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  Oct 2023 Sadia
Gourav R Dwivedi
You and I are like two stars
That shine in the same sky
We share a common light
That guides us through the night

You and I are like two birds
That sing in the same tree
We share a common song
That fills our hearts with glee

You and I are like two flowers
That bloom in the same garden
We share a common fragrance
That makes us feel so smitten

You and I are like two souls
That love in the same way
We share a common bond
That grows stronger every day

You and I are polite and respectful
To each other and to all
We share a common value
That makes us stand so tall

You and I are romantic and passionate
To each other and to life
We share a common fire
That keeps us warm and bright

You and I are perfect for each other
In every aspect and every sphere
We share a common destiny
That makes us one, my dear.
Sadia Oct 2023
Through trials and storms, love remains intact
No distance can separate us when love is pure
Time may pass, but love continues to grow
Eyes hold a blaze,
a fire of love that never dies
No power on Earth
can break the bond of love between you and me
  Jul 2023 Sadia
Krista Delle Femine
I don’t think you recognize yourself in my
In that they are written for you
Of course, many will see themselves
As poetry is known to do
But you
The one who I’m actually talking to
I don’t think
You recognize you
  Jan 2023 Sadia
They ask 'how do you write good poems?'
Well, just look at him...
He is the whole literature
I just assemble words from him
  Jan 2023 Sadia
Morgan Mercury
Find me across the room,
I am the silent morning.
I've known your name for centuries,
but mines still just a foreign language to you.
My tongue is tied
and you're lost in translation,
But that's just how these things will remain.
My body sings every time
because your smile is like a melody.
You light me up
shining brighter than the moon and stars.
I'll follow your voice to the beginning of our first hellos.
You're a perfect afternoon.
We could sing away evenings with the radio.
Drive to places only we would know
where there would be nobody but you and me.
So please won't you come talk to me
because you see my words are lost
and my knees are shaking like trees in the wind.
I hope it doesn't come as a surprise that you light up the room.
Every time I see you I hold my breath
and my mind goes blank.
So I suppose I'll just always be on the other side of the room,
loving you from afar.
a poem about a boy what else
  Jan 2023 Sadia
Sarita Aditya Verma
A play of colours
Rich in hues
Red, white and a dash of sea blue
Velvety cream, the pastry sweet
Ornate vintage pitcher
Flawlessly flowing spout
Arresting, the fragrance of the rose
Shy elegance in white, the orchids divine
Aesthetics sublime
Inspired by a friend’s photo
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