater
And even there you’re still swimming circles ‘round my head
You can’t help the way the current flows
But baby
Not baby
Not darling
Not mine
I caught you once and threw you back
Cause I didn't know how to love
I still don't
But I know very well how to hate
And my God do I hate you
There are words racing
Through all of us we must learn
to let them run free
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