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Lillian May Mar 16
Eyes were bright and strong,
a fire.
But those words,
they turn the sharpest wit a flicker.

You ever see much esteem in the world?
Here, at the height of the ornamented, luxurious actress,
representing the varied arts of impersonation.
Here, attention before the other side of the story.

Follow the symbolic whiskey whisper.
Gently evade the central thought of the world,
tragically human.
Lillian May Mar 16
Living from day to day by opening cold every morning;
The comedian, in no mood for leisurely reminiscence
how ironic
Lillian May Mar 6
I wish I didn't love you
I wish I wasn't utterly crazy about you
I wish I didn't love the feeling of being in your arms
I wish I didn't hang off your every word
I wish I didn't crave the feeling of your lips
I wish I didn't feel weak every time I see you smile
I wish my heart didn't flutter when you say my name
I wish my memories with you weren't so sweet
I wish I couldn't see a whole life with you

I wish all of these things because of all the things that I wish;

I wish you really loved me
I wish you were utterly crazy about me
I wish you didn't want to let go when I was in your arms
I wish you hung off my every word
I wish you craved the feeling of my lips
I wish you felt weak every time I smiled
I wish your heart would flutter when I say your name
I wish you'd tell me if your memories with me are with anything
I wish you could see a whole life with me

but I don't know if I wish I'd never known you or not
Lillian May Mar 1
slam the door or something scary might slip out
might slink through the cracks
slam it and lock it.
press yourself against the frame
then never look back

lay another brick on the ****
keep the water at bay or you might drown
and maybe everyone else too
brick after brick
until the leaks finally stop

paint your fence and water your lilies
if the grass is green maybe they'll stop asking
stop asking why the door is locked
and where the water came from
smile long enough and they'll forget your frown
Lillian May Feb 21
shooting star
blown out birthday candles
penny in the well
my wish is to be a daydream
  Feb 21 Lillian May
I got tired of waiting for you
to write a poem about me
So I did it myself.
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