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Charmine Nov 23
Windy weather, snow and rain
I love winter because we can play in the snow
Nearly all of the trees are bare
This is the coldest time of the year, although we have fun!
Everyone is having the greatest time
Relish sitting next to toasty fire
I do this with my brother and friends too!
Charmine Oct 14
Forever I have wanted a puppy
Love is what I have to give
Unique place it will have
Forever in my family
Forever in my heart
Yet I wait…

All at once the day came
Nothing could destroy my happiness
I was looking at this fluffy ball of fur
My heart was full of joy
At last my dream had come true
Lucky me I am no longer blue
Charmine Oct 4
At Halloween we love to scream
Monsters are stomping in the night
I always love to give the monsters a fright

My neighbour is a witch
She has a little twitch
I think she is a little bit strange
But she doesn’t want to change!

Have you seen a ghost before?
They can walk through a door!
If you see one you might be scared.
If you are lucky you might be spared!

At Halloween you will see cats and bats
Or me wearing spooky hats!
  Jun 17 Charmine
Emily Miller
My father walked me down the aisle,
But my mother held my arm.
He went with me,
But we went not towards the altar,
But towards the door.

My father walked me down the aisle,
And the ***** rang through the church,
Humming through the elaborate crown molding,
Carved by my ancestors.

He went,
Not beside me,
But before me,
And I watched,
As he was illuminated by the bright,
Texas sun.

My father walked me down the aisle,
But I did not wear white.
My father walked me in silence,
And I shed tears not for a man standing at the altar,
But for the one I would never see again.

My father walked me down the aisle,
And no veil obscured my face.
All eyes were upon me, but not for my pristine beauty,
Instead for my clenched jaw and furrowed brow,
Severe and fierce to distract from my glassy eyes.

My father did not leave me at the end of our walk to sit beside my mother.
She clung to me for support and sobbed breathlessly,
And I carried her with one hand,
My sister the other,
And walked towards my future.
A future family,
Not one person more,
But one person less.
I walked,
One final time,
With him.

My father walked me down the aisle,
And I will never forget it.
Hundreds of eyes isolating my family from the crowd,
Slow and muffled sounds drowning in the deafening beat of my heart,
Blurred faces staring,
Black heels clacking against the cobbled path from the church,
The anguished wails of my mother,
The whimpering of my sister,
And the wooden box that glided before us,
A string tied to our patriarch,
The pin key of our family,
Pulled taut and then snipped with the slam of the hearse doors.

My father walked me down the aisle,
Before I had a chance to grow up.
He walked me,
Out of the church,
Away from the altar,
Never to be walked again.
Charmine Jun 5
Royal in castle
With the royal sun and dew.
Shining in the light of the day,
Love of us will never fade.
Charmine Jun 5
Silent as the night could take.
Clear and bright, gaze the star,
With colours they keep me awake.
Charmine Jun 3
Now a rose, a light,
Bright as a royal sun,
Laid by the royal one.

Embrace flowers
Reaching his flower.
Salute to the faithful man,
Craved the joy of love.
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