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A parade of leaves dancing within the willow,
Draping branches dangling in the breeze.
Chattering sparrows
Laughing with the hint of rain.
Rumbles of thunder humming
A loud whisper.

A growing whisper
Takes shelter within the willow,
Quietly humming
A song for leaves in the breeze,
Droplets of rain
Shower the chuckling sparrows.

Feathers of the sparrows,
Drift away, soft as a whisper.
Sprinkling rain
Gets lost within the branching willow,
The feathers play hide and seek in the breeze,
And the thunder continues humming.

The thunder is still humming,
While the feathers of the sparrows
Float in the breeze,
And storm clouds whisper
A strong kiss of wind through the willow,
Allowing a canopy of rain.

The creek floods with rain,
While the rumbling remains humming,
Dancing willow,
The sky imprisons the sparrows
The lightning sings a whisper,
Disguised as a breeze.

The fall leaves stir up in the breeze
Drenched in fresh rain,
Rainbows whisper
Over the thunder’s loud humming,
The return of the laughing sparrows
As they perch within the willow.

The humming of thunder in the distance, the whisper of lightning,
The after smell of rain, lingering in the breeze
The buzzing of sparrows, perching within the willow.
a sestina.
  Mar 16 Sadia
I watch my feet
It moves discreet
Flowing sand
I stand

It ebbs and flows
Comes and goes
movements twinned
enacted by wind

Caught by the tides
The sea has come in
The moment... fin
Inspired by a walk on Talacre beach in North Wales
Miles of sand and nobody around
  Mar 12 Sadia
Mitch Prax
Only in poetry
do we still exist.
Only within each verse
can I still adore you and
only within each word
can I still find bliss.
Sadia Mar 10
The darkness in you ignites the fire inside me
  Dec 2020 Sadia
Salmabanu Hatim
When you want to learn the art of blending colours study nature,
See the sunrise and sunset,
And its gorgeous colours strewn across the sky,
The seven colours of the rainbow and their arrangements,
The beauty and enhancement of the stars and moon with the background of the night sky,
Black gives depth to all colours.
Colours is the smile of nature,
Its luscious greenery,
And its colourful hues of flowers.
Colour is in emotions too,
Its power which influences the soul,
Besides who would prefer not living in colours.
  Sep 2020 Sadia
What will I find beyond this gate?
Once opened, can I catch enough love to seal my fate?
Could the water fill up my empty heart
and lead me straight to the part
where I say
I've found
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