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Lillian May Mar 11
“Love always” really means “love anyways”
To love always you have to love anyways.

Ugly and confusing and ragged and silly and stupid and irrational and infuriating

I love you anyways. And I will love you always.
Lillian May Jan 6
flickers and flashes
my memory of this year
this tiny little lifetime.

forever lives in those flickers and flashes
so long have i known you in this time so brief

we've walked and we've danced and fallen
you and i and our tiny little lifetime
and many more to come

i love you.
Lillian May Dec 2020
Soft and familiar sorrow
but narrated, by me, this time in the third person.
I, the narrator, in this case, feeling by proxy
the sorrow that my love feels now.
A loss he wasn't ready for,
has never endured before,
he cries, and then so I.

And yet there is love.

( Isn't that life?
At the end of every story of sorrow, you
could punctuate with that and it'd be true. )

Oh, how he handles these things, so much love
so much grace.
Even as sadness rolls down his face,
his mind still fixed on things above
Lillian May Nov 2020
i love you, my dear, in ways without words
in ways without concepts and describable terms
it doesnt make sense, we've still been through hurts
but being without you, now that would be worse.
  Nov 2020 Lillian May
being beautiful
in sight of my creator
is more fulfilling
than being beautiful
in the eyes of its creation
today was my very first day wearing the hijab and i absolutely loved it
Lillian May Oct 2020
Lightly given,
her heart to me.
I will never betray.

The secrets of ***,
The way she turned me ‘round her,
As clean as well water.

I cried.
I was in her and taking in what a perplexity she was.

“I, at long last,” says she, “have given you myself.”
She is all I ever wanted.

My lady,
So desirous,
Give me you;
Your tenderness.
Page 247 in my blackout poetry book.
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