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Lillian May Nov 3
i love you, my dear, in ways without words
in ways without concepts and describable terms
it doesnt make sense, we've still been through hurts
but being without you, now that would be worse.
  Nov 3 Lillian May
being beautiful
in sight of my creator
is more fulfilling
than being beautiful
in the eyes of its creation
today was my very first day wearing the hijab and i absolutely loved it
Lillian May Oct 27
Lightly given,
her heart to me.
I will never betray.

The secrets of ***,
The way she turned me ‘round her,
As clean as well water.

I cried.
I was in her and taking in what a perplexity she was.

“I, at long last,” says she, “have given you myself.”
She is all I ever wanted.

My lady,
So desirous,
Give me you;
Your tenderness.
Page 247 in my blackout poetry book.
Lillian May Jun 10
"True love"
like True North
points you in the right direction
  Jun 10 Lillian May
Bless are you, because you see God.
Bless are you, because you hear God.
Bless are you, because you obey God.
Bless are you, because you love God.
Bless are you, because you are trying.
Bless are you, because you know God.
Bless are you, because you seeking him.
Bless are you, because you are chasing God.
Bless are you, because you never give up.
Lillian May Jun 10
solidarity of man

forces of will converging together
in awesome power loudly,
creating a ruckus and smashing the windows of

solidarity of man

cheerful exclamations for
another's achievement
however so small yet
so largely celebrated in glee

solidarity of man

tears of camaraderie fall to our knees
raindrops mix with sunshine and God reveals promises
sometimes the world needs to crumble and crack
to reveal

the solidarity of man
came to me by hearing someone's audio on zoom get fixed and everyone shouted "yay!". humans are cute creatures. applies to everything happening in the world though!
  May 12 Lillian May
Tony Tweedy
Happy are so many memories...
But better still is the instance from which they are born.
It was the being there... the who, the what, the where... memory... the photograph of something that we wish could live forever.
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