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  Jul 30 Sadia
Shells coming and going,
Locked in to movement of the waves,
Crushed by the magnitude of their strength

They float in and out of beaches,
Leaving their mark on passersby,
Only to be forgotten with the next wave of treasures

They long to be found,
Crave to be picked up,
Ache to tell their story

Until at last, they're swept out to sea,
To the next beach which it will call home,
And into the life of another who will see its beauty.
  Jul 30 Sadia
I found magic
In the moon
When it’s light
Illuminated you
  Jul 30 Sadia
Stephen S
Rain, rain, wash me away.
Drown me in the depths, let my spirit decay.

Lost and lifeless, adrift in the flood,
no fire in my heart, no surge in my blood.

Endlessly grasping at things not meant to be.
Left to live out forever in the cold of the sea

Rain, rain, wash me away.
Perhaps I'll find solace in this madness of grey.
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